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Location: Canada
Expertise: None
Age: 30+

Relationship Philosophy:

Slow to Hire (Promote), Quick to Fire (Demote/Next). Works in business as well as in love.


Only the best get to protect my keys. The dude in my profile pic is the one who does it for me. Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds.

"Better Red than Dead"
Age: 30+ | Location: Canada | None
redpillschool 9 months ago

@RedBigMan you'll get a private message when a tip comes through.

RedBigMan 9 months ago

@redpillschool do you get notifications when you get a tip or is it silent?

RedBigMan 9 months ago

@redpillschool so the rate is 0.025%. What can we do to stop this rape pandemic? /s or roughly the odds of dying in a car accident.

RedBigMan 9 months ago

#IBelieveWomen should shut the fuck up instead of womansplaining why they should have special privileges because they're PMSing.

RedBigMan 9 months ago

@redpillschool No more like a common example of feminists confusing the word regret and rape because they both start with the letter 'R'. I got another 'R' word for them. Retard.

-Anteros- 10 months ago

@RedBigMan Don't be fooled by that. Its just a technique to keep you from negotiating for more money later on. Basically its a job neg.

RedBigMan 10 months ago

@GayLubeOil Would make sense when you see stupid job posts with requests like 'Must have 10 years experience with HTML5' when the shit hasn't even been around for 2-3 years.

RedBigMan 10 months ago

@redpillschool Don't you just hate it when they delete their posts. I wanted to see what she was crying about. Probably blab blah blah I want to take the cheapest test available with the highest error probability.

redpillschool 10 months ago

@RedBigMan Yeah, we're revaming the conversation view altogether, coming next week.

RedBigMan 10 months ago

Another little bug report but you probably already know this. It seems counter-intuitive that when you click on 'view conversation' in the feed that it shows the OLDER comments above and replies to that status below. Probably already being worked on if I noticed it I'm guessing.

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Liking Sex Doesn't Make A Woman A Slut; No Self Control Does.

^ This.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 8 months ago by RedBigMan
A Sensible Beginner Guide to Getting in Shape for Summer

Never go shopping on an empty stomach. It's been shown that even for non-food related trips people who are hungry will overspend and/or overbuy in general.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 9 months ago by RedBigMan
Male porn stars should be paid the same as female porn stars

Women watch gay male porn more than lesbian porn btw.

I guess it's the same reason why dudes watch lesbian porn. They don't want to see some dude's junk on the screen. Likewise women probably watch gay male porn more because they don't want to see some porn star's DD tits bouncing around.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 10 months ago by RedBigMan
2 old sluts just sat next to me at the bar and started telling me I'm cute and flirting with me. They asked where my girlfriend was, when I said "I don't date" they started going off on me saying "I'm on the wrong road" and that "I just hit it and quit it" I said

Women in the church arent any better they just hide it better. Even the Catholic church is bowing to pressure from the feminine imperative and softening their stance on Divorce.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 10 months ago by RedBigMan
"Are there really that many guys under 6 feet tall?" Four female coworkers ask me

Well typical women (those who arent in the trades or STEM) can't math for shit and have a horrible time with measurements too.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 10 months ago by RedBigMan
"Are there really that many guys under 6 feet tall?" Four female coworkers ask me

I have a childhood friend who reconnected with me on Facebook and I had to hide her almost immediately.

That's what unfriend day is for. Hell unfriend people all the time if their crap is useless.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 10 months ago by RedBigMan

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