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Lvl 15 Misogynist

Bitches call me rude and disrespectful

"In the king's court only the jester can speak the truth"

RedRum 2 hours ago

@Archwinger they're not creative with their bullshit. if they make an effort to announce something ideological or moral it's usually almost always the opposite.

Archwinger 5 hours ago

@RedRum Women are great at lying if you're not watching them. They make perfect eye contact, their breath and tone of voice never falters, their behavior is perfectly normal. They believe what they're saying, or at least believe they're right to be saying it. The technical lying is perfect. You catch them behaving badly by watching them.

RedRum 9 hours ago

women are bad at lying. they often straight up do exactly what they say they're not doing or are verbally against. as if words magically cancel out all suspicion.

blue_dover 2 days ago

@RedRum Either way - your content is always top notch - Always looking forward to seeing it here

blue_dover 2 days ago

@RedRum >Members are getting suspicious of ECs sexual expertise authenticity - You hit the nail on the head right there - I hate to admit it but i am in that camp too. >Notice the sub has put an emphasis on LTRs - Agreed.

Runawaygrain 2 days ago

@RedRum I've noticed that a lot of the ECs seem to be older and went through some hard knocks, like myself. Some kid like that is just slinging movie and TV references left and right just makes it easy to guess where most of his upbringing came from. It's kind of sad that we have a subset of kids that can't even fathom enjoying sunshine.

RedRum 2 days ago

@redpillschool for already established ECs this is no problem. But looking at the new content writers like /u/CaptainCringeWorthy and a few others, it's apparent where the interests are.

redpillschool 2 days ago

@RedRum I don't think that's an accurate portrayal. There's a small number of whiners that we ban every week but I don't think it's much different. We remove hundreds of shit posts a week.

RedRum 2 days ago

@blue_dover the market in the redpill sub isn't good right now. Members are getting suspicious of ECs sexual expertise authenticity and other flared members. It's as if they're all jealous. The purple pill mindset is dominate. Notice the sub has put an emphasis on LTRs in the last year. If I did post topics, it would be buried.

blue_dover 2 days ago

@RedRum When are you making a profile? You got SEC level material to share

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