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Where have all the good men gone? To understand the present dilemma, we need to understand how evolution works. In essence, evolution does not give a fuck about your feelings, your reality, fairness, justice or any other man made concept that has furthered civilization and has brought us to this point. Nature, by its design, is chaotic. Men created civilization as an attempt at order and as an attempt to overcome the chaotic nature to the best of our abilities. So, first of all, we, as men, need to understand that we have been asking the wrong questions. Women these days are trash not because they are not being conservative or being too liberal or feminist. They are just being their own chaotic natural self. You see more of it these days because there is not many man made institutions left to reign in the chaotic nature of women. Family, society, neighbors, religion, social gathering places like Church etc were all man made institutions to bring people in together to create unity and to reign in chaos to the best of their ability. Feminism, by design, was an attempt at chipping away at these institutions. Mind you, feminism is not the only attempt to bring chaos back in. Who would benefit by this and how is not the topic of this post and we will not go there.

Evolution weeds out the weak and culls the herd in an attempt to make the species stronger. If the species goes extinct because of this brutal process, then that species was not fit to stay on this earth. Which brings us to the nice guys, single moms and supposed red pill women who want to improve themselves after their mistakes in an attempt to redeem themselves.

As u/lewiscross has explained before, what makes a man good to society is not what makes a man good to nature and by extension, women. Fuck all the noise about you having to be nice to everyone and the MGTOW concept of withdrawing yourself from dating or women to fix this mess. What is the advantage for you in not fucking a girl even in this toxic mess? You, as a man, was designed by nature to fuck as much as possible and pass down your genes as much as possible. You sexually euthanizing yourself only helps one kind of people. People who are willing to procreate at any cost even if they are not supposed to procreate according to society's standards. Thugs, dead beat losers, narcissists and the psychopaths. Who do you think designed this dating system? Women? A woman gets absolutely nothing getting pumped and dumped from puberty till menopause. That lie of her being so strong, self reliant and independent does not overcome the fact that she is a cum dumpster. A woman's nature is to submit to a man. She won't submit to any man, of course. She will only submit to a man who can make her submit. Your role, as a man, assigned by nature, is to make a woman submit to you. If you're a nice guy, you're running rogue of the role that nature assigned you. This mess is not the fault of women. They don't know shit. They are reactive. Their entire strategy in life and love is passive. It is our fault. Men fucked this up. Especially, us good guys considering we are the majority at given society at any given time.

Single moms are the equivalent of nice guys. To nature, their strategy is the same as that of the nice guys. Whereas the nice guys have proven to be unable to play their natural role of the dominant guy, single moms and cc riders have proven themselves to be unable to submit to a man for any reasonable amount of time. This is the fundamental reason men despise single moms. Not because she made wrong decisions or was immature. An 18 year old girl being immature, innocent and clueless is adorable to men, if only she submits to him and seeks his guidance. Single moms have not only been immature, they have no innocence left after getting pumped and dumped, are still clueless of their predicament and worst of all, was unable to find a man worthy of submitting herself to. Is it any wonder men figure out that she won't submit to him as well? Although there is enormous societal pressure these days (especially from women) to make single moms look all respectable and accepted, men know deep down in their balls the true nature of these degenerates just as women know in their gut that nice guys are not a good option for her survival.

Now, this brings us to the concept of red pill women and the examination of sexual strategies of both genders. The phenomenon of red pill women, women teaching themselves how to get a man, sounds good in theory but is not only impractical in this day and age, it is just against nature. RPW is an interesting thing. These women are (for the most part) not naturally submissive women or completely rotten. They are mostly women who were rotten but decided to embrace their natural self. In that sense, they are the Frankenstein's monster. Now, let us consider the platform of RPW for what it is. Rpw is nothing but what would have been grandma's advice and elder family women's advice in the old days. Only these days, instead of relying on women who knew her, cared about her and wanted to see her happy, women have to rely on random strangers who have been through the hell fire of feminism and heartbreak to shape her strategy in the hopes of getting a man even these women were too late to get. The reason you see a lot of bad advice, hamstering, dissonance etc are precisely because of this. A lot of the advice there stems from their own frustrations, failures, disappointments and insecurities in their life.

A fish cannot teach you how to catch fish. In general, the strategy of a man, in love, is active. He has to figure everything out. He needs to get his mind straight before he can even hope to have his life or his household straight. He's the leader. The strategy of women, in love, is passive. All she has to do is be receptive and submit. All the hoopla about finding a good man (in rpw and especially in various examples we see in whereareallthegoodmen sub) is just them complicating their true nature either because of outside influence like feminism or their own innate delusional self worth. All the standard she thinks she has is her just justifying to herself what kind of man she would be comfortable submitting to. The problem these days is that a lot of bottom level women think they're worthy of top tier men and convince themselves that they will only submit to those unattainable men. You can see this in all ranges of women these days from the cock carousal riders, single moms to the red pill women to the bottom of the barrel cat ladies.

