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- Hide Preview | 179 Comments | submitted 5 months ago by ohRyZze [Post Locked]

If you don´t wanna hear a boring story of how I came to this conclusion, just skip to the last paragraph.


I spent the Saturday partying with some of my friends, as I finished another successful semester in college. We went to a local club and as the night progresses I receive a snap from this real qt who I know through mutual friends but never actually met. Basically, she told me to meet her up at the bar and I did. We talked for like 5 minutes and I told her I gotta go back to my friends.

After some time I feel that I had a little too much to drink so I sit down near the entrance for a minute. A friend of mine, who is kinda awkward soon follows and sits to my left side. There was plenty of room next to both of us for other people to sit, as it was one huge couch. Then I receive the next snap from the qt that she is going home and that she wants to say goodbye. Told her I am on the couch and a few minutes later there she was sitting next to me. We were just casually talking about many different things and she even made my awkward friend open up a bit. Keep in mind at this point I was 100% certain I don´t want to game her or anything so I kept talking to some random people that sat next to us as well.


(On a side note, I am 20 and this girl is 18 years old) Suddenly these 2 older guys, 25 and 28 sit next to my awkward friend and start hitting up the girl next to me. The 25-year-old dude stood up and sat next to her and asked her If I am her boyfriend, we both said no. That's when I see this fucker grin like he was struck by lighting, he fixes his hair, his shirt, and posture. Keep in mind he didn´t look good at all, kinda overweight and a really messy beard. Suddenly he starts insulting me on every occasion he gets, things like oh look at your shit watch (even though my watch costs more than 200 times more than his, he just didn't know the watchmaker), oh you look so young etc. That's when I knew the game is on. I won´t just sit there and see this wannabe alpha undermine me. I didn´t answer directly like oh no its not a cheap watch or oh you look old. I always played it cool and managed to pull out a funny counter which made the girl laugh.

He kept pulling her in like a little creep, which she denied and each time leaned closer to me. At one point I told myself its enough, pulled her closer to me, holding her head and I start kissing her. You should have seen the look on this guys face, he was about to cry but tried to laugh it off. It was beyond hilarious. After I was done he had the audacity to ask for her number. She asks me If she should give it to him, and I just told her to go straight ahead. His face lights up again, he kisses her hand and walks away. As he left, she straight away blocked him and made fun of him.


My point is, It is not alpha to try and insult other guys in the group. It just shows how low your own self-esteem is that you have to do that. If your frame isn´t strong enough to withhold such insults, yea maybe you are gonna look bad, but still, it doesn´t add anything to the guys' value. It just makes him look self-conscious and weak in the eyes of women.