Get woke go broke. Gillette, the company that creates razors for men, released a video, titled "Believe", remember the stuff you learnt from public school at the age of 5, because that's whats the video about.

Private companies can do what they want, and consumers likewise, it's hillarious to see such an advert and think that they seriously believe to a large extent this would work, I grew up with a violent man- a woman beater, and such, it's clear that this is the classic "Pay someone a thousand pound of taxpayers money to come up on stage and tell the kids why bullying is bad, that'll show the bullies!"

The Building a Better Man Project, whom Gillette had partnered with, are founded by men who came from middle-class backgrounds (they had Ph.D, in America, who payed for the fees?), clearly with the intention of pussyifying men in order to create less competition for their children, who can blame them? In this day and age, there is no fear and competition to raise strong man, whereas before such men would protect the likes of their children, the future generation, elitist know that in the next war, they can buy a plane ticket and join an underground bunker.

The advert talks about stopping sexual harressment, this is difficult because dare I say, you have no obligation to? Indeed the responsibilty of protecting women lied in the father, husband, brothers and other male relatives, but now in this effort of creating an 'independent and powerful' world for woman, it comes at the obligation for us to be their two-wheelers.

Bitch Boy Cunt-worshipper BBC says "The advert encourages men to act with more respect and to set a positive example to young boys", what men? 1 out of 4 children in the UK are being raised by single mother, and in a neo-liberal capitalist society, where men and women are being encouraged and pressured to work, with the wages in the UK not rising according to the prices in the marketplace as it's now acceptable for business owners to not pay their employees according to the standard that they must feed their families, since your wife can also go work if you can't afford X, Y and Z. Children are being raised without parents in the homes, I live in a working class area in "London" (even calling it Londonistan is giving it too much credit).

I don't use razors myself, and I see that this isn't being discussed here, what do you guys think about this? For what reason are companies choosing to Go Woke and Get Broke?

P.S: Burger King released a similar campaign known as the Chick Tax, where they charged women more for their food and recorded it, symbolising the wage gap idea. And today, President Trump still decided to pump taxpayer's money into buying Burger King goods for the white house guests, goes to show they're all the same from their actions.

Edit: "hE BRougHt WIth His Own moNEY!" Yeah, still brought Burger King though, didn't he?