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- Hide Preview | 133 Comments | submitted about a year ago by MentORPHEUS [Post Locked]

In this post, I'll be addressing this cluster of questions that come up regularly on AskTRP and the comments: How do I become Chad? What if plate dates others? Saw plate out with another? Dropped by to visit plate and Beta Orbiter was there? Plate asked to be dropped off at BF's house? Was I Cucked by my plate? What do? Hard next? Mate guard? Freak out? Complain in AskTRP?

The underlying issue beneath each of these is, "I'm striving toward a life of abundance. How do I arrive there with the correct mindset so I recognize it and don't fuck it up?" With the right mindset, an event like bumping into a plate's orbiter or beta boyfriend isn't a tragedy, it can be a milestone toward manhood, a springboard to the next level of outcome independence and growth. The right mindset in my experience: Congratulations, you have arrived at the threshold of Chadhood.

You see, Chad isn't necessarily the guy who fucks women instead of all other men in her life. Chad is the man who fucks her despite all other men in her life. Chad has gotten to the point where replacing a plate is less work for him than fixing a broken one, so he automatically feels no incentive to overinvest, or experiences no sense of urgency if a plate threatens to leave or break.

Remember the principle She's not yours, it's just your turn? Chad is a power user of this phenomenon in the short term/FWB/Plate sector of the Sexual Marketplace.

With the wrong mindset, confronting the reality of a plate's other love interests can kick a man backwards into the despair or anger phase of his Red Pill Journey, and make him drop or lose all of his plates and set the clock back on years of progress. Your crossover to Chadhood often comes along with successfully passing a test or assuming a privilege you're not accustomed to... a power move of some sort. Be prepared to take the bolder road when opportunity strikes, and to recognize your shift of status.

By definition, plates are low-investment, low comfort/provision, nonexclusive, sex oriented relationships. A plate has one job: relatively easy access to sex for you. As long as she is fulfilling this key deliverable, you can afford to prioritize the details of her life away from you at distant second or beyond.

Higher tier relationships, such as a main GF, Mistress level side GF, or spouse in an open relationship, carry a greater level of restrictions based on levels of investment and agreed upon levels of commitment. The obvious highest being guarantee of paternity. These relationships hold certain higher expectations of exclusivity and/or disclosure. Plates are an indulgence in sex with a minimum of the type of restrictions these higher level relationships require; they are SUPPOSED to be simple, easy, unencumbered relationships. Trying to hold plates to exclusivity standards is doing it wrong and breaking the system for yourself. Don't waste your valuable time trying to micromanage the bit players in your life.

A key to managing multiple relationships is to stratify your lovers into an organized hierarchy, and treat them accordingly. This simplifies what can quickly become an overwhelming burden if you try to organize each relationship from scratch. An easy beginner plate spinning mistake is to greatly overinvest in lower tier relationships. Negotiating comfort aspects of a relationship is the woman's prerogative, so leave this to her and you'll usually find the amount she demands for sex is lower than you would expect and have offered.

My Chad epiphany came around 15 years ago; I had to feel my way to a solution unprepared, and the results were unexpected. I arrived a little early to Favorite Plate's place; it was around Christmastime and one of her Beta orbiters was there! He brought over a bunch of gifts unannounced, so she was kind of trapped, perilously balancing being polite to her steady benefactor and shooing him out in the nick of time for my arrival. It threw me off internally at first, expecting none of this and only assembling the whole story much later. However, I played it cool on the surface and just acted like I belonged there, which I did. To my surprise the outcome was the plate INCREASED her value offered to me, not just immediately after, but durably for the rest of the years we saw each other. If I had allowed myself to be rattled and lose frame in that 3-1/2 minutes before the guy made his excuses and beat a hasty retreat, I would have missed out on an abundance of good times later. I also failed to recognize it in the moment, but... I had become Chad, the guy actually fucking the woman, not the guy bringing gifts longingly to the sidelines of her life. My days of sticking on the losing side of these love geometries trying to nice guy my way into a woman's pants were over forever.

By having a roadmap in place you can navigate your growing abundance with confidence when it leads you to encounters with other men interested in the women you fuck. Counterintuitively, the power move here isn't to mount a vigorous defense or attack, it is to remain cool and above the fray.

My personal mindset and approach which yielded successes:

  • Abundance mentality and outcome independence
  • Maintain frame, exude a calm and in control demeanor
  • If you encounter them in public, discreetly ignore each other. If in private, behave as if everything is normal and you're unflappably in charge of your own agenda.
  • Allow all parties opportunity to save/maintain face. Not like a supplicating beta, but in the manner of a gracious and benevolent King
  • In a surprising number of cases: Watch as both the plate and her beta orbiter are impeccably polite and respectful of you. Be the calmest most comfortable person in the situation, and the others will do the work of hamstering any conflicts and issues away, in an effort to meet the calm standard you establish
  • Push even further if you want to cultivate your Machiavellian characteristics. Arrange so your plate's orbiters buy her and you things like meals, show tickets, transportation for her to and from dates with you
  • Still push for a high price in the SMP even if you lean less Machiavellian and more towards, say, a Libertarian-oriented fair trade/stewardship of resources ethos in your dealings. There are win-win outcomes, via low cost, high potential synergy directions like recruiting "competitor/enemies" into allies/wingmen/protoges/mentees

Accident or shit test? Underlying cause is different depending on if the meeting was innocent chance or malevolently planned. However, in both cases, a proper DGAF attitude works the outcome toward your favor.

When meeting is an honest accident, afterward your plate will most likely engage in a mad burst of mate-retention behavior uptick in the short term, and act in a much more accomodating/obedient manner toward you in the long run.

When a "chance" meeting is deliberately engineered because of emerging bratty disobedience or flouncy branch swinging, the DGAF attitude is a verbal/tactical Judo move that will deflate/deflect their attempt at social aggression, and likely leave each of them with mutual transactional remorse afterward instead of a trauma bonding victory against a mutual enemy.

To address some of the questions specifically:

How do I become Chad? Cultivate the appropriate abundance mindset for a low investment sex oriented deal. Women interested in this type of arrangement will dry up when you start showing relationship-y signs. A don't ask, don't tell environment helps keep your plates spinning freely. You know you've become Chad when women obviously have other suitors but still choose to fuck YOU. Don't wreck this handy arrangement with vestiges of Blue Pill programming and expectations.

What if my plate dates others? If she has beta orbiters or a boyfriend, be grateful for them! They are fulfilling her comfort needs, so you don't have to while you're fucking her. They are actually helping your arrangement thrive, like symbiotes. Don't be a fool and tinker with the greater ecology of your extended socio-sexual matrix as long as they're ultimately all working for you!

What do I do if I see plate with another in public or we otherwise meet? Play it cool and DFAG gracefully; if shit test you pass, if punishment or game you deflect, if accident you win greater obedience and appreciation by letting them save face instead of making any scene.

