I loved this line from a, Curb Your Enthusiasm episode and sums up my current quandary perfectly.


About 4 years ago some investments skyrocketed and our small family of me, my wife and 2 kids were doing well, I bought her the house she wanted, I worked while she stayed home (even with both kids in daycare 7 hours a day) and she spent as much money as she wanted. But after 1 year she wanted to move again, this time closer to her parents who lived two hours away. At first she told me I could commute (THE TWO HOURS), then she had the idea that we should buy a second home near her parents where she would live with the kids and I could come visit on the weekends. (Clearly she had gone insane).

When I finally flatly refused to keep going along with the insanity and said no, I would not buy another home, one day while I was at work she took the kids, filled a false police report saying I "violently shoved my son", got a lawyer, filed for divorce, filed a restraining order and took ALL the cash we had.

Family court has been hell. EVERYTHING she has filed at this point was dropped or thrown out, after THREE YEARS the judge threw out her whole case but she just started all over again, made the same accusations (then dropped them) and its back to waiting. So far its cost me $150,000 in lawyers fees and there is no sign of it ending.

This is ALL because the court system is biased and will default to what the mother is saying while ignoring the Dad.

My take after all this, Western Women are the most privileged class of humans in the history of the world but that power is derived from being or playing the victim. In realms where women have the upper hand now (education, most work environments, family court, etc...) AND they continue to play the victim it means all hell breaks loose.

We now have an epidemic of children being raised in fatherless homes, because this is what women think. Most women think that a father is either unnecessary or can be replaced with another man, this is the problem, the solution is to NEVER marry a western women until the laws are fixed.