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Omnidempotent about a day ago

@revengerence they have to report you to the authorities if they believe you will be a threat to yourself or others.

revengerence about a day ago

@iLLprincipLeS Really? Dont these Councillors have confidentiality agreements?

Poisenpen 2 weeks ago

@revengerence Also thank you for the link. I found that chart on my own a while back. Learned, I am a Sigma male. Explained why I'd always get shittested by the number 2 guy in the different social circles I move in and out of.

Poisenpen 2 weeks ago

@revengerence Very TRP aware. Also I am newish here from reddit. When I commented I thought your response was an individual post, but you were responding to someone else. So my comment was out of context. Thank you the response. Please disregard and carry on.

revengerence 2 weeks ago

@Poisenpen Previous links seems broken, here it is again:

revengerence 2 weeks ago

@Poisenpen Labels are used to explain things, not as a sense of identity. MGTOW is a man who refuses to be player in the game that society tells him to play. TRP tells men to interact with women on their terms while mgtow tells men not to interact with women at all.

Which are you?

Poisenpen 2 weeks ago

@revengerence I'll bite. I am not into labels, but when used for contextual reasons they work. I.e. Alpha, beta, Sigma I stumbled upon this article and it really drove somethings home for me. If I had to identify with one of the above labels, it would be Sigma. Thought>s

revengerence 3 weeks ago

@redpillschool I personally observe that a lot of men make their perceived neccesity a virtue. They could go about changing that and go after attractive girls but hamster that they value other things in a woman. I reckon it's mainly because they want out of the marketplace and think a 6 is easier to maintain than an 8.

FullMetalAsshole 3 weeks ago

@revengerence I don’t disagree with that it makes a statement. What I’m saying is the utility of the statement is low. If someone punches you in the face and you don’t do anything that’s a statement as well but if they keep punching you , you end up looking like a bitch.

revengerence 3 weeks ago

@FullMetalAsshole refusing to play the game is a powerful political statement itself.

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