What if she wants me to drop her off at her other BF's house? IIRC someone in this situation refused and did something bitchy like want to kick her out of the car then took her home and tattled to her family, totally missing greater Machiavelli win scenarios. He could have driven her there graciously, mock threatened to kiss her blatantly out front, chide her for trying to use him for inciting drama with her good little boyfriend, and send her off with a gently cocky see you next time. This gives her a whirlwind of emotions, exactly what this kind of little drama queen craves, so this is the kind of no-cost fuel you feed that kind of ego if she's worth inviting back on your cock later. Being mad at her and trying to inflict punishment just gives her one emotion to work with, annoyance, and it won't help you get laid and isn't the best option even if you just want out at this point. Remember, exciting Chad isn't needy, broody, and sensitive; he's cocky, funny, and unpredictable with lots going on.

Isn't this cucking yourself? We are talking about plate and FWB level relationships. On this relationship tier, issues of pregnancy and paternity are null by definition. The concept of cuckolding only applies to your wife or other relationship were there's an expectation of pregnancy. If you find you're trying to apply this to your plates for some strange reason... maybe work to get your overall love life figured out more thoroughly before you try to spin plates or otherwise operate in the lower commitment levels of the SMP. The Madonna/Whore complex is a bug, not a feature.

If you aspire to live the life of Chad, walk the walk by acheiving enough success and abundance in your life to fully act the part. Chadness is a lagging indicator of success; it's not a thing you do but a synergy of effects you notice. Be ready to notice this shift in your love life as it's happening so you don't duff your game right as it's turning.

[-] FereallyRed 115 Points about a year ago

My "Holy shit I'm that guy!" moment....

I had this submissive plate who would just come over, we'd fuck, she'd leave. Great deal. Skinny little blonde with a few tats, always wore dresses. Fantastic because she was up for basically anything. A true zipless fuck. Call her Brandi. We had a great session, rough and pushing a few limits, she was training to try deepthroat me, spit and cum all over her.

The next day I was fucking a FWB in my same bed, her head hanging off the edge. Sweaty, energetic sex with this little marathoner brunette, Jen. I blew my load, grabbed her, and carried her to the shower.

We showered, she left.

Several days later I went over to see Jen at her place. She'd had some wine, and proceeded to tell me I was an asshole because she had both seen Brandi's ripped pair of panties between the nightstand and the wall (so that's where they went!) and her long blonde hairs in the shower. Now there was no expectation of exclusivity, but the alcohol and her finding "proof" I was fucking other women didn't sit well with her.

She refused sex, and was just being a little cunty, so I bailed.

On my way back home I texted another plate whose place I'd pass on the way telling her I was headed her way, put on a skirt with no panties. Victoria. (not Vicky - she was very uptight and controlled on the surface, so of course she loved being told what to do by the right guy.)

She met me in the lobby of her highrise. I grabbed her and started kissing her as soon as the elevator doors closed. I hit the button to the rooftop patio.

Deserted. Fantastic. Glass fencing along the sides. I took her, bent her over and told her to grab the railing. Fucked her standing doggy with the entire city sparkling 30 stories below us. King of the World! shit. Noticed a couple watching us from a nearby building, gave them a double devil horns salute, told Victoria we have an audience in the other building and she needs to push back harder to give them a show, then blasted inside her.

I walked her back to her apt, teasing her about the cum dripping down her legs. Didn't even go in, kissed her at the door and left.

Two days later Jen texted all apologetic, brought over some gourmet burgers she knows I like, and proceeded to aggressively fuck my brains out, including her first anal submission.

It was a good week. Unsustainable, but pretty Chaddy. I think that was when my true abundance mentality gelled. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

[-] itiswr1tten 52 Points about a year ago

Unsustainable is fucking right, but those superman moments completely cement how little marginal effort is required for major returns when you actually know how to treat women like women.

I've been inside 2 women today, and I'll be inside 2 tomorrow.

When you're the hot guy with the right attitude, they want to submit and be led. It's natural and everyone is happy.

[-] destraht 14 Points about a year ago

It cracks me up how much low betas and gammas build up the great feat of fucking a woman. The other week I was chatting in the conspiracy subreddit and some guys were making fun of Alex Jones' claim that he's been with hundreds of women. I've seen pictures of him when he was younger and he was absolutely ripped. I'm thinking with a personality like that that, sure why not hundreds. Maybe its an exaggeration but why not and who cares if hundreds is only 150. I'm on-and-off ripped and spend most of my time at a computer yet I've still been with at least 80, maybe more (plus so much pay-for-plays). I informed these guys on the subreddit that being with that many women is not a big deal if you have the personality and physique. Well they couldn't comprehend it and then mocked me for the same.

Even with my count that is still so many dry weeks and months here and there. There is a reason that I spend most of my time at TRP (and not investigative/conspiracy channels); its because being a pussy who can't comprehend how the real sexual dynamic plays out in the world isn't allowed to fly here. If they can't get a grip on how how penises and vaginas work in the real world then they are going to continually miss the real scoops.

[-] Trenned_out 3 Points about a year ago

Imagine how #WOKE girl would instantly get after Alex Jones busts inside her. hahaha

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] coolredpill 3 Points about a year ago

small side question on cumming inside a girl

-was victoria on birth control, or were you just young and dgaf at the time, or is it just stated as such for the purposes of writing?

[-] FereallyRed 19 Points about a year ago

I've had a vasectomy for 10 years now (the cut, take out a section and burn and metal clip all 4 ends version), and I condom up until we get tested or if she vets out to be very probably telling the truth that she's clean. When I was manwhoring it up I got tested every 6 months or so. I assume any non crazy chick that's fucking guys is on some form of birth control, but, in the end I don't care because I'm shooting blanks.

I never had nor wanted kids, getting snipped was the best thing I've ever done. No regrets. There's NOTHING like exploding balls deep in a girl with no reservations or anxiety or rubber insulation.

I also tend not to fuck bottom of the barrel sluts, the thousand cock stare girls. Brandi's an office manager, Jen works at a massive software company, and Victoria's a lawyer.

You're taking a chance everytime you stick your dick in someone. Try mitigate that risk. But the safest option is celibacy. I choose risk management.

[-] Future_Alpha 2 Points about a year ago

right guy.

question is - how do you be the 'right guy'?

The hardest part of game for me is getting a girl interested in the first place - especially if I know the girl in person.

[-] CraxoRB26 1 Point about a year ago

Im at the other side of the spectrum. Help me.


[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] markinsinz7 6 Points about a year ago

I pity you for ye not know the dirty laundry list of things women do for their Alphas. Theres few things in life that match that sense of power. You continue on, wife up some hoe and have your family - as the saying goes, ignorance is bliss.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Yougotredonyouagain 5 Points about a year ago

Just because it's out of your wheelhouse doesn't mean it's impossible.

You're an idiot.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] TheRedPike 4 Points about a year ago

Do you ever post anything but one line zingers?

I will not brook fag-and-gay comments. I'm done with those.

[-] KeffirLime 91 Points about a year ago

Had a summer just out of college where I got on a bit of a role. I had just climbed out of an LTR and was looking for some....variety to put it mildly.

The LTR ended because I was getting way too much attention from other women. Despite still being fairly fixed on a blue pill happily ever after my T-levels were breaking records and I needed to spread my wings(seed) and see what was out there.

I started going out roughly 3 nights a week so opportunities were a plenty.

First, I landed a pretty decent doll, cute, girl next door type. At the time it was just great to stick something other than my LTR.

Followed it up the next week with a Swiss tourist who turned out to be in town modelling for the month.

Took both of their contacts and texted but I was dead set on not being tied down for a long time.

