I’m a girl in my early 20s who has lurked on WAATGM for a hot minute now. Previously I’ve been in a few relationships but I was a virgin until my current bf who I live with and am marrying. Throughout the years I’ve been so shocked by the behavior of many of my friends and how they go about dating. I’ve always thought if you are nice you will receive kindness back, but this somehow warped many women into believing that they can insult and belittle men they are interested in to gain some type of control/authority over the situation. I’m now at an age where the girls are either banging anything that moves in college or are out of college, gained some weight, and are desperately looking for a man. They all come to me for advice and my answer is, much similar to the idea of this sub, that they put themselves in their situation and it’s too late.

To give more insight, i actually met my bf through a dating app. We just went out to dinner and I went home without expectation. Soon, it gradually turned more and more serious. He is a few years older than me, well educated, and just an overall great man. He has taught me a lot, and I feel like I am my best self with him. I am always respectful, we never argue, and we are best friends. The girls I meet from his friend group (who are single) hate me, always ask why I want marriage and a family when I should be focused on independence, and call me a prude bc I never went through a ‘drink and party’ phase. I want to answer that while they were busy drinking and partying, I was focused on health, education, and building good habits that would make me not just a good wife but a good person. Obviously, this is a work in progress.

Equally to the number of women who hate me, I get single girls I am acquainted with (not exactly friends) who ask me what I did right and they r doing wrong. They ask me to find someone for them or introduce them to the nice, professional men I know. I secretly know I won’t do this bc I won’t subject one of my guy friends to a girl I don’t think is particularly relationship material. I’ve only introduced two of our friends once bc me and the girl r very similar and the guy was so nice and deserved someone nice in return, and now they r getting married.

Basically all this to say I’m ashamed of the culture right now and this sub makes people mad when it just says the truth. Men want a woman without the baggage/slutty streak/ridiculous standards they set that are hypocritical when these women do nothing to take care of themselves, their appearance, or to increase their eligibility in, what is essentially, a market. I cannot tell you the number of girls I’ve told not to break up with a very nice man for a ridiculous reason and now they are lonely and honestly kind of going insane with the amount of ‘I am a happy single woman fuck you’ propaganda. I am currently in a situation right now with a good friend who makes up increasingly random reasons to break up with her bf (including him accidentally misgendering someone?) when he just bought her a HOUSE. The older I get, the more I understand why men on this sub don’t want to marry or be in relationships. People could think I’m sexist, but I think advocating for a much needed switch in mindset for today’s women is literally doing nothing but HELPING THEM in achieving the healthy stable relationships they seek. If women want to lie to themselves about how happy they are single, that’s fine with me, but I don’t ever tell them what they want to hear when they eventually beg “hook me up with that accountant guy” or “he said I was cute five years ago when I wasn’t interested, could you ask him about me now?” Anyway, good on you guys, may ur value continue to increase, and hopefully the culture takes a turn for the better