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- Hide Preview | 113 Comments | submitted 10 months ago by ALPHAapprentice [Post Locked]

Long story short, I met this girl on Tinder and she agreed to come to my place where we had sex. Right away, she made sexual moves on me which led to the act. After we were done, we were lying in bed and she was showing me pictures on her phone. Turns out, this chick fucking screenshot and saved all of my Tinder profile pictures onto her device and she already told her family and friends about me and told me about us going on long adventures together and is making legitimate plans. To add fuel to the fire, she literally drove two hours from her hometown to my city just to see me and all of this happened in less than 72 hours. The cherry on top? She initially did not want to use a condom until I stopped her and put it on myself...

How do I ghost her to avoid legal trouble?