Continued to game girls every time I left the house and started landing pretty routinely. At worst I'd make out at best I'd be back at their place(I still lived with my parents). The quality of women steadily rose until I could barely keep track of contacting them. I'd leave their texts unread for days because the volume of women was becoming unmanageable.

This lead to a natural aloof/indifferent/IDGAF attitude which in turn increased the interest I was getting from most of them. I wasn't even gaming, I legitimately didn't have time to get round to all of them.

One of the earlier one's I'd hooked up with, cute girl, but not the hottest was really keen. Messaging me all the time, practically begging to come over.

When I fucked her at her place, I met her roommate too. Hot girl, slim, tight toned brunette. All three of us chatted and drank on her balcony. The vibe was good, we were all drunk and I honestly felt I could have pulled a 3 way but I had the one in the bag so didn't want to fuck it up, plus at the time I was still a bit of a bitch because I had just busted out of my previous LTR. So I left it and obviously regretted it.

Fast forward to her messaging me, I was out and a little tipsy, she was out with her room mate and I though what the heck, I wasn't particularly keen to meet up and couldn't give a shit how it turned out so I went for a Hail Mary. Told tell her we can meet up at her place if her friend is there.

She was down, her friend was down, we met up and and I had my first 3 way. Felt like an absolute Don walking out of there, probably the moment it dawned on me. Also probably the moment my blue pill dreams started dying a slow and painful death.

[-] 1v1crown 22 Points about a year ago

This is all well and good but watch out for STDs and shit... some of them are life-enders.

[-] clausternn 5 Points about a year ago

some of them are life-enders.

Like what? Other than AIDS, obviously.

[-] 1v1crown 11 Points about a year ago

Herpes on your lips. Super gonorrhea. If you get those and some others, whatever life you have now will be gone.

[-] clausternn 11 Points about a year ago

Herpes on your lips.

Okay, so no giving oral sex to random hoes. Ever. Seems easy enough.

Super gonorrhea.

Didn't even know that was a thing. Thankfully there seem to be very few cases at the moment.

[-] 1v1crown 12 Points about a year ago

There's more. STD's are at an very high rate/risk right now.

If you are just learning about this stuff from me, you are not fully educated to be sleeping around. Do some deep research. These are, at times, life altering diseases.

[-] Truedemocracy4 0 Points about a year ago

lol no they aren't. STDs are overblown by people who dont get laid. They are carried by meth heads and street rats. Not huge in 20 something college educated crowd. And only Aids is going to truly impact your life hard as a guy. Rest are like catching anything else that can be treated by a pill

[-] AlfredKinsey 4 Points about a year ago

This is patently false and utter mins information. I'm not saying don't be smart or rational about STDs, but this issue is not isolated to street urchins.

[-] 1v1crown 2 Points about a year ago

You are spreading legitimately dangerous lies in your post.

[-] Truedemocracy4 -4 Point about a year ago

Nope. It’s overblown bs that’s basically cope by virgins

[-] mahdif62 1 Point about a year ago

Google HPV

[-] 1v1crown 1 Point about a year ago

Well good thing idc if you get any of them. You do you pussy slayer.

[-] RightHandWolf 8 Points about a year ago

Because of the accepted practice of handing out antibiotics like candy for the past several decades, there are a bunch of new and improved flavors of old diseases that are resistant to most antibiotics.

Just over a century ago, a hospital was one of the worst places to be if you were sick, since sterilizing instruments wasn't really a thing. Joseph Lister introduced the concept, progress was made, and mortality rates from secondary infections dropped like a cheerleader's panties after the homecoming football game.

Now, the wheel of Ka has come full circle, and hospitals are once again turning into a D-Con Roach Hotel. You can check in, but you might only check out with a tag on your toe. Randall Flagg sends his regards, btw.

[-] MethIsDeath 4 Points about a year ago

Herpes is not a life ender. That is some of the stupidest shit I've ever heard.

[-] 1v1crown 1 Point about a year ago

You are the stupid one.

I'll explain once, if you want to continue being a cunt go ahead:

Herpes on your lips is there for everyone to see. Everyone you know will laugh at you behind your back. Everyone you know will distance themselves from you. You'll have to live the rest of your life fighting it. Pussy will be dried up by the sight of you, and any girl you try to get with (at least, if you aren't a STD spreading asshole) will have to be informed of your extremely contagious gross STD, and will most likely not be interested when they think of how gross it will be to kiss you having the knowledge they know of you.

Whatever life you had before you get lip herpes is over. Fuck off and fuck you.

[-] greenlittleman 13 Points about a year ago

Please.. Learn more about STDs before preaching about them. A lot of people, specially women, have lip herpes (like..MOST of them). The thing is - it is in inactive phase almost always, it is active and visible at most 1-2 weeks a year when your immune system is weakened. Majority of humanity have some sort of herpes and it doesn't have almost any consequences with very rare exceptions. If you fucked more than 10 women (which isn't a lot at all) then you already fucked someone with lip herpes and almost surely infected yourself.

[-] 1v1crown -1 Point about a year ago

Ok you are proving my point thanks

[-] ReadyToLearn256 7 Points about a year ago

Dude, have a read:

An interesting fact is that once you have mouth herpes you can't get genital herpes. I'd rather have a coldsore for a week once every 1-2 years than have that shit on my dick.

[-] 1v1crown 2 Points about a year ago

Ew dude I'd rather have neither

[-] Persaeus 1 Point about a year ago

lmao so hard. this is great. mom gave me such a gift (mouth herpes)

[-] [deleted] 1 Point about a year ago


[-] Newacc13 3 Points about a year ago

The fact that you Call it "lip herpes" shows how ignorant you are about the subject. I've worked fast food and I've worked retail meaning ive seen thousands of different people on a daily basis and I believe only 1 time have I seen someone with "lip herpes"

[-] 1v1crown -3 Point about a year ago

You know what I mean by it don't be a loser

[-] 0_but_the_truth 1 Point about a year ago

You come off as some sort of hypochondriac. Regardless of how often or how seldom HSV-1/2 manifests itself for others to see, overall fitness may offset this. Add financial worth to the mix and any HB will be saying "HSV? What HSV?" Of course, if you literally have nothing else going for you in life, every little bit helps.

Also, your concern with the spread of STDs suggests that you know your place as one who eats the scraps of others. Good self awareness.

[-] 1v1crown 1 Point about a year ago

You are delusional. No women are virgins anymore. Especially when you get to 25+.

[-] 0_but_the_truth 1 Point about a year ago

As others have mentioned, even virgins contract HSV from kissing, sharing towels and eating utensils. But that is beside the point.

The fact that you are so adamant about this exhibits low self worth which explains your end-of-the-line position in the pecking order. Of course you won't be the first, and the line in front of you is already a long one.

[-] 1v1crown 1 Point about a year ago

Nonsense reply. It's no big mystery that women have sex. I have had a couple virgins, back in fkin highschool. After 25 it's pretty much non-existent. But keep at it poon crusher.

[-] Persaeus 1 Point about a year ago

i'm going to assume you're not in a western country, where rates of oral herpes are significantly lower . . . but yeah you're hysterical and badly misinformed.

read this and educate yourself.

50-80% of the adult US population has oral herpes.

[-] 1v1crown 1 Point about a year ago

I already said I don't care if you get it. Knock yourself out.

