Decided to turn this into a little post. This is for the men and women out there who take grievous offense to these subreddits and posts. And to the women we highlight.

The identity of the messenger doesn't negate the validity of the message. People's dislike for the messengers doesn't disprove the message.

Facts are stubborn things. People's dislike or distaste for the message doesn't disprove the truth of the message. Exceptions to the rule only prove it, they don't negate it.

The fact that certain people take the message personally or think the message is critical of them says more about them than it says about the messenger.

Even if we were incels, we'd still be right.

Yeah, we "got hurt". We're still right.

Even if we hated women, we'd still be right.

Even if we're "bitter", we're still right.

Just because some people don't like certain facts doesn't make those facts any less factual.

Facts don't care about feelings. Just because a fact makes some people feel bad doesn't make those facts any less factual.

The claim of "Not All Women Are Like That" only serves to prove our point - there are bad women out there, and we are showing them to you RIGHT HERE.

It's neither our problem nor our fault that some people take the message personally or think it's about them. If you're getting angry about the message, well, you need to check yourself.

Maybe some of you need to examine why you're getting so offended at these posts. If you are, well, that's your problem, not ours.