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- Hide Preview | 167 Comments | submitted about a year ago by Kurush559 [Post Locked]


TRP is a toolbox. Some of us want a healthy LTR, some of us want to plate a harem, some of us want to go their own way (if so, stop lying to yourself). Our tools are the different aspects and techniques of game, and the higher our SMV, the more efficient our tools. I've seen lots of my fellow young people touting Instagram as a great tool for things such as pre-selection, DHV, and networking in general. None of this is incorrect; I used instagram quite successfully over the past 18 months, and it has been clearly beneficial to my social life in many ways. I recently deleted the app to clear my head out and focus on writing. In this post I'm not going to argue whether it's a good tool, but rather why you shouldn't be using it as a tool anyway.

Disclaimer: this is mostly targeted to under-25s; we are the ones who use social media the most and find it hardest to stay away from it.

The Cards are Stacked Against you

My argument against Instagram is centred around the fact that Instagram simply does not work in your favour. The young men reading this post (and the young man writing it) are not ripped business moguls or athletes who already have pussy on-call. Yet it's these men that are most likely to benefit from the instagram business model. Instagram works for sexually attractive women and the men who photograph them. It is a marketplace of attention and validation that 1) you won't get and 2) you simply do not need. It does not help you to have photos of your gym progress on instagram. Those 70 likes on your beach holiday photo aren't getting you anything but vacuous dopamine. The amount of time it takes to post and interact with Instagram is not worth the returns.

For those of you who try to use it for game - you simply don't know how much attention women get on this app. It's shocking. I've always been in favour of keeping female friends around (girls that I don't want to fuck or plate). Go and have a look at the sheer quantity of attention they get. It'll shock you. Seeing Instagram from a girl's perspective should be more persuasive than anything I can say in this post. My question is - what differentiates you from the hordes of guys plaguing her DMs? If you truly are different because you have a high SMV, why are you DMing an instahoe? You'd get better results in bars, clubs, and maybe even tinder. Moreover, some girls get so much attention that she might not even see your high value request for bob and vagene.

Instagram is not for you.

But What About Me?

As in most posts on TRP, there will be responses along the lines of 'your advice seems valid but I'm a special snowflake and it doesn't apply to me because xyz.' I've chosen to pre-empt this by listing some special snowflake exceptions to my advice

1) You already have high SMV and a large instagram following that works to your favour with girls and social life. I'm talking about upwards of 3-4000 followers with high likes and engaging comments. This is genuinely the kind of following that it takes to garner 'useful' attention. It took me about 8 months to build and maintain 3000 followers and I'm certain the time spent doing so could've been used to fuck 10x more girls just by going out more. Response: firstly, I doubt it helps as much as you think. Secondly, if this is true, good job, maintain it until the next big social media trend starts and try and use your success as inertia for the next trend.

2) you're very attractive/high social status but don't have Instagram. Response: unless you're a minor celebrity, don't bother - the returns won't make up for the time lost.

3) you have a business, you're a musician, photographer, artist. Response: You could probably use Instagram to your advantage if you're good at your trade and have a big social network surrounding it. You could also use it to build your currently small network. But use it for this only. Don't be the creep who uses their business account to reach out to random girls. If you do use Instagram to promote your trade, then do your research, maybe even pay for a social media service, and most importantly, ensure that your returns are worth the time invested in your account.

Final Thoughts

Going back to my initial point - TRP is a toolbox. If Instagram truly works for you, you're probably already in a small minority of very high SMV and social status men. In this case, keep using it. But to the 99% of young men reading this post, you're not. By the time you are (if that's your goal), the big new social media app will be something different.

If you care deeply about your Instagram, then deactivate it for 3 months. Just 3 months. 90-100 days. See how much better you feel after a few months without it, then decide for yourself whether you want to re-download it.

I'm still new to writing content online - I welcome any criticism regarding my style/formatting, and feel free to engage with my content too. Have any of you found ways to use Instagram and reap returns worth the investment? Have any of you noted dramatic changes to mental health after downloading it or deleting it?

EDIT: I highly recommend this new documentary that just came out on Netflix - 'The American Meme.' Listen to the celebrities talk about how depressed and self-hating they are.

[-] KeffirLime 163 Points about a year ago

With insta you're playing a losing game. It's a menu that she's got in her pocket and you're certainly not the most attractive option on there. She's already scrolled through 25guys profiles who are way better looking, with much better lifestyles than you by the time she gets to you.

Then if you DM you look like one of the other 47 Pakistani pervs that slid in there moments before, as well as proving your social ineptitude. If you're dm'ing girls online, you can't be swimming in pussy because you'd be out fucking one of those.

Plus you kill her fantasy of you. Who is he, what's his life like, all the shit a women hamsters about a guy until she finds out. On the gram it's all there, your history, your life, your friends, your interests, it pisses on the mystery which is a powerful tool.

And even if that does work out, which it only will on very average to low quality women, then you're still going to have to talk to her in person, so why not skip 5 steps and just go cold approach women in real life that you can vet with your god damn eyes.

Lastly, my biggest issue with Instagram, is that it feeds the beast. You don't get to complain about a women's over inflated sense of self worth when you're jacking off to Jenny's 4th insta post of the day.

[-] Kurush559 51 Points about a year ago

This is fantastic, you explained everything I missed out. As you say, its a losing game. Its possible to win, but the chances are, you won't.

[-] ElegantCyclist 10 Points about a year ago

Men should consider deleting or minimizing social media in general.

Today, that will also make you stand out as a man.

[-] 1v1crown 7 Points about a year ago

Bumble is the only good app these days to actually get a girl if you are relatively high SMV. Girls aren't getting 35 Pajeets dming them a day in that app.

[-] Casanova-Quinn 7 Points about a year ago

I'll second Bumble. Better quality in my experience. Because the app makes girls message first or matches disappear, it reduces the amount of non-serious attention seeking girls.

[-] MaterialSea 1 Point about a year ago

You don't get to complain about a women's over inflated sense of self worth when you're jacking off to Jenny's 4th insta post of the day.

That to me seems like the lowest way to get off. At least watch porn for God’s sake.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Luckyluke23 1 Point about a year ago

Plus you kill her fantasy of you. Who is he, what's his life like, all the shit a women hamsters about a guy until she finds out. On the gram it's all there, your history, your life, your friends, your interests, it pisses on the mystery which is a powerful tool.

it is. ONLY if you post on it.

my personal insta has one post telling people to go join my photogrpahy insta. thats it.

[-] redpillschool 0 Points about a year ago

Almost exactly what I wrote back in 2013:

How Pre-Selection Affects Your Online Dating Profile


The Problem of Online Dating and Pre-Selection

The problem with online dating is that it signals something very anti-pre-selection: You do not have a mate or options, so you are going online to find one. Even if it’s not true, there is an undertone that being online means you are unable to attract mates elsewhere.