[-] Persaeus 1 Point about a year ago

Already got it from my mom

[-] 1v1crown 1 Point about a year ago

I got it from your mom too

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Trphello 1 Point about a year ago

30% of the us population has oral herpes. its only a problem if you get visible symptoms. you can pass that shit by drinking out of someone else's glass

[-] canadianhousecoat 12 Points about a year ago

I love reading about random internet stats for HSV on here lol...

30%??? I'm going to tell you right now that 70-80% of modern humanity has either HSV1 or HSV2 nevermind genital warts... and it's more than likely your grandma or mom gave it to you as a small child or as an infant.

Most people who are carriers of the virus but don't show at all or it's such a small outbreak that they think they have a chapped lip or an itchy dick for a few days.

Carriers may not present but they shed... and shedding results in infection of the virus.

Disclaimer: Not a doctor. What I am is an Army Medical Technician... I've seen more dick since becoming an army medic than most gay porn stars. I look after a population at similar risk as college students.

Also.... super gonorrhea is real... and gross.

Edit: My numbers are supported by WHO.... Damn I did my research right?!?!

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Cloak_and_Rose 2 Points about a year ago

I'm basically at the part where I got rid of the LTR some time ago, this feels so far removed from where I am now.
Do you basically just start approaching anytime you feel like it ?
It's very encouraging though.

[-] toilets777 2 Points about a year ago

How long were you both in LTRs? I’m getting antsy as well. Been with her a few years but coming into my prime and feel the need to spread that seed. It’s tough cause she’s great, I just can’t help but want to go off like a Lone Wolf.

[-] Cloak_and_Rose 2 Points about a year ago

For me, not long at all, just one year
But it was shitty and I had lots of reasons to break it off anyways

[-] Proto_Sigma 41 Points about a year ago

I am become Chad, destroyer of pussy.

[-] itiswr1tten 45 Points about a year ago

For those who don't get the reference, here is a legendary post

Here's a highlight:

The sex isn’t worth it. After overindulging as Chad for a while it becomes boring. Meaningless. I don’t want to use these girls as fucktoys, I hate it. And even if I stopped, some other guys will use them anyway. I just wish they’d all stop being lying fucktoys period. Can’t we just have enforced monogamy again where everyone fucks only one person their whole life and sex isn’t a big fucking deal at all? Where we understand the destructive nature of sex as a drug and keep it under control?

Yes I know it’s delusional and beta of me and imma get the spergs like “still bluepill, still anger phase why r u endosrsed u retard, just deal with it enjoy the decline blab la bla” but fuck man, if you’d seen what I’ve seen you wouldn’t just be able to cope with this shit and remain a bystander, it’s sad what’s happened to our women. They’re not the enemy, they’re not something to be used and enjoyed and thrown away, they’re our sisters and mothers and daughters…“enjoy the decline” is for hedonistic, nihilist losers, faggots who assume they have no power in the world so just fucking give up trying to change it.

I became attractive to get girls, I became Chad, and the world I was inducted into horrifies me. I want out.

[-] Proto_Sigma 9 Points about a year ago

I was actually going for the Oppenheimer reference independently, but u/Heathcliff and his content is also legendary and I remember reading that a while back, so good on you for bringing attention to old gold.

[-] Verne42 5 Points about a year ago

The price of the fruit of the tree of Knowledge is the loss of innocence and the banishment from Heavens I just made that up lol. Quite petersonian amirite?

[-] Battagliare 1 Point about a year ago

It seems there is no good ending to this story.

[-] Trenned_out 1 Point about a year ago

Thanks for linking to that. It really sums up how I feel after some years in the game. The thing is though all the RP knowledge along with the life experience of seeing women as they are in this current world, I wonder if I even could ever commit to a "good girl" if society did swing back to enforced monogamy.

[-] mingamo 1 Point about a year ago

I feel the same way...

[-] Imperator_Red 19 Points about a year ago

This was maybe 5 years ago. Met a girl off Tinder. HB6.5. Cute, not smoking hot. Nice little body. Seemed super sweet. Zero slutty vibes. She seemed into me but I doubted I'd pull sex. I planned to go in for a make out, pull out to leave her wanting more, and try to fuck on the next date.

As we're finishing up she looks me dead in the eyes and says, "Should we go back to your place?" I of course agreed. Went back and had some grade A sex, and met her a few more times for fun. One day after that I got radio silence. Oh well, broken plate.

A month later I texted her again because why not. She responded immediately. "I'm so sorry about before. My boyfriend saw your text."

I was shocked, one that I was Chad, but also two that I was the other guy and even then I could not tell that this girl was slutting it up and cheating on her boyfriend. That's how well they hide their true nature. What a crazy experience. It messed with my head a little bit and I'm not even the one that got cheated on!

Edit - Aftermath

By this point I already basically believed in red pill even though I found this sub later, but I decided to do some prying, for scientific research purposes. She apologized for lying to me and I laughed and said she didn't do anything bad to me so no need to apologize (figured I'd get a more honest story without shaming, and also that was the truth... she didn't cheat on me).

I asked why she cheated and she told me she didn't know, she just felt like it. The relationship was getting stale. She said she couldn't believe that she had acted this way herself and that she felt like a terrible person. I asked why she didn't just break up with her boyfriend and then sleep around. She had no answer.

I tried to hook up with her again (she and the bf had broken up) but I think her rational brain had taken over by now and she just wanted to put the whole thing behind her. The part of the story that stuck with me was that this was not some vapid soulless slut. She knew it was wrong. She had beliefs. She wanted to follow her beliefs. But hypergamy just doesn't care.

[-] FereallyRed 17 Points about a year ago

Girl with a boyfriend... on Tinder.

So amazing how the rationalization hamster works.

[-] Imperator_Red 7 Points about a year ago

Yea that blew my mind and makes me question if maybe the whole thing was BS because what if she saw someone she knew?

[-] FereallyRed 8 Points about a year ago

Of course she was just on it for a laugh/to make friends/her gf had made her profile/etc. etc..... hamster hamster hamster.

[-] Whisper 10 Points about a year ago

I asked why she cheated and she told me she didn't know, she just felt like it. The relationship was getting stale. She said she couldn't believe that she had acted this way herself and that she felt like a terrible person. I asked why she didn't just break up with her boyfriend and then sleep around. She had no answer.


It doesn't end because women cheat. Women cheat because it has ended.

They just don't tell the guy. Because they don't wanna be single. Because they don't wanna be the bad girl. Because they don't wanna take responsibility. Because they actually do love him... but they're not in love with him, because hypergamy don't care.

Hypergamy is built into every woman, and it does not give a single fuck about her moral values, personal relationships, life goals, or anything else.

It will drag her around on a leash, enslave her to her mating instincts, sabotage everything else in her life...

"I don't know why I'm doing this" (because you are a slave to your brainstem)

"I feel like a terrible person" (your brainstem has no conscience)

[-] party_dragon 6 Points about a year ago

AM starts with improving yourself ie having more interest in yourself than in women.

Someone +1 this guy please!

