We are both 24. We lived together for 1 year and have been fucking 4-5 times a week. She had no orbiters I knew of, good friends from work (professional office environment) and no IG or selfies. Like literally none.

I earn about 73k a year, her about 45k. Nothing at all ever made me question her behavior when I was not around.

Both lift, both cook together and eat well, she was great with money and always treated me good and spoiled me randomly especially on birthdays. We often spent time apart through the week to be on our own, which was great.

Up until 2 days ago everything, like everything was great. And to be honest I felt genuine care and you'd call it love (in flickering areas) towards her. When I was sick with an auto immune disease in hospital for 6 days she visited every day and stayed with me as I was getting my shit fucked up.

Solid 8/10 and didn't smoke or drink and rarely shit tested me.

I don't know.

What the fuck this is why I can't trust or open up to people. I don't get it.

She told me with an absolute STRAIGHT FACE when I got home from work 2 days ago "I met someone from work and I am leaving you, I will be out of here in 3 days time I am sorry" and then hugged me, which I accepted because I was in shock and then pulled away and said to her "You can sleep on the sofa. Also delete my number and begin packing your stuff up, I'll help to speed things up".

And she said in a calm tone "Ok cool".

Ok cool. 4 years for nothing cool thanks.


Depressed as fuck and can't explain it. Not gonna lie I am drinking pretty heavily too. People are fucking weird.

EDIT - thanks for the replies and advice, still sorting this mess out internally but whatever, life goes on and I got money to make, new people to fuck and car parts to save for. Still feels weird but whatever man I guess it's just me and my hand tonight lmao. I also just made a Tinder Gold acc (dw no shirtless selfies) that is new for me. ty all.