This is using demographics data from the US census and the general social survey:

Criteria that I most often hear associated with "high value man" include:

  • six-figure salary

  • at least 6' tall (72 inches)

  • college degree

Selecting just those three criteria eliminates 99% of the population. A note about the site - it shows the percentage of the total population, and that includes women and men under 18. But the total number of men over 18 is, according to the site, 120,823,839.

With the 3 criteria above, it shows 869,931 men left, which is 0.72% of men over 18. The website shows a slightly lower number (0.27%) because it's showing the percentage of the total population.

At any rate, the most common definition of "high value man" is already a 1% man.

Adding these additional popular requirements:

  • single

  • healthy weight

  • heterosexual

  • doesn't have kids

Gets us down to 59,817 men, or 0.05% of the men we started with. And note that I didn't select a particular age or race. I also didn't mention dick size (the site has data for that too). And remember that not all of these 0.05% of men will be attractive to any given woman (some of them might be bald!!)

The question I would ask of any of woman wondering "where are all the good men" is this: if you desire a man in the top 0.05% or less, that means he is one man in 5000. To put that another way, he is the most attractive man out of 5000 randomly selected men.

So, imagine that I put you in a room with 4999 randomly selected women. How many of those women would also want that man? Half? Maybe more?

The question you have to answer is: could you out-compete those thousands of other women? Do you really think you're the most attractive one in the room? And if you are (you're not, but let's play hypothetical) are you going to make demands on this guy? Are you going to tell him he has to wait 3 months for sex? Wont he just turn to the second hottest girl in the room and ask her if she'll make a better deal?