[-] Gastraphetess 19 Points about a year ago

Very interesting. Having been involved in pua 9 years and redpill 4 years (I even learned NLP and hypnosis), I've noticed the following "Chad Indicators":

-Increased proportion of same-night lays to second date lays %. About 70-80%

-Fucking more than one girl consecutively on the same night. Even better if it's on their birthday and you have to kick one out and barely manage to arrive to the celebration of the other

-Brush off "I have a boyfriend" shit tests so well that after fucking you discover that it was no shit test

-After isolating, girls will start a sexual conversation

-Girls will believe anything you say, it's crazy. I have a game with some friends where I make a girl believe I'm a lion tamer and they take bets as to how long they will believe me.

-Seduce a girl using only body language. At first I didn't know what to say, so I didn't say anything. e.g. aproach a mixed group and just point at the hot girl and signal to "come here" (in a high energy environment of course)

-Some girls become really obsesed with you even if you didn't have sex. American girls will fight other girls, latinas will try to do something to you or just get angry at the other girl(s)

-Invitation for threesomes from the not-so-hot girls, that's the only way left for them to compete

-When I meet an american girl traveling in my country they always buy me drinks

[-] MentORPHEUS 9 Points about a year ago

Great list from one who obviously gets it. I'd like to see more writing from you in the future. Hopefully you're not one of those redditors who deletes everything as he goes.

[-] iknowthewhey 18 Points about a year ago

If she has beta orbiters or a boyfriend, be grateful for them! They are fulfilling her comfort needs, so you don't have to while you're fucking her. They are actually helping your arrangement thrive, like symbiotes. Don't be a fool and tinker with the greater ecology of your extended socio-sexual matrix as long as they're ultimately all working for you!

This was a key realization for me awhile back. Just being extremely grateful for other people to comfort the girl so she wouldn't waste my time with her emotional bullshit.


[-] KeffirLime 18 Points about a year ago

Only betas worry about betas, because they view them as actual competition. They recognize themselves in her orbiters.

A lion doesn't get concerned when a common housecat tries to mate with his lioness's, he laughs at the cat with her.

They both know he could never satisfy her the way a big brutish alpha male could.

[-] [deleted] 1 Point about a year ago


[-] MentORPHEUS 17 Points about a year ago

I don't know how you can recklessly fuck girls with boyfriends.

This is about improving yourself into the type of man who is seldom told, "I have a boyfriend." I don't go out of my way to recruit attached women, they initiate their IOIs at me as if single.

[-] FereallyRed 5 Points about a year ago


The IHAB shit test rarely comes out if you're a high value guy she wants to fuck.

[-] [deleted] 1 Point about a year ago


[-] greenlittleman 5 Points about a year ago

Chance what her bf shoots you is much lower than chance of you dying in car incident. At most he will try to provoke a fight if.. a. he find out about cheating(which is rare), b. he find out what it was you (which is rare), c. he will find you in person (how?), d. you look like a weakling (go lift), e. can't hold your frame (how you get laid with a girl then?), f. he isn't afraid to go to prison (girls rarely cheat on such aggressive guys because they could be hurt too if he snaps)..

As you could see things are rather safe unless you are very unlucky. But as you already was answered.. even if you don't try to fuck taken girls there still would be those who wouldn't tell you about bf or husband. And they are actually majority among taken girls you'll fuck.

[-] Kurush559 17 Points about a year ago

At the end of my 1st year of college I had sex for 14 days in a row, with 5 different girls. that was my "Holy shit I'm that guy" moment.

[-] mallardcove 13 Points about a year ago

I could post my story about when I became Chad via a sexual conquest, but I feel it was more about when I dealt with failure.

I got to a point where I got rejected, and was mad, and wondered of TRP was for real or if it was just a bunch of garbage. I recovered but it took a while.

You haven't become Chad until you learn how to truly deal with failure and rejection. It's one thing to become Chad via sexual conquests and attracting women, its another thing to be able to rebound quickly with the right mindset after things don't go your way.

[-] Self-honest 7 Points about a year ago

This was it for me as well. The moment I let plates break and walk out of my house, and NEVER try to save them (no contact); the moment I go for the kiss on random girls within a few minutes of meeting and laugh when she turns away, only to have her pursuing me the rest of the night; the moment I experiment with reckless abandon because I would rather prove to myself that something doesn't work with a woman, than worry about keeping one around any longer....

The moment I became a free man.

[-] oooKenshiooo 11 Points about a year ago

My Chad moment:

Getting hit on at a wedding (I am a wedding singer).
Girl asks me to come to the hotel with her.
I tell her I will only come if she also brings her cute friend. (I was actually planning on meeting a plate later that night - hence abundance)
She talks her friend, who has a boyfriend, into a threesome.
We smash all night.
One of them later texts me to tell me she had the best sex of her life.

[-] INNASKILLZ2K18 8 Points about a year ago

What stood out the most for me, was the orbiter buying her lots of shit. OMFG the sad vibe of that reminds me of seeing a dog who needs to be put down. Just...tragic.

[-] MentORPHEUS 11 Points about a year ago

Unlike a dog, the Beta is in an imaginary cage, built of Blue Pill materials but assembled and maintained by him all in his own head.

I was once the orbiter buying women lots of shit. I was able to fix and change this, and so can other men.

[-] INNASKILLZ2K18 6 Points about a year ago

Yeah, wow. That is like, hypnotized by the matrix on another level. Glad you were able to change it, mate. Of course they can. It's crazy how a bunch of false core beliefs can effect behavior so dramatically.

Onwards and upwards.

[-] adam-l 7 Points about a year ago

If she has beta orbiters or a boyfriend, be grateful for them! They are fulfilling her comfort needs, so you don't have to while you're fucking her. They are actually helping your arrangement thrive, like symbiotes.


When you plate a married woman, you want her to have sex, and a "warm and loving" relationship with her husband: Everyone is happy, you most of all.

[-] max_peenor 7 Points about a year ago

So having totally fucked up a marriage for reasons that at the time were a complete mystery, I figured I'd try having a girlfriend and see if that worked out. Yes, I was still married. Yes, I didn't actually drop my long term mistress or my other occasional hookups. The only real difference was that I would try the whole dopey romantic thing as well as sex. Hey, maybe that's why the marriage failed? (Spoiler: nope, it was the sex.)

There was this nice gal that I had been flirty with for a while who understood my situation, knew I was married, knew I was an alley cat of a male, but also that I wouldn't be a complete asshole about it either. She was decent looking though definitely a couple points down the scale from my mistress. She was pleasant, reasonably intelligent and playful. I think in a traditional sense, she was decent girlfriend material. So I let the flirting ramp up and eventually we were largely recognized as a couple (you know, when not around my family, LCF, my office, her office, and whatnot, but still). We would spend most of the weekends together, weekday evenings and over nights here and there, plus a handful of times I spent the week at her place. We did all the romantic dopey things like candle light dinners and date nights.

One thing I did not surrender this new experiment was my complete and dominate control over the sex. I sexualized the relationship from the minute it started. Sex was constant, usually vigorous and often lengthy. She got into "free access" which is a minor fetish where she could at any moment expect me to simply take her. She rarely noped out; I can only remember once when we were both pretty raw after a long weekend.

