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- Hide Preview | 163 Comments | submitted 7 months ago by GayLubeOil [Post Locked]

January is here, which means it's time for everyone to make New Year's resolutions! Married Fat Dad Pill has to figure out how to get in shape without disrupting the goofy beer dad lifestyle. Feminists are doing their best to make Western women even more sterile and undateable. Self Help Motivation Sphere is gonna say some shit about one percent improvement everyday or whatever. Everybody wants to make a better horse carriage. But nobody wants to make the car. In other words, everybody wants to play within their rules. Nobody wants a Red Pill.

A Red Pill is a radical rejection of the system. In fact we're so good at rejecting the system, that the system went out of their way to try to de-radicalize us. First there was the Good Man Project. Then they deployed the term Toxic Masculinity to shame us. When that didn't work they set up a quarantine. Now if you want to read a GaylubeOil masterpiece you have to click through a warning that says something to the effect of: Are you sure you want to hang out with Toxic Bad Boys? Wouldn't you rather compliment our Gone Wild Butt Sluts or discuss video games?

The whole thing has an infantilizing maternal quality to it. Reddit Mommy knows best, because you're her little boy. If anyone finds out that you're a Red Pill Bad Boy they're gonna tell Reddit Mommy, or Twitter Mommy, or YouTube Mommy or any number of other technocratic Robo Mommies. What if your no one's little boy, but your own man? When did you agree to abide by Mommy Morality?

The problem is that the logos of matriarchy is the logos of castration. When anything is sublimated to female logic it becomes stagnant, boring, rule bound and standardized. Let's run through some examples. The more women participate in a conversation the less original it is. Ocasio Cortez is pedaling a flat middle school socialism because she's duller and less outgoing then Fidel Castro. Hollywood is in an uncreative dark age ever since it replaced their Jew perverts with fat unqualified women. The University has been stripped of controversial discourse and vigour. Why? Because female intelligence is clustered around the mean and women prefer stability to discovery. Women are the harbingers of “stagnant productivity”, busy work which ultimately results in nothing.

This is the environment that modern men grew up in and spend the majority of their time: a mommy approved daycare where everyone and their feelings are safe. The external environment of the modern man is mirrored in his internal environment. Internally the modern man is a permanent child. The modern man doesn't want to fight compete or struggle. He wants to have fun. He castrates himself so he can stay in mommy daycare forever and never have to endure the hardships of masculinity.

The modern man is in a state of passive stupor, obsessive pleasure seeking, impotence, and depression. He's a child who's been left at the daycare too long. He's bored of playing but doesn't know how or have the drive to do anything else. He wants to climb out of the pleasure pit but he also wants to pleasure himself while he does it. That why AskTRP is on the constant lookout for fun ways to be alpha. Fun alpha movies, fun alpha pick up lines and books but only if they are fun easy to comprehend and alpha! This hedonic dysphoria is a prison without walls because it's self imposed.

The only way out of Mommy Daycare FunZone is to consciously reject it. Maybe start by telling yourself that you're a grown ass man who doesn't need to be having fun all the time. A lot of possibilities become available when you don't spend hours smiling at a fluorescent screen. Life is a struggle in which man must win himself a worthy place in the world, whether physically, intellectually or artistically. Ultimately you have two choices. You can either jerk off to the lives of others, never having lived your own. Or be a toxic Red Pill bad boy and live your own life outside Mommy Daycare FunZone.

If your interested in changing your life with difficult workouts and difficult books shoot me a PM before this community is deleted. My coaching service has changed many lives.