Naturally, the tendency of game-savvy men is to still attempt to game on their profiles. But it’s difficult if you don’t recognize the disadvantages of pre-selection in this context.

Exploiting pre-selection for pickup only works (and is really more necessary) because you lack the original qualities that cause pre-selection. You are “faking-it-till-you-make-it.” An online profile reveals your bluff on pre-selection, which means exploiting abundance mentality or confidence will be difficult if not impossible.

This leads to people making extreme profiles, because standard levels of confidence and abundance mentality are canceled out by the reveal of being online in the first place.


So in the end, after all is said and done teaching men how to game and attract mates, the best strategy for online dating is to be attractive. Online dating it the anti-game. Ironically, the best way to succeed at online dating is if you already possess the traits that would be effective at offline dating.

Read More

[-] warlordchad 7 Points about a year ago

Swipe/online dating and social media have put hypergamy on steroids. Want to understand why girls are super flaky, squirrelly, arrogant, and entitled? This is why: because they have so much abundance via Insta and Tinder that they can get Chad’s dick whenever they want. Honestly, the manosphere and men everywhere would do well to boycott the dating apps entirely. The longer we keep giving girls this validation, the worse it’s going to get.

[-] KeffirLime 2 Points about a year ago

Never been a fan of the tinder guides etc

The "I don't have time to game woman so I use tinder" is a false front, it actually consumes more time.

You swipe away for hours, chat her up via text, then meet up for an extended period and hope she's somewhat decent in person. If not, you've successfully pissed away hours, and seldom will it be your finest on there anyway, because they're being railed by the guys who don't need to use tinder to get laid.

You can game woman anywhere, the supermarket, the mall, the street, pretty much every square inch within your bordered country. It takes 5 minutes of banter where you know she's visually appealing. You get to preview her personality to at least ascertain if she's worth taking on a date. She think's you're a stud for approaching, then you simply build on the tension.

Online is a delay of the inevitable and an approach anxiety crutch. If you can't game in person, you wont be able to game your tinder match in person either.

[-] KewlThanks -2 Point about a year ago

This is why snapchat is a creative tool, you can give awesome snippets and let her stupid hamster do the work for you.

Dumb little rodent>:)

[-] Venny_1 49 Points about a year ago

Joke's on you OP! Never had Instagram!

[-] Grimsterr 10 Points about a year ago

Never logged into Instagram, twitter, snapchat, and several others. I admit I do have FB though but it's because of family and friends.

[-] Venny_1 5 Points about a year ago

Precisely my situation as well. Family, university stuff and dance parties got me into Facebook, where my use of it is minimalistic as well.

[-] Imperator_Red 0 Points about a year ago

Same here. I have Facebook because literally every person I knew in college had it so it was basically a requirement.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] MilkMoney111 33 Points about a year ago

I recently got rid of Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. I would always only get just so far with it, never fully closing with a girl. Just far enough to be a good source of validation for the girl.

As soon as I got rid of everything I felt a sense of relief. I no longer had to overthink what I was posting in attempts to impress anyone. And only a day later three girls I used to engage with frequently reached out to me through text.

Stop being a fan. It’s a horrible deal to give the girl everything she wants and get nothing out of it. Make her work and offer incentive for your attention.

[-] KewlThanks 4 Points about a year ago

ABC and ABE, always be closing and always be escalating, you're overthinking it. One or two slick lines, ask for the snap, then on there, get to know her and move for a quick 5 min date, then do you on the date, no fear, and you bring her out...I got a system that works anyhow.

[-] mingamo 1 Point about a year ago

If you can sauce the number and move quickly enough, that works even better. Set a date up, you know the rest. Snap has the possibility of being too personal. Don't send a picture of your face.

[-] KewlThanks 1 Point about a year ago

F that I send a video, drippin charisma.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] MilkMoney111 1 Point about a year ago

Yeah I admit closing is my weakness. I play the game for so long then after a few weeks I say fuck it and move on to an “easier” girl.

I’d be down for some advice though.

[-] KewlThanks 1 Point about a year ago

I use tinder, have some fun pics with a bad boy rep, say some slick shit and ask for the snap, go for the jugular, always.

[-] MyReddit6 1 Point about a year ago

Bro how do you go for the jugular on snap? Can you give a few pointers - I don't know how to use it. I've had a few friends take pictures of me on their just to make stupid voices & I've got to admit, it's pretty fun to troll and blow off steam. But how do you game with it?

[-] Imperator_Red 1 Point about a year ago

I would always only get just so far with it, never fully closing with a girl

Can you explain what this means exactly, for one who has never had an Instagram? So you are looking on Instagram, see a girl's picture that you don't know, and start sending her messages? Do people actually do this? I have always had a Facebook, but I've never used it to hit on girls and no one that I know has used it in this way either, so I'm a little confused as to how this works.

[-] MilkMoney111 2 Points about a year ago

Sure thing.

I would use it for fitness progress pics, using it as a way to keep track up into my bodybuilding show. Naturally I had bodybuilding friends on there so instagrams algorithm would show me other fitness people on the main page. You like a few here and there and eventually you start popping up on other peoples Instagram.

A girl at my uni would like a pic, I’d like one of hers back. Eventually it lead to comments. Then after establishing some sort of rapport we would start DMing each other. Dumb fitness memes and what not.

But it never got past that. It was essentially a like for a like. Most of the girls weren’t down to do anything in person. We’d talk in the gym but that was it.

The only time I was fucking a girl I happened to friends with on Instagram was because I had class with the girl and we were friends before IG. I never once got laid using social media alone. People just want to network for attention, exposure, validation. I do MUCH better in person

[-] Imperator_Red 4 Points about a year ago

Cool. I just cannot stand the guys who leave comments on girls' Instagrams when they put up pictures.



Fucking assclowns.

[-] MilkMoney111 4 Points about a year ago

Oh god no don’t do that lol. It’s super cringy seeing the orbiters comment. Even though I didn’t resort to that... i still felt like I was orbiting. Best for me to just stay away from validation central. At least I have mystery when not using it

[-] MyReddit6 1 Point about a year ago

I've had moderate success via Insta with a few girls I've DM'd there and have gotten laid. Ironically, a few years ago my model gf made me get an Insta & helped me post stuff from my travel & performances. I started with 30 likes on a pic and didn't know how to use hashtags & posted maybe 3x a month max. NEVER commented on ppls stuff unless it was a guy friend. In two years I'm at a few thousand followers & get a few thousand views for videos - its still the same shitty camera angle, poorly uploaded shit I put on a year ago, but now I use hashtags so it trends better.


Anyway, I can only tell you what I do and maybe something will work for you:

1) NEVER comment or FOLLOW a girls pic that you want to DM/date/bang

2) Move straight to getting her number, and potentially set up plans

3) I avoid overt flattery like "so sexy" in DMs - its seems better to run indirect game, I assume compliments just get fapped to as validation hits - but a well played compliment or neg is cool

4) send something witty and be to the point

5) it helps if the girl already follows you, or is a friend of a friend of a friend so theres at least some level of connection

Bonus: after a short convo, I'll send my number and tell her to msg so I can save her contact. Gets her invested. Since Insta is flakey af and shes already getting 100s of DMs if she msg you, it gives you a bit more room to game.


Message content:

For me, I hit up a few college girls and models in my area. With one I messaged her about a photoshoot she had. The floor was black/white tiles like a checkerboard - I sent her something along the lines of "ridiculously cute, but I'm more of a chess guy" - she responded back with a compliment on one of my posts, asked where she was from - she said "you prob haven't heard of it" - I said tell me over a drink. Got the #, went on a date.


Another thing I do is what I call leveraging - I have a few friends & people I've worked with who have 100k-1mil followers. I have them tagged in my profile. For some of the mid-tier model girls with 20-30k followers (most of which are bought & fake - you can tell when she has 50k follows but only gets 300 likes) I'll message the girl with something innocuous - "whoa thats cool, how long have you known xyz?" More often then not they don't actually know said famous person, or best case scenario they do and are friends - and it turns into online social circle game: "no way, we just did this cool thing" "when was your last shoot in xyz" "how have we not bumped into eachother there yet?!" and you just be chill AND NOT COMPLIMENT OR FOLLOW if she starts to follow you.


Get the number, and may your Game take you from there ;)

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] dongpal 20 Points about a year ago

Everyone is talking about facebook, instagram and twitter and all this shit. I always thought how awesome I am for never going on these sites. Until many years later I noticed how dumb I am that I didnt know that reddit is an actual social media site which fucks up my dopamine hard. It's funny how we always diss other sites but never talk about reddit or youtube, which is just as addictive.

[-] AllahHatesFags 16 Points about a year ago

The difference IMO is the anonymity.

[-] xddm2653 8 Points about a year ago

Reddit is a message board, not social media

[-] dongpal 2 Points about a year ago

Is has the same effects. If you browse /all or reddit in general you kinda scroll mindless through pictures or texts/stories. If you have a problem you want to think about or you have to do something, you kinda open reddit on autopilot because you are addicted to the dopamine hits. Someone might messsaged you, someone might reply to your thoughtful comment, you might find some new special knowledge. Keep in might that the "might" is the thing that keeps you addicted. If you keep hitting the lever and you get 1$ everytime you hit it, it get's boring. If there is a 50/50 chance and you get 1$, you wont stop.

Sites like reddit are using addictive manipulation strategies to keep you visiting their site.

The first 3 minutes explain the idea very well of what I just said.

[-] xddm2653 6 Points about a year ago

That's fine, but reddit is also a vast toolbox of knowledge. I've learned a lot on here and continue to do so. And certain subreddits will keep you informed of things

[-] dongpal 0 Points about a year ago

The thing is, the knowledge is capped. Which means, you will learn up to a point, and then nothing new anymore. You stagnate. Ive learned a lot on TRP many years ago, but the last few years didnt make any impact on my life. What was the thread you just read 2 days ago? How did it change your life? What about that thread 10 days ago? 11? 12? 365? 365x4years ? You can learn the basics here, the rest is pure experience you learn from.

[-] xddm2653 2 Points about a year ago

My knowledge at red pill is definitely capped. I only go on here to help others or see a new perspective.

But there's other subreddits for learning. Investing, real estate, instruments. You surely aren't saying I've learned everything there is to learn?

Also subreddits related to space are pretty cool. Like the new dark matter theory predicted by einstein 100 years ago, that was an interesting read

[-] dongpal 1 Point about a year ago

If it's about theory, then yes, they learned 95% of everything there is to learn about theory. Most theory on internet is very general and not specific, and you only learn the specifics by doing it yourself or by paying someone a lot of money to mentor you.

[-] rpsheepdog 3 Points about a year ago

That little orange envelope hits!

[-] Your_Coke_Dealer 1 Point about a year ago

It is social media, it is a major time suck, and it does fuck up your reward system. But that being said, there’s more useful information here than, say, it’s closest mainstream-social-media equivalent of Facebook, and its wide variety of discussion topics keep it from becoming as much of a validation cesspool. Anonymity is nice too.

[-] pre-death 20 Points about a year ago

I created an instagram just for my lil bro. I post every day when I wake up at 4, go to the gym, jiu-jitsu, bouldering, studying, going out.......1 follower, 1 following, 0 bullshit. You've gotta have self-discipline. It's just a tool.

[-] Cainagain 3 Points about a year ago

Yeah moderation is the key.

[-] JarHeadJoseph 18 Points about a year ago

Social media like Instagram is for women and children. Also, a women’s Instagram if typically pictures of herself while a mans tends to be the world.

[-] LeDolceVita 16 Points about a year ago

some truth in this analysis, but overall a narrow minded (pussy-centric) view of the platform. it has utility beyond getting laid

[-] xddm2653 8 Points about a year ago

He said if you are an artist or something, go ahead and use it to further your cause. Just make sure the numbers add up

Beyond that, you and I know it's just a validation app for girls to post their bodies and get a dopamine fix

[-] Your_Coke_Dealer 2 Points about a year ago

It’s pussy-centric because if you’re using it for other purposes (such as business or literal social networking besides to get laid), you’ll disregard the post anyway. It’s partly touched on with the “special snowflake case examples” section though

[-] TopOccasion29 2 Points about a year ago

True. Social media like all things has it's advantages and dis-advantages.

[-] wizchalupa 14 Points about a year ago

If you're actually living a top 10% life (trips, parties, just doing cool shit) then Instagram is a good way to create social proof. However, most men are living a normal life like everyone else; work, video games, going to the bar once in awhile, etc. They don't need Instagram and it could actually damage you if all you have is 27 followers and random bullshit photos. No one cares about your family trip to Canada.

[-] dontbethatguynow 10 Points about a year ago

If you're actually living a top 10% life (trips, parties, just doing cool shit)

That is whats considered a top 10% life? Sad...

[-] askmrcia 8 Points about a year ago

To a lot of close minded people.... Yes

[-] dontbethatguynow 3 Points about a year ago

Haha the things people try to aspire to. These must be the people that get stuck in the high school/college mindset.

Whats cool shit? I think physics is cool shit.

[-] jewishsupremacist88 2 Points about a year ago

lol. most women (even smart ones who know physics) dont want to hang out with faggots like you.

[-] dontbethatguynow 1 Point about a year ago

Haha yea women hate tall, smart, attractive American white men. Its such a curse.

Best of luck to you in your sad troll life.

[-] Imakesensealot 1 Point about a year ago

You definitely don't know enough to be on this sub.

[-] karmalizing 1 Point about a year ago

I think physics is cool shit.

As someone who works with a lot of nerds, it's not.

[-] dontbethatguynow 6 Points about a year ago

You've never seen a particle accelerator then

[-] Blackcurls 1 Point about a year ago

Neither have I, but I'm curious. What exactly is it?

[-] anotherent 6 Points about a year ago

that last sentence made me laugh hard

[-] hearse223 2 Points about a year ago

Me too because my latest photos are from my trip to Canada.

OP and a few of these comments convinced me to disable my account. 3000 following 200 followers, shits going nowhere and all I do is validate girls I used to know in HS and uni.

[-] ultrasuperthrowaway 1 Point about a year ago

TIL: I’ve got a top 10% life

[-] xjx547 13 Points about a year ago

Instagram DMs and Snapchat are basically the only ways to communicate with girls under the age of 30. If you like the older ladies, it might not be a problem for you. But other than ONS's or Instant Dates, you will end up with a lot of Day 2's, and those Day 2's will ignore a text or phone call from a guy at a bar. If you ask for their number it instantly communicates you're old and out of touch.

Instagram is a blessing. It's a tool to show your awesome life to random girls you hit it off with in person when the logistics don't facilitate taking things further, without putting too much investment in a girl. For example, I travel to a different country and do cool activities every few months and post high-quality photos with a mirrorless camera.

Lastly, you do not need a bunch of followers on Instagram. That is nonsense and probably causes more problems than it solves. Just don't do what most guys do and take low-quality photos and selfies and stupid gym photos. Also, don't hit up random "models" on Instagram unless you like to waste your time and don't have a life.

[-] KeffirLime 40 Points about a year ago

Bullshit, I almost exclusively fuck under 30's and I make no use of any social media.

Simply learn how to cold approach and get a number. Set up a date, escalate, lay.

You're going to have to engage with her in person anyway, so why not skip the online piswilly play and go straight to that.

[-] HumanSockPuppet 7 Points about a year ago

Bullshit, I almost exclusively fuck under 30's and I make no use of any social media.

Simply learn how to cold approach and get a number. Set up a date, escalate, lay.

You're going to have to engage with her in person anyway, so why not skip the online piswilly play and go straight to that.

Girls used to expect to be approached by men in public - it was the only way to meet them. But now, thanks in part to social media, girls are actually disarmed when it happens. They don't know how to deflect without looking like total bitches. And if you're good-looking when you do it, they're completely helpless.

[-] KeffirLime 2 Points about a year ago

I wrote something almost identical not too long ago.

It's so amplified with Gen-Z's, a cold-daytime approach is so foreign to them.

They blush, twirl their hair, step around. They simply don't know how to deal with a confident man approaching them with intent somewhere other than a bar or when they're tipsy.

It sets up the power dynamic really well too.

[-] HumanSockPuppet 1 Point about a year ago

Goddamn right.

We were wolves that trained against the migrating caribou. We would test the herd, lure out stragglers, and descend upon them with lethal precision. But somewhere in the year 2000, we turned a corner and found ourselves staring down young reindeer that had never seen wolves before.

It's been easy pickings ever since.

[-] dontbethatguynow 7 Points about a year ago

Instagram DMs and Snapchat are basically the only ways to communicate with girls under the age of 30.

communicate in person, few texts for logistics.


[-] itiswr1tten 2 Points about a year ago

Completely disagree overall but agree for newbs. Newbs will use Instagram as a buffer and fuck it up. However, if you have a high quality insta it's perpetual free social proof. I give mine out instead of my number half the time.

No mystery required when you can visually prove abundance, a fun lifestyle, and access to hotter girls. They're worth 1000 words after all

[-] KeffirLime 11 Points about a year ago

I had a fairly high quality insta a while back, which I deleted for multiple reasons, the largest being time consumption and distraction from the present. Then there's supporting an app that's largely responsible for driving female cognitive dissonance between expectation and reality.

It's hasn't hurt my success at all, infact I find it's probably aided it. I even regularly see a few insta queens, who constantly try and qualify themselves by trying to show me their profiles. I'm always exceptionally vague with women, you should see the shit they think I do for a living.

I don't use tinder either, which means I rely purely on cold approach. Which is easy pickings for me, this required consistent practice. It saves time, I am the social proof, I make them think I'm that fantasy.

[-] itiswr1tten 6 Points about a year ago

Different strokes. I'm not based in a coastal metro area so I probably get more mileage out of it for a few reasons. If I lived in NYC or LA I would delete that shit immediately.

Have dated multiple 250k+ followers types and can't argue about what that does to them

[-] KeffirLime 11 Points about a year ago

If it works for you it works, can't fault you.

I had 10k plus followers before deactivation. Nowadays "I don't use social media" followed by a neg "I actually have a life" or something along those lines perks their interest far more, especially since I was gaming women with 10x my amount of followers.

The domain where she was queen garnering pussy points for existing with quality assests yet I couldn't give a shit about, it's so foreign that they don't quite know how to deal with it. She had to find other ways to impress me(women seldom have much more than their looks to impress with).

Just another thirsty follower is a disposable commodity to them.

[-] majaka1234 7 Points about a year ago

This x2

I've only ever had one girl go "oh well you better open an account", every other one has bent over backwards to give me an alternative mode of communication.

Heck I just spoke to a 10/10 girl yesterday and she ended up giving me a different way of getting in touch. A few shit tests later she admits that she doesn't even check her IG DMs at which point I said "why do you think I wanted your number instead?".

$10 if I had settled with her IG I would've never heard from her again, buried under 500 dicks.

[-] KeffirLime 12 Points about a year ago

And there's always a comeback for a instagram thot, you can always tease them about being so common, or if they enjoy having 13yr olds jerking it to their bikini pics.

They can never match up to their online image which is such an easy loophole to exploit.

[-] majaka1234 8 Points about a year ago

Exactly. I started off teasing this girl about how she's a high society rich girl (but don't worry I can handle you, baby) and she's since then basically downplayed her entire online persona - "see, I can eat instant noodles too!".

To be fair hers is used for business but in my experience the actual person never meets the image they're cultivating and they're super insecure about it because they KNOW they're peddling lies.

[-] KeffirLime 3 Points about a year ago

Yeah they're validation mongerers, but they get it for who they appear to be, not who they really are.

To get validation from you however, because you don't care about that world, they actually need to show you something more, in reality.

Use her addiction against her.

[-] Infla-mood 4 Points about a year ago

What's are some examples of being vague when asked about your job? Seems like it's one of the first questions people ask about you.

[-] KeffirLime 6 Points about a year ago

"I can't talk about my work in public" "I do lots of stuff" "I don't think you'd be able to handle the truth" "Guess" and then never tell

Anything that doesn't really announce that you're just another pawn in the rat race.

Her imagination will fill in all sorts of blanks.

[-] dongpal 4 Points about a year ago

What's the concept in your mind when you approach? Do you first small talk, then try to get a date with her? Or you make instant dates? What's the steps you do?

[-] KeffirLime 7 Points about a year ago

Always small talk first, cheeky teasing, then I'll get her number, set up a date, go for the close.

On days off, at the beach or at a bar I sometimes chill with them, go somewhere or back to my place and go for a same day close.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] mraxelrodi 2 Points about a year ago

That's what's written in the post.

[-] Kurush559 3 Points about a year ago

Pretty much everyone has reponded with the response I anticipated and discussed in my you think I could've made it more clear?

[-] askmrcia 8 Points about a year ago

Instagram DMs and Snapchat are basically the only ways to communicate with girls under the age of 30.

This is how I know guys like you only go after the basic, sex and the city, entitled type of white girls. Absolutely not true that young girls only use snap or instagram DMs for communication.

If those the types you like then more power to you. Otherwise learn how to go for girls who do more than spend their time at Starbucks, clubs and wear yoga pants all the time.

[-] Kurush559 7 Points about a year ago

I agree with you on some points here. I also highly recommend snapchat; it's by far the best way to communicate with girls nowadays. I don't think I've ever hooked up with a girl or organised logistics by texting her.

Regarding your 'What about me?' section, I would just include you in group number 1. You have a cool life and get something out of using Instagram - but think about the kind of posts being made on asktrp recently. Look at how the majority of guys live their lives. You're in a small minority to be travelling and taking high quality photos. I found that I had great success posting stuff like me on beaches, rock climbing, hanging out shirtless with girls, stuff like that. You're right - it is a tool to show your awesome life. I actually acknolwedged that at the start of my post. But I simply think it's not worth it for the TRP readerbase.

[-] Imakesensealot 1 Point about a year ago

Lol, you understand almost nothing about TRP. What are you even doing on this sub?

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Wallace44 9 Points about a year ago

Being the intelligent, foresighted man that I am, I never had that shit to begin with. Am I right in that you just take pictures, and other people look at them pretending to care and be interested? Its like with Facebook, yeah I like my friends, but dont give a single flying fuck about what they're doing to be honest.

[-] Kurush559 9 Points about a year ago

I would argue that its less useful, and more harmful than facebook. Facebook can easily be used JUST to network and organise/find out about events. For example, the ONLY way to find out about salsa dancing lessons and events in my city is through Facebook; all the big lectures/debates/talks that take place in a nearby library are advertised through Facebook, and one can buy tickets or contact the organisers through that. Facebook is just another tool, but its so much more functional.

Instagram is mostly about posting photos which people can then like and comment on. Its superficial in comparison. It can be useful for certain businesses - lets say youre an artist or photographer, instagram is a visual medium which can be used to display your visual talents. But anything else simply isn't that useful to the normal guy. Plus, as u/Keffirlime tells us, it 'feeds the beast'. You should go check out his comment on the post if you haven't yet.

[-] KillaJewels 8 Points about a year ago

My approach to IG is quite different. I don't use it to direct cold approach via DMs. I use it to keep in touch with my network, get inspired, be in touch with trends, be entertained by memes and most gain/maintain passive attraction.

Stories and posts are phenomenal ways to express yourself, display your personality and show how cool of a guy you are (and what it would be like to hangout with you).

See, the idea here is that, your value is predicated upon the last emotion you left the girl with. As more time passes without seeing a girl, the more her memory of that emotion fades.

I see IG as a way to captivate the girl into remember that emotion, "Oh ya I remember that guy he was so cool...hahaha that was such a funny caption he made" or "OMG look at all the cool things he's doing", etc.

It doesn't matter if you're attractive or not. It's more about the quality of the pictures you're taking, the quality of the captions and stories you put out.

It's a great way to get a girl who is/was cold with you to warm up to the idea of hanging out with you. I've gotten girls who were cold initially to DM me just by posting stories. It gives them an excuse to talk to you because it's normal and private. It's about engaging everyone, not investing into just one girl at a time. It's a catch-all approach.

So I say...keep IG, be engaging and cast that wide net, boys!

[-] tequiladick 7 Points about a year ago

Yeah... I don’t agree with this at all. Not having social media just makes you seem like a social wallflower who’s rationalizing your lack of a social life by blaming the platforms for being superficial. If you lead an interesting life then it will show through social media and the opposite is also true. Deleting social media may work with older women but not having Instagram will more likely than not just creep out a girl and have her wondering why you refuse to participate in something everyone under 30 is doing. If she likes you in the early stages she’ll want to show you off to her friends and if you don’t exist online then you’re at the mercy of her and her friend’s hamstering about why you aren’t online. It can be used to screen whether she’s a hoe or not, if you have similar interests, etc. Need I go on? Like most things in life, social media has potential for good but obviously if you overdo it then it will become a bad thing. It shouldn’t be surprising that your Instagram with 98 followers and 3 low quality pictures of you from 2014 aren’t going to drop any panties when most HB6+ have at least 500 followers and plenty of prospects. Social media is a reflection of SMV and if you don’t have any then social media is understandably going to work against you.

[-] Kurush559 7 Points about a year ago

Its a very good thing when your persona is left to the hamstering of her and her friends.

For the fourth time now, I am not arguing about how useful it is. Im arguing that the usefulness doesnt supercede the time wasted

[-] xddm2653 5 Points about a year ago

Holy shit you come across as such a tool. Why refuse to participate in something everyone under 30 is doing? How about not being a conformist loser addicted to dopamine fixes provided to you by an app.

Go outside and actually meet someone, you dont need social media to prove you're fucking normal. Pathetic

[-] tequiladick 0 Points about a year ago

This is my point exactly— you think you’re special because you don’t follow social norms. How do you think you get followers? By meeting people in real life and following them later! If you have tons of followers you’re seen as socially competent and thereby preselected. If you want to game girls like it’s the 21st century then I strongly suggest you develop some social media presence.

[-] Blackcurls 1 Point about a year ago

Lol. You're so misguided bro hahahaha.

[-] Your_Coke_Dealer 2 Points about a year ago

Not having social media just makes you seem like a social wallflower

Having social media and not actively keeping it impressive-looking also makes you a social wallflower, as you yourself point out. But OP’s point was specifically that the time required to maintain that impressive look isn’t worth it.

Two years ago, I would have argued (hell, I probably did) the same thing you just did. But then I realized that (certainly after college), nobody gives a flying fuck about men’s social media accounts. If you can make your account fill a niche that actually interests people enough to be memorable, and you do it for reasons other than women, more power to you and keep at it. But if you keep an Instagram for maintaining the appearance of being interesting so women don’t find it weird, you’re wasting your time. Do interesting things for your own sake.

Besides, if a woman says it’s weird that you don’t have an Instagram, that’s a garden-variety shit test. “It doesn’t interest me”, or the good ol’ agree-and-amplify of “I know, right? I was using it so much it was basically an addiction so I had to delete it” will put that shit aside quickly.

[-] Invisible_Hand49 6 Points about a year ago

I was reading an interesting article on the ever so insightful blog of Cal Newport. It argued that social media is a collectivistic medium whereas blogosphere is more of a capitalistic medium meaning in order for your blog to generate traffic, it has to offer some real value unlike social platforms like Instagram, Twitter and what not. On these social platforms it is very easy for even shit content to garner attention.

I guess this relates to your post about online game. The whole point of TRP is that you are the prize. By engaging in a culture which promotes collectivist thinking (in this case the idea of following a girl) you indirectly lower your social value by liking her pics or "sliding" into her DMs. You are nothing but a cog in a big machine which churns out beta orbiters to these Instagram thots.

[-] Kurush559 3 Points about a year ago

This is a creative and interesting analysis

[-] MCA_T 4 Points about a year ago

this is only true if your a weirdo with nothing interesting to post who is messaging random birds like a creep, I'm a music producer/piano player and DJ and use it to network with a lot of people I know, people I wouldn't usually be able to contact or network with, I don't go around messaging every girl I see on there but end up talking to mutual friends/other musicians and girls because of what I post

[-] mraxelrodi 5 Points about a year ago

Are you retarded? He mentioned for whom it is valuable and profitable in the post.

[-] MCA_T 2 Points about a year ago

no I just rarely read a full red pill post anymore, half of the people on here are in no position to give advise and don't have a fucking clue, this is part of the problem instead of thinking for themselves and being themselves, examining what works in their life people are coming here and accepting other peoples truths as reality, which is a lot more damaging than using Instagram passively. Its not that deep bro

"Why trust the knowledge of a Brick maker about jewels?"

[-] MCA_T 0 Points about a year ago

the whole post is about how much time you waste on instagram and how the returns are not worth it, well think for a second how much time did he waste writing this post? what return is he getting from it other than the dopamine hit of all the people commenting on it?

[-] Coregod109 3 Points about a year ago

Not using any social media but had doubts about me maybe missing out on something. Seeing your post solidified what I already thought it doesn't get you jack shit if your not a) a hot girl b) some kind of celebrity.

Good post I think allot of guys lose way to much time drooling over insta thots and running a mediocre insta page.

[-] Kurush559 3 Points about a year ago

Cheers man

The way I see it, it's not a question of 'is Instagram useful?' It's a tool just like anything else. It's just almost never going to be so useful that it's worth the time spent on it.

[-] davvya 1 Point about a year ago

you're not missing out on much, but I don't think its bad to follow your true, close friends, and some sports or stuff that you like. I've literally only got 30 or so followers, all close friends, and I only follow my friends or sports teams that I'm into. I'm not playing any social media game and have no interest in following 'models' or 'celebrities'. You can use social media responsibly and get some fun out of it

[-] Coregod109 3 Points about a year ago

Yeah I did this for a while but then I ended up never using it. Also if something important is going on with close friends I'll hear about it besides social media.

[-] davvya 1 Point about a year ago

that's true, for me personally I've travelled a bit and following foreign friends on Insta is a nice way of seeing what they're upto, and where they are etc... but in terms of more ego massaging for celebs or whoever, I think it's cancer

[-] TunedtoPerfection 2 Points about a year ago

Your not going to end social media, stop trying. I can tell you from personal experience NOT having an instagram is NOT an option if you wish to deal with the world of people under \~ 28 years old at this point.

I do not have an instagram anymore and my facebook hasn't been updated in a bout a year. I have lost dates, business opportunities, and a much better living situation because of it.

Both will be restarted for the new year. Unfortunately the under 30 crowd relies on instagram and such to verify people. The problem with social media is everyone thinks they want a million followers. Even you said it was hard for you to establish and maintain 3K followers. You don't have to be an influencer with 100K followers. Your allowed to have a private gram with 200 followers.

At the end of the day social media should be an after though. Hey I took these pictures living my super cool life, take a look. If you want 10K followers instead of "focusing and planning" out this huge thing to work up this fake bullshit, just live a life that would be interesting to 10K people and share it.

Social media has become this weird scapegoat to blame because people have a huge need to be accepted by a mass audience. They believe social media is the way to do that. It is, but endlessly optimizing your stream to make it look awesome when you spend 4/7 nights in a chair killing digital dragons is stupid.

[-] omega_dawg93 2 Points about a year ago

instagram = INSTA_nt GRA_tificaton from M_en.

females seek validation like males seek vagina. social media platforms, esp. Instagram, are setup so that females can get all the validation they want with very little work and by not giving up anything.

anonymity is optional.

Facebook is simply the place for attention whoring and to spite others.

and Reddit... a combination of Facebook, Instagram, & snap. women seek validation and play attention whore on here the most. the only difference is that Reddit has useful subs where you can learn a lot... and has "freedom of porn."

[-] KewlThanks 2 Points about a year ago

Yep, I reccomend personally not even fucking with girls who have an instagram for LTR, immediate no for me. That shit is validation/dick central.

I keep snap just to stay with it, but yeah Tinder to snap to nut in the face is my go to. Instagram is not for males.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] dontbethatguynow 2 Points about a year ago

Instagram is just going out of your way to try to impress people that usually aren't really impressed. You do give a fuck.

[-] quazimodo_007 2 Points about a year ago

yes its waste of a mans time

[-] Marsupian 2 Points about a year ago

Having an instagram account that doesn't have shitty pics is fine. Using insta as a dating tool is shit. Use it to stay in touch with your social circle and interests while having some good pics on there.

I find value in seeing what my friends and other runners, climbers, skiiers, etc are doing and when some chick happens to find me on insta she isn't likely to be turned off.

I'm all for quitting social media but there are situations where it's useful. In that case use it sparingly and don't get the illusion that you can compete with professional photographers and photoshop or stand out amongst hordes of thirsty dm's.

[-] A4Rocket 1 Point about a year ago

I have an insta to keep up with friends and architecture/design pages and garner followers without posting anything.

I think you shouldn’t delete it, there’s some good stuff in there. Just don’t be a loser dming girls and following a bunch of thots and pornstars.

[-] Crookedly 1 Point about a year ago

I remember back when Instagram was the hot new thing, I got one like everyone else back in high school. However, after about a year I deleted it, and have never looked back. The only social media I use is Snapchat, but thats because most of my generation doesn't text anymore, and its a pretty good communication tool. Great post, lots of interesting comments as well.

[-] Wobblewobblegobble 1 Point about a year ago

I have seen some dms work and some don’t. Not taking your shot is always a 100% miss. You may not be the highest smv guy there but you might as well try. Who cares if she says no.

[-] ALLTHEUSERNAMESRFUKI 1 Point about a year ago

Just from personal experience, what I usually do is message the friends of girls I am interested in. I have found that particularly if they are in a friend group, by messaging their friends, they almost always gossip and learn about my interests. This way, when I eventually do dm them or meet in irl, it makes it easier because they will have prior context for my advances, and immediately give off either positive or negative vibes, making my job extremely easy.

Edit: Message her friends about her

[-] Lifteador 1 Point about a year ago

Could not having an instagram lower your SMV?

I don't have an IG because I don't really see the appealing in it, but literally EVERYONE has it (at least in my country it's the principal social media) and sometimes I feel I'm missing out not having one.

I have no problem gaming girls when I go out, but when I mention I don't have IG girls do weird faces, 100% of the times. Most of the times if she is interested on me she has no problem giving her number, but I had times where they refuse to give her phone, just instagram. Like they feel giving her number is too "serious" and IG is more "casual". Also I often ear about stories of average guys about girls hitting on them and picking up girls thought IG, and it seems to make dating and meeting people easier.

I'm still learning TRP and introducing it in my life, I definitely still don't have enought SMV to get the benefits of IG you talk in your post, but I wonder if not having it is actually lowering my value

[-] Kurush559 1 Point about a year ago

When they want to give you instagram rather than a number/snapchat, they are saying 'I dont want the awkwardness of having to turn you down, so ill give you something which you can validate me with while I have no obligation to acknowledge you on it'. Go read keffirlime's comment.

[-] Trphello 1 Point about a year ago

If a girl will give her socials but not her number, she wasn't interested.

[-] tomic888 1 Point about a year ago

I agree except there is one more exception: I use it to see what my friends are doing and what they have been up to, especially since many of them are scattered around the world. I also post stories especially if I'm travelling since many times some friend sees my story and hits me up on insta as s/he is at the same place so we meet up.


I never DM'ed a girl on insta considering my University has 30,000 students, plenty of fish in the ocean.

It seems to me that you're not doing it right if you have to resort to DM'ing random girls on instagram. It just tells that your social circle consists of like two people total. Expand your real-life social circles and there will be more girls in your proximity than you need.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] BarbedAndWired 1 Point about a year ago

Good post OP, well written and organized.

I think using social media for game in general is silly. I don't think most men would get far by initiating over Insta. However, Instagram can be useful if it's used as a supplement to your character. Posts that show you at social functions, participating in interesting hobbies, etc, can increase your perceived SMV.

I reiterate that social media presence is secondary and supplementary to having recognizable in-person SMV

[-] Chaddeus_Rex 1 Point about a year ago

Disagree. A young guy in his 20s without social media is seen as a wierd autist. And it makes it impossible to communicate with the myriad of young women in college if you dont have it. Yes you can get her number, but many girls are weird about giving out their numbers. If you want to maintain a sense of mystery, make your fb unsearchable and set your insta to private. Also, tell girls you are interested in that you dont have insta but have snapchat (which is a better tooo than number anyway because it makes it easy to take pics and feels more intimate to her).

[-] Blackcurls 1 Point about a year ago

Why would anyone take advice from guy who believes that intimacy can be built through 0s and 1s? Downvoted.

[-] AllahHatesFags 1 Point about a year ago

Makes me glad I don't have an Instagram, a Snapchat, a Facebook, or a Twitter. All of that social media bullshit now exists only to feed female narcissism while Mark Cuckerberg harvests and sells off your data.

[-] trele_morele 1 Point about a year ago

I use Instagram and no other social media platform. I use Instagram to display my hobbyist photography, not to give chicks validation. I don't even look at chicks on Instagram. The only times I'm on the app is when I post.


I know most of you don't see past the bullshit but Instagram is a decent way to share visual art images with like-minded individuals thanks to the hash-tag mechanism and large user base. Instagram is my easily accessible, public-facing digital portfolio.


Am I going to get off Instagram? Nope. Am I going to change how I use it? Nope. No chicks, no giving validation, no bullshitting around

[-] woke_wizard 1 Point about a year ago

Any tips on how to run an instagram page for a musician? I currently have my personal page that I want to convert into an artist page. I have ~900 followers and get ~150 likes per post.

[-] buttgoogler 1 Point about a year ago

Here's why it's so contradicting for me: I'm all against online gaming aka tinders, bumbles and all that. But instagram is a bit different. Not humble-bragging in any way, just trying to express my point. I got a pretty high SMV. I lift for quite some time already, travel, dress dapper and have an interesting lifestyle in general.

I only have 11 quality photos on my profile: mostly doing some interesting shit like sailing, shooting, riding enduro and other crap, you catch my drift. Also, I only follow 5 of my closest people and never follow back anyone else because I simply can't give less fucks about their lives (especially all those "instagram models" type of people).

So all I do is just check my dms like once a day and see if there's any new messages. My stats are not something amazing, but on average I get a couple of 8s dm'ing me like every month.

Is it an increadible number? No, it's nothing. But I still lure interested chicks in by doing nothing and it takes almost no time for me. It's not preventing me from living my life, working out, or doing any shit I like because it doesn't occupy any of my time at all. It's just there and sometime it works. That's it.

[-] ex_addict_bro 1 Point about a year ago

A friend of mine had instagram with travel pics only. He appeared in none, those were just interesting pics. Did he slay? Of course he did.

The fact he did all those travels on his motorbike may or may have not helped, how do you think...

[-] Andgelyo 1 Point about a year ago

Yes, delete social media. Facebook is okay, Instagram is for the mentally challenged.

[-] v-daerthe 1 Point about a year ago

I think the biggest issue with Instagram is it creates an alternative for cold approach in real life. Men who can't make a cold approach to women, can easily like photos and send DMs to women on Instagram. This "digital approach" is so easy and common because it doesn't require any courage or skills. Therefore there are thousands of guys hitting on mere HB5-6s and feeding them with validation and inflating their egos. There is only one good thing in this situation, it makes cold approach in real life more valuable.