We remained a couple about nine months and during the whole time she openly acknowledged (and even joked with others in my presence) that in the end it was going nowhere. She joked about my "other girls" to her friends. But she was apparently happy. But this is where it takes a turn for surreal. While joking with other people about me fucking other women, she wanted to have a talk. A talk? What talk? She sat with me and again acknowledged that the situation was weird, but that she still couldn't help but feel upset if I was with other women. But. But there was a list of women that she would approve of me fucking too. What? She thought this out? So she rattles off the list; it's people she knows, obviously, but only about a subset of them are mutual acquaintances. And that was that.

So, wait, isn't so-and-so from the list coming to visit you for a week soon? The same week I was planning on spending with you? Oh, yes. Yes she was.

So, I guess the moment I have my realization was when a woman plotted to bring another woman into our physical relationship and for more than just a single hookup. The first night we were together we went to popular spot in town and the local AIDS prevention community (they were a lot more prevalent back than) was going around the place with a large bowl of free condoms. My "girlfriend" grabbed a large handful of them, spread them on the table in front of us, and said, "we are going to need these." Yup, we needed them.

[-] FereallyRed 7 Points about a year ago

"Free Access"

Didn't know this was a thing, but I sure enjoyed it...

Had a FWB for a few years, tiny submissive Korean girl. She was ALWAYS wet. Wet panties, dripping. 24/7. She said she'd always been that way.

That made fucking her anytime and anywhere fantastic. Halfway through a hike. Wheelchair bathroom at the mall. Parking garages. Her on the phone to relatives. In the kitchen. Watching movies. In the carwash. On the beach. Shopping.

Just lift the skirt, pull the panties aside and bang away.

Had a tease where's I wouldn't penetrate her until she'd dripped three drops on my dick when there was time.

[-] clausternn 5 Points about a year ago

It's actually called freeuse, there's a few porn subreddits about it, the main one being called freeuse.

[-] Loze1 6 Points about a year ago

I've seen examples of this in a couple movies I've watched recently. Def Jam's How to be a Player and Boomerang starring Eddie Murphy. The first, great example of plate spinning with an LTR on the side. Not going to spoil the plot but there are a few red pills dropped. One of his plates is a married woman (Bernie Mac is her husband in this one). Really wish I saw this first instead of "Hitch" with Will Smith.(tried that love doctor shit he taught Paul Blart with my first GF, didn't even get me laid)

Watched a piece of Boomerang this morning. Also a great example of TRP applied (game, style). Wish I could talk about the plot some more without spoiling it but I recommend you see it yourself. He's a picky guy, if a woman has one thing he doesn't like (ugly feet as an example) he drops them. He did a cold approach as well, something which most guys in the AskTRP sub should look at and take notes. He even got rejected. You'll also see why don't shit where you eat is a rule.

Surprised to see these movies aren't on the side bar list. They're from the 90s but I didn't even know they existed.

[-] El_Serpiente_Roja 5 Points about a year ago

Now read this and realize that most of yall are catching oneitis feelings for your plates...stop that shit

[-] MentORPHEUS 5 Points about a year ago

I've frequently included in my posts that I prefer the having to the getting, and a greater connection than sex only even at the plate level so the writing is calibrated accordingly. In the future I plan to address the issue of provisioning or above-minimum-investment maintenance within your own frame as a high earner which is a no-mistakes line to walk without slipping into "sprinkle a little alpha" or full beta territory. Skittles game is fine when all players are broke-ass college students or you're happy always churning your harem.

[-] El_Serpiente_Roja 1 Point about a year ago

Looking forward to that

[-] RedGunnera 5 Points about a year ago

They are fulfilling her comfort needs, so you don't have to while you're fucking her.

I hadn’t thought about it like this, great advice thank you

[-] McVaghunter 4 Points about a year ago

Chad has gotten to the point where replacing a plate is less work for him than fixing a broken one

This! I've been swimming in abundance for a couple of years now, enjoying a comfy state of carelessness. It feels amazing when every girl you're fucking knows for a fact you're fucking other girls at the same time, when they realize how thin the ice they're walking on is, they keep shit tests and nagging to a minimum and work hard on pleasing you to keep their seat at the table. I knew I was at that state of mind the moment I started hard nexting hot chicks for making the slights mistakes and realizing how my hearth rate wouldn't change while I was blocking their numbers and deleting their conversations... For the first time I genuinely didn't care.

But this requires years of hard work to level up SMV and Game to the max, and this is what the suckers at asktrp refuse to understand, all they want is a quick hack to get laid for the first time or to fix things with their one and only option.

[-] chazthundergut 3 Points about a year ago

Only alphas get exposed to the hypergamous sex goblin in females.

Betas do not understand female sexual nature, and it frightens and disgusts them when they do (mostly because they are on the shitty end of it). Alphas understand female nature and use it to maximize their own success

[-] NextBad 3 Points about a year ago

this is such a good post, but it is very rigid as chad is something to inspire too as if it's a higher state of existence. I became chad by realizing women want me, I wasn't anything special , it was more about them than me. Women want to get laid. I was closing at a 95% success rate on the first date. Wasn't highly successful , and was skinny.


>If you aspire to live the life of Chad, walk the walk by acheiving enough success and abundance in your life to fully act the part.


You can't achieve abundance with women without it, you will always start off as thirsty, focusing on books, hobbies ect.. will never cure that itch , women aren't a lagging indicator of success, otherwise Tesla was a failure and so is Elon Musk .


Chad's cry, get cheated on , fall in love, make mistakes, they are regularly people , not amazing nor do they have good social skills, they just don't put women on a pedestal and know reality.


I have a 500% more chance of getting laid if I refuse to talk to her if I assume sex is out of the question. This was the secret/method to my success walking away. Once I realized I had more success by walking away than trying to grow on her it changed everything. I'm not quite sure the obsessiveness with success


[-] Trenned_out 3 Points about a year ago

This is a good point. The Chaddiest Chad (and so dark triad its scary at times lol) guy I ever met recently fell in love, got engaged, they were fighting, she left. This illustrates a point, what makes a chad is not nothing going wrong but how you react when it does.


He immediately moved his side piece up to main bitch and upped the rotation of "sluts" as he puts it to include a few new ones. The ex-fiance came back around wanted him back. He fucked her a few times. Then he happened to catch her in a lie. He went no contact ever since. Now as he told me this he admitted he is still very much in love with her. To have the iron will to cut a bitch off when your emotions are screaming at you otherwise is extremely impressive. I really really admired that.

[-] xesup2 3 Points about a year ago

I suspect that women get turn off by controlling man, because at instinctual level, they know that they need a beta to feed your children. If you are a controlling jealous alpha, they will not get support from you, and will not be able to get children support from a beta.


Biologically, you need some dude to feed your children.

[-] Zech4riah 2 Points about a year ago

for the rest of the years we saw each other.

I assume this is more of an exception than a rule? I'm still struggling to keep FBs around more than 3 months. Usually they covertly (overtly only rarely) announce that they want more at 3 month mark and when I don't agree/play it cool, they fade away or ghost me in next 1-2 months.

Higher tier girls stay around much longer because I actually spend time with them in more traditional dating context.

