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- Hide Preview | 3 Comments | submitted 5 months ago by JustSayMo

Hi all my first post. I've recently been absorbing the plethora of knowledge available from the red pill community and have found much of the information inciteful and life changing. I am currently in a relationship with a muslim girl (I am also muslim, an english convert) and I am wondering to what extent the rules carry over.

From what I understand the root of hypergamy is biological and I do see it in respect to her interest in me. I was once a low life addict doing nothing with my existence and I couldn't get girls. I began sorting my life out after a multitude of epiphanies. I got myself a job, started lifting weights took up jiu jitsu and finally enrolled at college, which is were I met my girlfriend. I see she loves my big attitude and my potential but not me (idealisticly), which is fine I fell out of love with her when I learned women aren't capable of idealistic love. Now I just appreciate her body and we support each others goal, a clearer reality than love. Now some red pills (pillers?) Say that marriage is not safe but I would like to marry this girl and she is crazy about the idea too. Infact she asked me for my hand in marriage (lol). I understand my value will increase during mid thirties but I prefer companionship to the single dating life, perhaps its cultural (I'm half Moroccan). I want to challenge myself to staying the best version of myself with her interest as my measure, although I know there is no "one" I still find her mentality compatible for this. Now the thing is I am worried she will exhibit lackluster effort once we move in together which is what I've been hearing about. Perhaps once we have children she will part with my genes and go. Im doing allot to be alpha but I haven't got much in the way of security (yet). Will she stay for the grind? Now where it gets interesting is she has told me she wants a masculine man, femininity is a put off. That I should be in charge of the house. That we will only get married Islamicly not under british law (I live in the UK). That the mans word is law. That a wife should never refuse sex its against her religion. She actualy pushing for this. SHE tole me she should have to ask permission to leave the house. She's really into this stuff. Now we have put all this into our mock islamic marriage contract and are talking about getting married in 6 months, but that still leaves the possibility of an attitude change later if she gets lazy (or I do). What if she take the kids and leaves, or judges give her the house due to cohabitation upon divorce. I'm merely trying to think logicly. I guess these are fears that we all face, it doesnt matter the religion, unless you worship women in which case you're doomed. So I guess my question is: if a women is Mentally unknowingly red pill as evidenced by her words is she safe for marriage and children, or will biology win out and change her actions? Do cultures make a difference to hypergamy? Will they mitigate its effects? Let me know what you think guys I would appreciate your opinions.