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- Hide Preview | 56 Comments | submitted 7 months ago by awalt_cupcake [Post Locked]

Title is kind of baity but it describes how I feel. I'm not going to go into too much detail about the dynamic of this particular girl because, and this needs to be said, I believe women are starting to know about this forum/lifestyle and are picking up on what we know to be "good girls". (I have had a girl tell me how much she loved her dad and would never disappoint him. Goes on to having actual photos of her dad. Claimed to have a low n-count. Would mock feminism. Sounds high quality but nothing else about her added up to a good girl. She was questionable. The best summary I can give is that "she knew exactly what to say" from our first meetup and that sent off many alarms in my gut.) What I mean is I have a sneaky suspicion some modern girls are stalking/profiling us. This falls right into place with a woman's natural ability to be like water and take form of the man she wants to be with.


As such I don't wish to give too much away. So I'm cutting right to the chase and leaving out the unimportant details.


I made a post about girls not taking hints a bit ago. One girl never stopped emailing, calling, texting over half a year and we never met and I continued to ignore her. Finally she sent me a long writeup about how she was going to start acting right. She did meet up and things were off to a good start. Not soon after she was supposed to show up at my place one week and didn't. She rescheduled us and same song and dance. She asked for another chance and I told her the terms. Again couldn't make it but, and this is out of character for her, she sent me another long text about how she'll make it up and this includes some sex talk. She apologizes for her lack of availability and says she'll keep trying. I went and saw another girl that night.

That was a week ago and have not heard from her. I sent a ping out as I usually get a reply from her right way. It's easy to think I was showing some high availability or beta traits but that's not the case with this one. I have options. I'm busy. And I'm somewhat of a tyrant with her and I get away with it.


My suspicion is that she did not like the fact I next her and stood her up and waited this whole time to fall back in my good graces just to try and frustrate me. But she failed. My frame is impeccable these days and all it showed me was that she was 1) immature 2) still just the same let down she was the first time. Which absolutely baffles me that a woman would be so drive by spite to only prove what I already knew. This is the same behavior when you dump a girl on the suspicions she is slutty only for her to turn around and fuck a ton of guys in the week, talking bad about you, etc. She's just proving you were right when she thinks she's "getting back at you".

This is flared as a rant because I have to say I'm shocked but also impressed a woman spent almost a year getting my attention again just to lose it permanently with no skin off my back. That's a lot of wasted effort because her ego is so fragile. Had to share this with the community and get this off my psyche. Only you guys would understand this wild story.