[-] MentORPHEUS 4 Points about a year ago

Usually they covertly (overtly only rarely) announce that they want more at 3 month mark

3-6 months is the realistic upper bound for sex-only relationships. The way women are wired, it's not satisfying to them like it is to us men. Sprinkling in a few comfort moves now and then can keep this cup from running on empty and help keep the relationship going indefinitely. I've found it helpful to proactively offer such things, in the time and manner of my choosing, to prevent slipping into a beta scope creep of her initiating all such requests and you filling those. One good example is to offer to share experiences that you would do on your own anyway and don't necessarily cost more for two. The relationship can actually be mostly sexual, as long as she's not left feeling that it's "only sexual and nothing more." Tailor it to each individual woman for maximum effect from minimal investment; it's expensive and ineffective to try to fill her comfort tank with the wrong "love language" fuel.

[-] Zech4riah 3 Points about a year ago

Yes, that's what I'm doing with girls who I like to actually date or have more than as FB.

With FBs I make sure that they know it's nothing more than 2-3 hours of hanging out and having sex and then I'm out.

I keep hearing this so I guess I have to accept the fact that the only way to extend the FB period is to make them think that there could be something more coming up and give them comfort in form of attention and maybe activities you do together. I have to consider if I want to make them to believe even tho I know that it will be only sex and nothing more - Sort of light weight Machiavellianism and manipulation.

[-] MentORPHEUS 3 Points about a year ago

Sort of light weight Machiavellianism and manipulation.

That's one way but with a proper don't ask don't tell environment her hamster will do all of the rationalizing necessary. Some women won't stay for casual sex only no matter what. Churn enough prospects and you can build yourself a mini harem of women who are satisfied with a long term sex only gig.

[-] Trenned_out 1 Point about a year ago

Great advice. I had a plate that I could tell was getting a bit distant because I had only been giving her alpha alpha alpha, drunk sex, or tell her to comeover at 9pm when i was home from the gym and ate already etc.


I needed to buy some new shirts, I asked her if she wanted to come along. She LIT up and was so happy for the opportunity. Grabbed some burgers after (split the check) and things have been running smoothly again.


It's awesome when you just get that gut feeling it's time to throw em a little beta comfort and her actions show you were dead on.

[-] AutoModerator 2 Points about a year ago

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[-] Vikingcel 2 Points about a year ago

Makes me want to cry.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] moltenw 1 Point about a year ago

I don't get it.

Are there really that many people here who don't understand even the most fundamental aspects of "plate" dynamics?

[-] MentORPHEUS 5 Points about a year ago

chorus of voices who answer people in AskTrp Yes!!

[-] moltenw 1 Point about a year ago

Fair enough. It somewhat amazes me.

That said, a year and a half ago I did write, in essence, a "this one girl... " post.


[-] MentORPHEUS 3 Points about a year ago

I came to TRP in my late 40s, after figuring out by trial and much error how to assemble a harem of plates etc. Even then it amazes me how much this place filled holes in my knowledge base and identified and helped correct vestiges of BP programming.

[-] moltenw 2 Points about a year ago

Great to hear. Must have been very difficult to change your old habits, especially if you were really ingrained in the BP programming and had your whole world shatter basically, aka realising you've been living a lie for who knows how many years.

I might not value it as much as I should now, but time is on my side - 6 days short of being 20 years old, and already a year and a half in.

Incredible how much has changed for me in that time.

Only thing that truly concerns me now is finding a spark for... anything. There's so much "choice" these days as to what you can do that you end up regretting any choice you make if you even make one since you get... overwhelmed? It's weird, it's pathetic, but it is how it is.

[-] MentORPHEUS 5 Points about a year ago

Only thing that truly concerns me now is finding a spark for... anything.

Alvin Toffler's book Future Shock spends a lot of time on the paradox of overchoice making people less happy. Add that to the anomie of living in a culture of ambiguous goals, standards, and morals and you get the paradox of unhappy people under the best conditions ever in history.

[-] moltenw 3 Points about a year ago

I'll add it to my reading list. In fact, It just so happens that I wanted to order some books for my birthday. Might be a good time to do so.

Perhaps you have any additional life advice on how to deal with this problem of mine?


[Some background info in my past and my thought process in case you are interested and have the time]


Even before redpill, there has never been a "spark" or a "passion" for anything other than... video games.

Like many young guys, I was obsessed with them. Only difference was I was actually good... really good. Due to passion + obsession + skipping school and everything else bad that you could do in your formative years mixed in, I reached top 0.1% in the world in League of Legends, most popular game in the world and the most popular "Esport" ... at the age of 14.

I was so good and confident and passionate about the game that I was just naturally leading everyone due to knowing my capabilities and boundaries. Hell, I even got my first ever girlfriend when I was 17 who also played the game since I was the best in every company, and for a gamer girl, she was a HB8~ with make-up (crazy though, and it did not end well).

However, due to family problems (mainly due to constant fighting over my video game obsession / addiction), increasing responsibilities as I got older etcetc... I broke. I stopped playing competitively.

However, I think the biggest factor contributing to my eventual quit of the proffesional "dream" was that by age 14, deep down I knew I was wasting my time and even then I was very very critical of myself, and still am. Guess it's both a positive and a negative thing...

On one hand, I doubt I'd ever be here right now, speaking to you if I was fine with being a mediocre chub. I always thought I needed to be better. On the other hand, I'm always overanalyzing things, questioning myself, never being overly-confident in what I know and never being "fully" satisfied.

I have a big problem of never fully believing anything. When I first found out about Redpill, it was like I replaced my previous belief system with the redpill one. Now I'm doubting some of the redpill aspects as well. Many guys come here depressed and angry about being lied to, but some eventually turn it around by believing the Redpill fully and never trying to ask themselves "but what if there is a better way" etc. After all, if I lived in the matrix prior Redpill, so what if there is even a more "woke" group than this?

Perhaps that's a good thing... gotta believe in something, right? Otherwise there's no point to anything. After all, a good amount of TRP's advice is very contradictory. There are many people here from all places, bunch of fake alphas, Larpers etc - and everyone is at a different "TRP" level, so you have to be very wary with what you read, since finding the right or wrong info can impact how the rest of your life will turn out to be.

Maybe there is nothing more "real" than theredpill at it's core and fundamentals, and yet - I can't help myself to even be skeptical of concepts in Redpill (I mostly question not the sexual strategy of TRP, but more the self-improvement side and the illusion of control). Can talk about this more in detail if you've curious, but alas this comment is already too long.

As for the "spark"... I don't know... maybe playing 6+ hours a day on average (and 16+ other than basic needs and sleep whenever parents weren't home) from age 8-16/17~ might fuck up your brain's receptors or whatever... maybe . Everything seems somewhat boring compared to what used to be, and playing games all day has made me kinda lazy when it comes to "real work". I've had ideas that I could turn into profit and even had real financial backers, but fear of failure + laziness and genuinuely thinking I don't deserve it due to my age and bluepilled beta conditioning eventually kills any momentum I have.

Don't get me wrong, in the last 2 years, I've become swole from lifting, I meditate & take cold showers every day, My diet is good (That's why I'm swole since that's 80% of becoming fit), and I am very grateful for what I have been given. I'm grateful, yet spoilt at the same time. Funny how spoiling always fucks you up, I'd never raise my children if I do have them as my parents raised me, I shudder at the thought. Back then I might not have known it, but I wish I never started playing video games in the first place.

[-] MentORPHEUS 2 Points about a year ago

Future Shock

I'll add it to my reading list.

