A little background on my situation. I may be over analyzing this and am just too naive to be trusting. Anyways,

I’ve been dating this girl for about a year, I never set hard boundaries and just assumed that we were on a common understanding. Around 6 months she started testing me a lot and I basically gave away the pants in the relationship.

A few months after this had continued and the amount of fighting and annoyance increased and I was always saying sorry even though I knew I did nothing wrong. She told me she was hanging out with her guy friend. I was non chalant and said ok fine, didnt ask any questions. She said she was going to get burritos and walk there dogs since she trains dogs and trained his dog in the past. Sends me a snap of her dressing up cute for this meeting. They got together and it rained so they canceled. The next day she said she was hanging out with one of her girl friends.

Next day I ask about her week and she said her girl friend canceled so she hung out with this guy again so she could get it out of the way.

I probed into the situation and came to find out they dated a few years prior for a few months. For next few days she was very moody and the sex was sub par compared to the usual. There were some inconsistencies about her story when repeating it. After a few times asking her it became a bullet list of repeating the events.

I’ll probably never know if she cheated or not. The thing that irks me is that she was never forthcoming about her past relationship with him and it seems sneaky. She rode the carousel in her early 20’s and I’m wondering if this is something that will just continue.

So now I have this trust problem that I’ve been getting over for the past few months. Found red pill and re adjusted my frame to be more dominant in the relationship and not taking shit from her and instead dishing it out when necessary. The relationship basically went 180 after implementing these tools. Time will tell if this ltr is worth pursuing, so any advice or insights ?