Girl in my class asked if she can sit next to me on class.I wasnt sitting with anybody that moment and I said yes.However she wasnt leaning towards me neither leining back.She was just looking straight. At the end of class I made a point on her sweetshirt that had triangles on her shirt.We had algebra class btw.

ME:What are those triangles on your sweetshirt?(Simultainiusly touching her shoulder on which was triangle). So you like triangles, huh?(while gently stabbing her with my triangle,and giving away sexual vibe)

She:She was leaning away with her shoulder and from me.It seemed like she didnt want me to touch her.

It made me so mad that I wanted to make a move. I asked her after the class in front of her friends can I do palm reading. She agreed.I told her that she will have 5 children and will be rich then i ephasised strecth on palm and told her you see this,that is retard line,it means that you are retarded and then throw away her palm and ignore her while asking her good friend to come with me to show him something. Then in private I showed him a video of my fuck buddy that in which I was touching her ass and taking off her pants and aksed him to not tell that anyone(hoping that he will tell her and everyone to make her jealous) It turned out the idiot did exaclty as I wanted e tirely different from what I have told him.

2 weeks later she attacked me how am I not ashamed going to school like that,and told me that I am retarded and slammed the door in my face while ignoring me. She didnt want to talk with me and let me give her appologize,she than opened the door and started flirting at a guy infront of me while ignoring me.It was obvious that she was trying to make me jealous.