Probably fit for the third string reserve list. To sum up the gist of the book: Innovation and technology have accelerated the pace of change way beyond what humans evolved under. Life used to be stable and not change much over several human lifespans. Now it's fast, and changes at an ever accelerating rate. Much chaos ensues.

[-] moltenw 2 Points about a year ago

Does it provide any interesting solutions as well?

Or is it more just an in-depth look into what I kinda already knew?

[-] pinlol 2 Points about a year ago

Bro, reaching that 0,1% percentile is incredibly hard. I've heard smartass people like Jordan Peterson explain that playing video games is good (within moderation, of course, but 0.1% requires more, as you very well know) - it teaches you basic problem solving: you have a task/problem at hand, you have certain tools which you can use -> resolve the problem. In your case, a 5v5 real-time MOBA-style match requires good communication, awareness, adaptability and a whole other variety of VERY IMPORTANT skills in order to achieve what you've achieved. at fucking 14.

These skills are good to have in your arsenal when doing the whole "business world" thing. The bar nowadays is set so low, you will EASILY thrive in the business world. I know I did.

Reading your comment resonated with me as my early teens were very similar (i was a WoW nerd) You will find the spark. It just takes time and willingness on your end to try stuff out.

Example - At one point in time, around your age, I'm almost 25 now, I was the type of person who was saying "I'll never in my life be into combat sports/violence". Now, I can't wait to spar. I look forward to sparring sessions. Fuck i look forward to beating the shit out of the punching bag. It's all about trying out new things, ESPECIALLY things you swear you'll "never" do and haven't even tried them.

[-] moltenw 1 Point about a year ago

It just takes time and willingness on your end to try stuff out.

Fair enough. I do need to get money to be able to experience a lot of things, perhaps that's one of the reasons why video games & other entertainment you can browse at home resonated with me, there was just no real other option if you wanted to get tons of entertainment without money.

My early teens were very similar (i was a WoW nerd)

WoW was probably what got me into video game addiction in the first place. It's really these 4 mutiplayer games - WoW (up until Wotlk, then quit because of cataclysm, but played on and off on private servers. Was hyped about the classic WoW release, but I know I'll keep my hands off it for my own sake) , CS 1.6, Team Fortress 2 and League of Legends, with perhaps a little bit of MU online there.

[-] donkeydodo 1 Point about a year ago

Perfect article! Well written mate

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] nross368 1 Point about a year ago

I've gotten so board with vanilla seductions I want her to have a boyfriend. It makes the sex that much better. Like I want to know you shouldn't be doing this. I want to make out with you downstairs while your boyfriend/husband is upstairs. I'll prob get in a few fights because this but it's just so much fun.

[-] MentORPHEUS 1 Point about a year ago

Thad? Is this you?

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] greenlittleman 3 Points about a year ago

You are so delusional what when you see direct proof of your worldview being wrong you still sure it is not and even try to tell others what reality they experienced is delusion.

[-] BasedBlackPilled 0 Points about a year ago

Yeah, go tell a a 5'5 balding manlet to be Chad. "Just hold frame bro" fucking idiots. You have to have basic requirements at least. But what you do here in this sub, is turning men into pussy worshipping simps.

[-] greenlittleman 3 Points about a year ago

Oh lol. I've seen 5'5-5'6 guys who slaying pussy, unfortunately they weren't bald. Of course there are "basic requirements", but they are much lower than most guys think. Reaching top 20% in looks it doable for 90% of average guys, all it takes is time and effort. Of course there are people with terrible genetics - with disfigured faces, with extreme obesity, etc. For them it would be almost impossible to become Chad, but who said what life is fair? But even them could get some average girl at least. Also from my experience height isn't as important as people think. All this "I will date only guys over 6ft" is usually over when she meet confident and goodlooking (masculine face, great body, good style) "manlet".

[-] BasedBlackPilled 0 Points about a year ago

I don‘t mean hook up‘s tho. In the long run she will fuck you over for someone better. That‘s how unregulated and even promoted hypergamy in a society works brother. And there is more to life than just trying to fuck as many women as possible. I‘m no moral authority and it‘s not my decision to make, but seeing thousands upon thousands of men doing everything in their power to become miserable sex addicts makes me sad.

Of course we desire pussy, but it‘s just a primal instinct. It‘s not a healthy or fulfilling way to live your life.

[-] greenlittleman 4 Points about a year ago

It isn't "just primal instinct". If you fulfil your reproductive necessities (and your brain decide it based on how much and how hot women you fuck, it don't care about actual kids) then your organism would release endorphins, a lot of them, and obviously it will make your life feel much more fulfilling. On contrary if you restrain your sexual urges then cortisol would be released in large quantity which is why guys who can't get laid often tend to have depression and low self-esteem, moreover with time excessive amount of cortisol will destroy your organism from inside out. Of course you can't make your life fulfilling just by having a lot of sex, there is more to life. But without satisfying this "primal instinct" you can't truly enjoy life either.

[-] [deleted] -1 Point about a year ago


[-] KeffirLime 13 Points about a year ago

So your first assumption is that men do not enjoy fulfilling their most inherent biological desire.

And your second assumption is that they should forego and resist this inherent desire to engage in some mythical magical relationship with a soulmate unicorn.

Couple questions:

Do you think they will be adequately rewarded for doing so in modern studies society?

Do you think there is an abundant supply of these women to execute such a strategy(for all men)?

Do you think the trend of society is moving away from your scenario or towards it?

And lastly do you think the pressures that kept that way of life together are likely to increase going forward or dissolve?

[-] TheRedPike 8 Points about a year ago

It’s the outcome

The outcome is always the same--we die. If you have religious beliefs around what happens then, that's a-ok. If you ligitimately want those questions answered from our perspective, then ask them in asktrp. If you are trying to convince us to fix a world we didn't break, then fuck off.

We aren't here to piss in the winds about how our old blooper world has evaporated and now we are a fucked (or doomed to hellfire). If you don't want to have plates because of your beliefs, then you don't have plates. If you don't think we should have plates because of reason a), b) and c), then explain why in detail. If you don' t think we should have plated because of how things were, then you are in the wrong place.

I won't show you the door, because I don't really know your intentions. However I hope I've cleared up the purpose of this place for you and others that are looking in on this thread.

[-] [deleted] 1 Point about a year ago


[-] greenlittleman 1 Point about a year ago

I can't see from his post any disgust to what he saw. He just see reality for what it is and use it to his advantage.

[-] SeasonedRP 3 Points about a year ago

Read some of Bart Ehrman's books on biblical interpretation. He's a prof at the University of North Carolina. Unlike preachers, he actually has read the biblical manuscripts in the original Greek and Hebrew. Spoiler: in many respects, the Bible doesn't actually say what churches teach. If you want to be religious, fine, but at least know what the Bible you say you follow really says.

The original Biblical design for marriage is that men comparable to chads would have multiple wives. That's heresy in today's society, so it shouldn't be surprising that they instead opt out of marriage and pursue their innate biological desire to be with multiple women. Male purity and chastity before marriage were foreign concepts to the ancient Hebrews, including those in Jesus's time, and the Bible does not have Jesus teaching these things.

[-] NYCSPARKLE 1 Point about a year ago
  • Big dick

  • Wads of cum

  • Ram it up their asses

  • 10 Tyrones

Just mention a few small boys and you’re well on your way to priesthood!