It should be apparent now that the strategy of men building themselves and women just submitting are very different. To build yourself up, to truly become a man, you have to overcome your ego and then build everything from there. Whereas a woman's strategy starts with her ego, her self perceived smv, her self worth and what she thinks she deserves and finally the way to get close to what she thinks she deserves. Rpw advice is not a replacement to the good old fashioned grandma advice. It never will be. And it can never hope to reset women back to their natural, submissive self after feminism has poisoned the well as most of the women in rpw still have the remnants of the poison in their system themselves. Innocence, the one truly valuable quality in woman, once lost is impossible to obtain. And that, in essence, is what they are trying to do. That goes against nature. I do not think that it's a woman's responsibility to make herself submit. It is man's responsibility to make her submit. As soon as a man takes charge, sets the rules and enforce them, she will submit. She will submit to a man who is man enough to make her submit. This is infinitely better than women, after being poisoned by the well of feminism, hoping to make themselves submit.

If the goal of RPW is to submit to a guy who is already aware of this dynamic, then they are not doing anything really as he already is in charge. He will make her submit. If their goal is to submit to a guy unaware of this and hope to make themselves submissive so that he can lead, it is going against nature and it is not sustainable in the way nature intended it to be. The power, once again, resides in the woman to make herself submit for as long as she desires to in this feminist world. This is not as natural as a man building himself up and knowing how to make a woman submit and enforcing it.

There's a reason why civilizations restricted their women and why they even enforced child marriages. A man can, by and large, improve himself through his failures and mistakes. That's how we built anything. Women, as a gender, have never done that. That is why there is no great feminist civilization that dominated everyone in the history. They do not know how to deal with soul crushing defeats. They are not used to self analyzing and course correcting. They do not have a brotherhood that has their back. They double down because they cannot overcome their petty egos.

Look at Sweden. Bunch of post wall, unattractive women inviting in young Muslim men so that they can get fucked. To feel the thrill of submission. That is what is natural to a woman. Submitting to a man who she thinks is worthy of submitting to. I've met some girls who were plain mean but were sweet to certain men. I've been that guy a few times myself. As soon as she feels your strength, be it physical or the way you present yourself, every women will submit. The degree indeed differs but the dynamic is the same.

As I mentioned earlier, the goal of civilization was to provide direction. To create order so that we can escape chaos. Because that's what nature is. Chaos. Look at any ghetto anywhere and the one thing you see is that they don't have a central authority figure. That is the key difference between a ghetto and a mafia. Structure. Civilization made sure women remained innocent and men did not have to deal with chasing after women and focus that energy on building. We had a tried and tested system and in our arrogance, we fucked it up. We threw it away and now we're looking at nature. Chaos. As always, this needs to get worse before it gets better. Order will come internally after total ruination or it will come externally where another civilization takes over. There has been no other way out in history.

I've said this here before but it bears repeating. The current dating is not to the advantage of women. A woman gets nothing in getting pumped and dumped day after day. More often than not, she's getting random hits of dominance from piece of shit men who are no good at anything. The current dating is designed to benefit the top 10% men. He can have his pick if only he's ok with losing some of the advantages a civilization would give him. A family, kids, a loving wife is the trade off for pumping and dumping hundreds of women. You might never sire children to further your genetic line, which is the fundamental goal of fucking, but hey... you can fuck those bar sluts all you want. Until men realize that this is a quest for fools gold, nothing will change. And change is going to come from the bottom 90% of men getting fed up and fucking shit up or from the outside through an invading civilization.

I do not give credit to the idea that women fucked everything up or can fix any of this by trying to put the genie back in the bottle. Women are reactionary. Always. Feminism is only a sign of weak men giving away their hard earned power. Women in any civilization demand more benefits after it reaches a level of security. Not because they deserve it but because they think they do. It is a man's duty as a leader to say no. A king does not grant every wish of his people. That would make for a shitty kingdom. And that is what we are in now. So, the question of our generation is not the narcissistic, self centered bleating of "Where are all the good men?" from women. It is that what have we, as good men, done to fix this shit? What can we do? What should we do?

Every empire, civilization, company goes through several phases in its lifetime. Building phase, expansion phase, maintenance phase and the downfall. We, as a civilization, are at the last stage. Instead of waiting for the eventual hard reset, we must start the reset ourselves. Make conscious decision to influence your own sphere of life. Be a positive presence. Be a leader. Take charge. Reward and punish based on actions. Historically, there has never been a better system than patriarchy. We need to go back to the build stage before we are forced to. That is what we as good men should be doing. For if we don't, we will be replaced by men who are willing to build their families and societies. That is how evolution works.

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