Hey guys wanted to get your thoughts on this exchange, Girl I used to go to HS with added me on FB, she started showing interest (I asked where I knew her from, she said shes the shy girl from x, we used to hang out yada yada, it seems like shes qualifying herself to me), later on she hits me with a boyfriend shit test

[Her: "I am living with a partner who is fully providing for me currently"] -

[Me: "Easy there tiger, I don't want to be your boyfriend"] -

[Her: I also mean I can't really hang out but if you're cool with that... I have no idea what the fuck we would talk about, sorry cussing is my vocabulary]

wondering how I should recalibrate and play it from here or if I should next at this point. I tend to default to deflecting in these situations, curious on how you guys would handle this.