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- Hide Preview | 74 Comments | submitted 10 months ago by moneymakingmiguel [Post Locked]

I've stopped gaming, using social media for anything unneeded, reduced YouTube. But I'm still weak, because I'm turning to masturbation whenever I'm upset. I can feel the dopamine hit me while I'm searching, and I hate that shit.

I want to feel that thrill when I'm developing something, not while I'm jerking off. It feels like such a waste of time, but it's compulsive now, and a pain in the ass to stop.

What I've noticed when I cut off on social media, youtube and gaming is that my brain is screaming for dopamine. For that sweet thrill of the hunt. But it's screaming at the wrong things. It's not saying "Can't wait to sit down and make that app", "Can't wait to study this subject and get closer to my degree", instead, it's screaming "Find another one to show you her tits on snapchat", "Find a new girl to play with on skype", "Why waste time approaching someone, when we can get off RIGHT NOW".

I don't like those screams. And I'm turning to the TRP community because this is a place where I feel I'll get good, usable advice. I feel like this is the last obstacle within myself that I have to jump over to really proceed to the next level.

How did you give up on your instant gratification activities and get your dopamine levels in control? Is there something I can read and apply to sort myself out?