I got red pilled 2 years ago.. in hindsight, i dodged a bullet. She had a tonne of red flags.

A very high n-count, constantly needed attention/validation, daddy issues, dresses really skanky, low IQ, addicted to social media etc.

She was fun, cute we had stuff in common. I looked over it. We only dated for 7 months, but she monkey branched.

Now i know I know, i learnt a lot, she already decided in her mind before she ended things, i was too beta.. etc. etc.

But what still haunts me was how cold she did it, like i meant nothing to her. the "light switch effect"

Honestly after this experience and heart break, i never want to be in a relationship again... imagine being with a women for years and then she leaves you because someone else give her tingles and your genuine care and love for her means nothing?????????

it's really haunted me ever since..

i don't want my ex back, who wants a gf like that? Yuck. ... but i fear of ever being serious with a women. is it normal? what do i do?