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We’ve seen a lot of women lamenting the lack of good men in our subs. Rather than to ridicule women for their demands for wanting a good man and acting to the contrary, I’ve been trying to figure out what exactly a good man is. A good man is definitely not the good man as defined by society. A good man as defined by society is just a compliant man: a man who would follow orders and not cause trouble. While that might be good for the people who control the society and make decisions on its directions, that doesn’t do anything to said good man on any capacity except to not get you in trouble with the authorities. We all know that there are betas, alphas and omegas. We talk about the betas a lot. A beta is just a compliant man who submits to authority and lacks the courage to stand up for himself. He does not want trouble. He is non-confrontational. He adopts the beliefs of others without analyzing it or putting it to practice to see if said belief has any value. He is the butt of the jokes because he puts himself at the bottom willingly to avoid trouble. For our discussion, we need not consider the beta much. Who we should be concentrating are the alphas.

I clearly distinguish alphas into two categories: alpha fucks and alpha bucks. Alpha fucks is your stereotypical chad who slays pussy. The internet is full of instructions on how to be this guy. Everyone is fascinated by chad and everyone wants to be chad. There is certainly allure in it. But what merit is there in being this guy apart from the fact that you get to live a hedonistic life to satisfy your vanity and ego? If you stop to think for a minute, you will realize that you cannot have a meaningful, lasting relationship with a submissive woman and raise a family in most parts of the world right now but if you put in the effort, you can fuck a hundred girls who have seen more or less the same amount of cocks like whores 50 years ago. While becoming chad is certainly a good way to win the battle, you definitely lose the war just because you chose to fight under the conditions set by your enemy, which is the current dating climate as defined by feminism and other such feminine primary organizations. This is why you see some pick up artists and redpillers lamenting a lack of purpose and feeling of emptiness after all the pussy they’ve had.

It’s a popular expression in the manosphere: women are a lagging indicator of success. And they are. Just because you can attract quantity does not mean you’ve attracted quality. Most of the advice in the manosphere you see will stop here because of two reasons. One, this is the easy road. It is easy to advice someone on how to become rich but it is tough to instruct them on how to build an empire. Most people will not understand it either. They don’t want to work on endlessly towards a goal that they are not sure will happen while avoiding fun. Two, your mission in life is not the same as mine. I cannot tailor your life based on what I think is best for me at the moment in my life. People who understand that you need to build your own path do one of two things: explain things to you and let you know that this is the way it is or they give you the bare minimum and leave you to figure things for yourself on the hopes that one day you will.

This brings us to the next category: alpha bucks. This is the mythical being that women chase after. A man who knows who he is in life, what his mission is, has his own belief and will do his best to stand up for it. He has mental stability, maturity, self-confidence, morality, social status and of course, financial stability (if he’s not wealthy now then at least the potential for it). As you can see, this is a rare being. This is what women mean when they lament the lack of good men. We confuse a socially compliant man for an alpha bucks.

The way men and women implement their sexual strategy is different. A man can have a main girl, fuck a hundred girls besides her and still love his main girl if she stands by him and supports him. Kings with a Queen and a harem or a wealthy man with a wife and a mistress (or mistresses) is not uncommon. Men can detach themselves emotionally from the lay and concentrate on the lover. A woman cannot. If a woman sleeps with a hundred guys, in her mind, it was all an attempt to find that one alpha bucks that she will feel comfortable submitting to. In her mind, she was exploring and leveling up towards her dream guy. Trouble is, what women value in men is not what men value in women. Men value innocence, compliance and beauty. Most men would compromise on beauty (to a certain extent) but they won’t compromise on compliance (or on innocence to a lesser extent based on their individual societies) if they are looking for an actual relationship. A lot of seducers end up settling for a girl because of this reason. They get fed up with beauty without compliance (or innocence) and want to take a chance on finding out if this girl has that potential and they get screwed over most of the times because they never developed themselves to the point of becoming an alpha bucks. They might know all the tricks, sure. But without a belief system to back it up, you will not stand a chance. Men need to have a mission and a vision on how they will achieve it. This can be as elaborate as building an empire or as attainable as building a family (this is not so easily attainable these days). In essence, you need to be a leader. This is not an easy path. For there to be improvement, you need to suffer. The more you want to improve, the more you need to suffer.

Ever noticed the difference between when you are chasing a girl and a girl is chasing you? Apart from the ego boost that the latter gives you, the latter has you and her on your natural state. She’s happy to chase something she knows is more valuable than her and you’re happy that you did something valuable enough to get her to chase you. The former is not so natural. With the act of chasing her, you have admitted to yourself and her that she is more valuable than you. Women do not look for what they can have. They look for what they cannot have and declare that they deserve it. This is why betas, MGTOWs and MRAs are not taken seriously by women. It’s not natural for men to beseech anything from them. Men are supposed to set the tone of the relationship with women.

People, and women especially, will treat you the way you let them treat you. This is not to say that if you stand your ground with a police officer, he’s gonna let you go. That might depend on whether the fault was yours or not. Similarly, your belief system and the self-confidence it brings you will dictate the course of your interaction with others. The most success I’ve had with people was when I felt justified in what I was doing. You can either demand respect or command it. I’ve done both. Demanding respect might get you noticed but to command respect, you need to have character. It takes longer to get one and the respect it brings will last longer too.

Lastly, I wanted to delve a little bit into the nature of women before getting into the overall point of this lengthy article. Patrice O’Neal once said a very profound thing: Women don’t want to win, they want a winner. They want to look at a winner and go ‘This motherfucker is my man’. The unhappiness, lack of direction and discontent that women feel stem from one simple thing: women looked up to the apex men and decided one day that they wanted to do what the leaders do. They did not decide to do it for all the righteous reasons. They decided to do it because they wanted to attract a better man than they would get otherwise. That’s what feminism provides to a woman: the opportunity to better her value in hopes of finding a better value alpha bucks. Only, needless to say, that has backfired spectacularly as feminism goes against nature. You either play the game that nature has laid out for you or you become an evolutionary dead end. This goes for betas who get cucked to spinsters who end up being alone and lonely. Weeding out the unworthy is what evolution is. For men, either we build ourselves up to someone who is worth a fuck or we get weeded out. For women, either she chooses wisely in her youth or she ends up a spinster. Throughout history, you’ll see men get rewarded for building something of value whether it be positive or negative. While what you want is up to you, who you get and how you maintain is not. The greater difference between a beta and a leader is that while a beta gives to get validation, the leader gives to share what he has to those who deserve it.

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