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Lvl 15 Misogynist

Bitches call me rude and disrespectful

"In the king's court only the jester can speak the truth"

RedRum 2 days ago

@GayLubeOil I wish I could favorite this more than once. we need an idiot of the day flare on the sub

RedRum 4 days ago

PC culture thinks red pillers are a huge joke and there's a whole sub dedicated to making fun of us. We're fighting this PC/feminism war the wrong way. We should make them laugh harder. Make them laugh so hard until they each die from cardiac arrest because we know their heart is too weak cause they don't exercise.

RedRum 5 days ago

@MentORPHEUS see me previous posts. It's all a part of their strategy to create a boogeyman to justify their actions.

RedRum about a week ago

(cont) That's like a thief robbing you while sobbing "you're only going to call the cops on me and tell them I'm a bad person". Naturally, you call the cops. Then the thief runs around town accusing all the victims for calling the cops on him, tears in eyes. And then justifies robbing people because everyone else made life hard for them.

RedRum about a week ago

Equalism was the next step in feminine strategy because the previous step was projection. By angering the previous set of young men to enlighten themselves and pump n dump these hoes, women could then justify their previous bad behavior creating their boogeyman and setting the scene for them to "slut it up" because "the men are too".

RedRum about a week ago

@Rollo-Tomassi Women: using logic and fairness to deceive men since the beginning of time

clavabot about a week ago

@RedRum Patrice is that you?

RedRum about a week ago

@blue_dover You know what the queen is? The king's bitch.

blue_dover about a week ago

@RedRum Ahaha i was under the impression you'd be the guy who treats a ho like a ho and a queen like a ho

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