Hi, i had a fwb during almost 2 years, it didnt scalate to a serious relationship becouse she had a kid and i didnt want to be involved in that at this age (im 22, she is 25) so it really was a relationship that had no future anyways

our relationship was a little bit toxic, i mean we argue a lot but the sex was the best (she told me that i was the best sex of her life ) and that she sometimes had sex with dudes before but she never keeped a friend with benefits for almost 2 years, she always ended in a relationship, i was the first guy in her life that had sex with her for so long without any commitment

we had a fight (one of so many lol ) and we were apart for like 2 months, well i really liked her sense of humor and we hang really well together so i thought to ask her to be friends after that 2 months, and well she agreed, so we talk a bit, she told me that she is seeing someone else, and i thought that i wouldnt care. but oh shit i cared, i was feeling really shitty and i couldnt understand why i was feeling that way if i was getting bored of the sex with her before we had our last fight

my question is what can i do to like get this shit off me? after hearing that i was like okay, well thats logic or natural for her to be seeing someone else, but a day or 2 after she told me that she was really waiting to meet this guy again and i was like "naa fuck this shit i dont want to be that kind of friend" so i told her and we cut contact(she blocked me on everything lol), the thing is what can i do to stop caring? i feel stupid bc when i was with her sometimes i feel like i wanted her out of my life, but now its funny how i dont like her being with another man (the thing is that there is no way im having a serious relationship with this girl ) so that makes me feel more stupid because i know this was going to happend one day or another, but still i cant get this out of my mind, what can i do? (now im unemployed and im studying maths to get into university and im working out, but this year has made me loose almost all of my friendships so im alone with this feeling, what can i do to make it go away? )

i know that with time, or when i get into college im going to be able to have other girls and so so but im feelling like its not going to be the same, or some stupid oneitis like that, but well if you have any advise to help me i would really appreciate it c: