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- Hide Preview | 261 Comments | submitted 3 years ago by GayLubeOil [Post Locked]

The selfishness of women knows no bounds. What's more is that they utterly lack the self awareness to ever notice it themselves. The Red Pill knows this to be by design not by accident. In Prehistoric times this instinct helped women survive when their tribe was conquered. In ancient times, it helped Roman women reproduce as the Vandals burnt the empire. In WWII, it let Parisian women enjoy a rotation of American, French, and Nazi wiener meat after their husbands were dragged away. For a woman, her dead husband is an all expense paid ticket to the cock buffet.

When I was in college I trained a guy named Steven. Steven wanted to be the cool Asian from Need for Speed Tokyo Drift. He wanted round shoulders and a six pack, a hot girlfriend, and a fast a motorcycle. I wasn't going to give him a motorcycle but I could definitely get him a ticket to the gain train. I got him to deadlift properly and eat real food instead of MSG ramen. After a year of fixing his lifts and policing his diet, Steven was up 15 pounds of muscle. For some time, Steven was the buff dude on the flashy motorcycle with the hot girl. He was the guy drag racing at intersections with his girlfriend. Steven upgraded to a motorcycle so fast that he couldn't help but smash it into a tree and permanently undo all of my deadlift coaching.

I didn't know why Steven's mom was calling me from his cellphone until she told me that he was dead. There was a stark contrast between Steven's university friends and his Filipino family. Both groups knew two very different Stevens. Steven's family always knew the programmer Steven but they never met Steve the gym bro. At his funeral, Steven's friends comforted his parents with stories of his mad gains. His girlfriend did no such thing. She spent the whole funeral talking about herself. This was her chance to be a local celebrity. Steven's girlfriend spoke more than anyone at the funeral and she didn't talk about Steven.

But Steven's girlfriend didn't stop at the funeral. Steven's girlfriend kept attention whoring on his grave even while she was riding other dudes cocks and motorcycles—and she's not special. All women are like that, in fact I've seen this phenomenon play out countless times with different dudes and different corpse feeders. A dead boyfriend is the ultimate source of drama which can be redeemed indefinitely for attention and sympathy. The attention is instrumental in helping her find a replacement.

For women Corpse feeding is hard wired. They have been cannibalizing their husband's bodies since the day Cain slew Abel and nothing has changed for ten thousand years. The only difference is that her corpse feeding is now on Facebook just beside her cleavage shots and booty pics. Women use men for whatever men can be used for. Beta are used for bucks while Alpha are used for fucks and dead men are used for an endless stream of social media validation. Behind the push up bras and makeup, women are soulless baby machines who's only drive is reproduction. The only men that are important to women are those that can be used to achieve that end, regardless of whether they are dead or alive.

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