Just imagine a girl is getting cold approached in a public space by 140 guys in just 2 hours. When you approach her as a 141th men, you won't have any value in her eyes, you will be just one of the foot soldiers of the army of the thirsty guys. This is exactly what happens when you like photos or send messages to a girl on Instagram. In real life you won't find 140 men that has enough balls to cold approach a girl in the same public space. However you can find thousands of "digital approach guys" on Instagram or other social media platforms.

There is no need to play a losing game.

[-] Kurush559 1 Point about a year ago

Rollo tomassi calls this a 'buffer'

[-] MrFiles 1 Point about a year ago

I don't want to take much time writing so I'll keep this short.

First I totally agree and affirm that if you don't use Instagram (or any platform for that matter) and it uses you

Then you'll be wasting valuable time that could be spent bettering your life.

I deleted all my social media for about 18 months and my FOCUS was incredible. Instagram is a dopamine / validation mad house

The way I could see it to be useful is social proof/pre selection etc

Posts showing what your lifestyle is like and show high value women with you

You don't have this to DM girls, that's stupid. Remember the laws of power/ make people come to you.

This is basically just to have a container for women. Your out at the club and a girl wants your number or something of the sort.

Exchange insta, not numbers

She will forget you in the next 12 hours but if you're the only guy to exchange insta she can look and visually remember and be like "oh yea that was that cool guy I met!"

Then YOU get a DM "heeuyy!"

Then you know what to do

So much for keeping this short

[-] MaterialSea 1 Point about a year ago

People actually use Instagram and Snapchat to try and meet girls?

Wow learning something new. I intrinsically always thought that was a bad idea, even worse than Tinder.

[-] ChrimsonChin988 1 Point about a year ago

Besides the fact that this seems shortsighted to me it tells me you lack the skills to use this tool effectively. Instagram increases your reach, allows you to scale your game to a much higher degree. I like to think of myself as a business and instagram is a great opportunity to be exploited to scale my business. All this scalability does is make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Aka good looking dudes going to get all of the pussy and average guys are going to get nothing.

[-] Warrior_King02 1 Point about a year ago

Yeah, I’ve deleted Instagram and it’s been a good month. I mainly use Snapchat to game but I also used this strategy on Instagram. I’d go out and physically meet girls, never sliding into DMs (because I’m better doing game in person than via text) and then after I get her Instagram so it does give her a reason to respond to my stories and posts

[-] Luckyluke23 1 Point about a year ago

and the men who photograph them.

why do you think I got into photography. i use insta as a quick way to show people my work.

I need to work on it more though. I don't have as many followers as I should.

[-] BorrowedSunshine 1 Point about a year ago

No value in keeping up with friends?

[-] Kurush559 2 Points about a year ago

Easy to do with facebook/irl

[-] BorrowedSunshine 1 Point about a year ago

Eh, a lot of younger people, at least the ones I know, don’t use FB much anymore. I agree with your points, just want to add that there’s other reasons to have IG besides bitches

[-] NeedingAdvice86 1 Point about a year ago


Bahahahahha...the last version of FB is shitty to be honest.

[-] sealift 1 Point about a year ago

Double tapping a picture of a bikini clad 19 year old is just a subconscious waste of energy/frame. Unless you know exactly what you'd say to her in real life to close with 100% confidence, stop putting it on a digital pedestal.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Bearfost43 1 Point about a year ago
[-] MCA_T 1 Point about a year ago

its all about how you use it, if you are only using it to perv on girls, like/bust nut to their photos and "slide into their dms" then you have already lost because you are a pathetic little maggot chasing pussy pixels

[-] Th3V3rg3 1 Point about a year ago

Fuck this video is hard to watch.. but it perfectly sums up how stupid IG is:


[-] Camjd10 1 Point about a year ago

I deleted Instagram a couple years ago. The biggest issue with Instagram and other social media is that it preoccupies your time and attention on a second internet life. You become obsessed over improving and tweaking the life that you've perfectly manicured online that you might neglect the world you actually live in. Social media in this sense is similar to an MMO that you sink all your time into because the fantasy world is more intriguing and perfect than our own flesh and blood. But while you're improving your stats on WOW, or your following on Instagram- your probably letting slip your own corporal development.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] tempolaca 1 Point about a year ago

Instagram is there so your ex can see how awesome your life is. If not, how she would realize that out?

[-] Kurush559 2 Points about a year ago

What is this shit? Why could this possibly matter?

[-] NeedingAdvice86 1 Point about a year ago

You are a fucking loser if you can not separate Instagram from real life and control your shit and behavior.

[-] mraxelrodi 0 Points about a year ago

It's right, I made me poor profile hidden and het rid of that few followers. It only works for bitches showing tits and butts, celebrities and some chads.

[-] Dark_T100 0 Points about a year ago

Very compelling post. Thanks for spending the time to write and share this!

[-] YoungHef 0 Points about a year ago

This is solidly good. I’d nominate this as sidebar material if something there already material on it.

[-] MasterShake777 0 Points about a year ago

Deleted instsgram a couple weeks ago and I can attest to the benefits. Especially the one where you save a bunch of time.

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[-] IQtheMC 0 Points about a year ago

You haven't seen Owen's new video? He says old game is dead and it's all Instagram now.

[-] iamthespectator 0 Points about a year ago

I don't use social media because I think its a cancer on modern society. Seeing women (and increasingly men) stare at their phones 24/7 in public and even my friends or my friends' friends it just depressing. Social media is a huge waste of time, social media makes you jealous of other people's lives, and there is an increasing amount of research showing it makes people depressed, sleep deprived, and other related issues.

If you want to meet girls, just talk to them in person. That is far

I only recently got back on Facebook after not using it since high school because I started traveling and meeting a lot of new people, and it's the best way to stay in touch. Outside of adding some new friends and talking on messenger I don't use it.

[-] saucierlol 1 Point about a year ago

You can just use messenger with your Facebook account deactivated

[-] [deleted] -1 Point about a year ago


[-] Kurush559 2 Points about a year ago

I expected people would keep commenting along the lines of what you just wrote, which is why I specifically addressed it in my introduction. Nowhere did I say that it can't be useful. I actually admitted that it can. The message of my post is that, for the trp readership, it most likely isn't going to be useful, and when it is, the returns don't match the investment. Do you think I wasn't clear enough in my post?

[-] surely_not_a_robot_ -1 Point about a year ago

This is way too pedantic and just one dude's opinion.

[-] [deleted] -2 Point about a year ago


[-] mraxelrodi 6 Points about a year ago

Man, they are thousands of men lifting and making gym selfies and nobody gives a fuck about them. They actually only look like losers because that thrill for attention is squirting from them.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago