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We heard this story so many times before. The story of a man who becomes disgusted with a woman because of her past. Sometimes he'll dump her, sometimes he'll try to save the marriage, sometimes he'll try to move past the politically incorrect disgust.

Regardless, the disgust is there because it's part of our biology.

Men and women play different roles in procreation (sex) and the formation of families (relationships).

Women are human beings and men are human doings.

The human body becomes horny, nudging you to procreate. It's as simple as that.

The conditions to pique the interest in sex, differs vastly for men and women. But once a person desires sex, their body will nudge them towards sex.

From this standpoint, there isn't much of an issue with casual sex. We were horny, we fucked and we went our separate ways.

However, the real world doesn't work this way. Because women need men for their survival, men want women for procreation and family. As human beings, women are desired for their being. As human doings, men are needed for the many things they do.

Women need men and men want women.

In other words: what makes a woman desirable to a man is her existence, her being a woman! Therefore, by default, all woman are desirable to men unless they aren't. What makes a woman undesirable is if her being is damaged or broken in some way.

One of these ways is if she has a sexual past. She will never be an untouched virgin ever again. She is incapable of being yours and only yours. She can no longer give you her whole being.

What makes a man desirable to women is what he can do for her or potentially do for her (ever wonder why women love a man's forearms...?). This means that men are, by default, undesirable to women unless they earn desirability by demonstrating human doing qualities.

When you internalize all these concepts, it's easy to understand why men care about a woman's sexual past, but women don't care about a man's sexual past. (Generally speaking, with caveats and nuances). This isn't equal and fair. It is a double standard. Biology doesn't care about equality and fairness.

Some men buy into the progressive way of thinking that: the past is the past and now she loooooooooooves me and is dedicated to me. However, even such men have the above described disgust factor kick in when a certain line is crossed.

Why? Because despite all the progressive ideology in the world, biology remains the same.

Biology is a tool of the evil patriarchy and that's muh soggy knees stick hate speech!!!