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- Hide Preview | 145 Comments | submitted 6 months ago by CainPrice [Post Locked]

Summary: A huge number of women under 25 who are slutty and women over 25 who aren’t married yet suffer from anxiety or depression. Learning about mental illness in general and how these women’s minds work can help with your game. Also, don’t get married. There’s a good chance she’s mentally ill and will burn the shit out of you.

Somewhere between 1 in 3 and 1 in 5 people are said to struggle with mental illness. This is in part due to the expanding array of mental illnesses and the expanding definition of what constitutes a mental illness, but whatever we do or do not think ought to count as a legitimate mental illness, a lot of people are fucked in the head sufficiently enough that it affects their daily lives.

If you look at the stats, women are significantly more likely than men to suffer from mental illness. Depression in women is diagnosed about 1.5 times as often as men, anxiety even more often, and women are twice as likely to develop PTSD after a traumatic or stressful life experience. Hormones play a role in this – estrogen makes people emotional and suppresses serotonin production, which makes women more susceptible to depression and anxiety than men. Not to mention all of the fluctuations and crazy crap that happens to a woman’s body during pregnancy, menstruation, or taking hormone pills every day that keep her from getting pregnant.

Women are tornados of emotion compared to men, and in modern society, when everybody posts pictures of their happy families and lavish vacations on social media, an emotional social media addict (e.g., any first world woman born after 1985) whose life is less than perfect (like any human being) might start to feel inadequate and insecure, anxious and depressed, and start to act to mitigate these feelings by seeking validation. Validation often takes the form of pursuing male attention, such as via casual sex.

People often declare that “game” and “The Red Pill” are predatory tactics that target, and only work on, anxious, insecure, mentally ill women. While that declaration is up for debate, I would counter that learning how to game women and play on their anxieties is the only option when 1 in 3 women are mentally ill. In fact, the majority of women you meet today may well be mentally ill.

“Normal” women, who lack any form of mental illness and practice normal methods of attachment to form secure relationships with normal guys have boyfriends their entire lives and get married in their early to mid 20s. You’re not going to meet them in a bar or see them on Tinder, and they’re not going out twice a month on girls’ nights to get drunk and see if guys hit on them.

If you’re a guy in his mid to late 20s, or even in his 30s and 40s, who recently got divorced or got out of a bad relationship, or just haven’t been successful with sex or relationships for most of your life, you’re not going to find a stable, normal 22-25 year old who wants to have a good relationship with you. She has a serious boyfriend or is already married and not looking to cheat on her husband.

The overwhelming majority of women you meet will fall into one of two categories: 1) Women under 25 who are slutty; and 2) Women over 25 who aren’t married yet (and are slutty but try to make guys jump through more hoops for sex than they used to).

Out of all women, these subsets of women have the highest likelihood of mental illness. A non-mentally ill woman who practices normal methods of attachment to form secure relationships has boyfriends most of her youth instead of being slutty in her 20s, and is typically married by 25 or at least has a serious boyfriend on the path to marriage. The remaining women - women who are slutty in their early 20s and unmarried in their late 20s (and 30s) have the highest incidences of depression and anxiety.

Normal methods of attachment to form secure relationships don’t work when you’re dealing with a woman with anxiety or depression. Things will be okay at first, but eventually, she’ll self-destruct and burn you. I don’t need to elaborate too much on that. Half of the guys reading this are nodding right now and could tell some crazy stories.

This is where game comes into play. Outcome independence, acting aloof, practicing push-pull techniques, putting women on an emotional roller coaster where you love them one day but wouldn’t care if they left the next day – that excites the hell out of an anxious woman. And odds are that if you’re meeting a woman who’s not married or involved with a serious boyfriend, she falls into the under 25 and slutty or over 25 and unmarried (and slutty) categories. Diagnosed or not, there’s a pretty significant chance you’re dealing with somebody who has at least mild anxiety and/or depression.

Learning how to toy with a woman’s anxieties is pretty essential when the majority of the women you meet are mentally ill. Instead of running from crazy, research it. A huge number of women you encounter are going to be mentally ill. It would be silly not to arm yourself with knowledge about the topic. Learn how to identify signs of depression, anxiety, OCD, and BPD (especially that one – run like hell from BPD). Learn what words and behaviors can trigger depression or mania, what words spike anxiety and what words quell it. Learn how to deal with mental illness, and you’ll start to notice patterns and ways to get anxiety-ridden women into bed and keep them coming back when they start to turn on you.

And most important of all, don’t get married. A disproportionate number of women you meet are going to be fucked in the head. That doesn’t mean they can’t be fun, you can’t be good to them, they can’t be good to you, and you can’t both enjoy each other tremendously. But giving a mentally ill woman power over you is catastrophic.