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Gaboyski 6 hours ago

@RedRum He has no genuine concern for the crisis threatening Western culture. European nationalists are already at a disadvantage of being labelled as bigots, why would one of them further harm his own cause by shooting up Muslims? Plus he says he's a fan of China, which equally opposes the West. This reeks of a false flag attack.

tferguson 10 hours ago

@RedRum Hola! New here, and I wanted to test this out by responding to your comment. What's puzzling to me is that he saw no path through diplomacy. I agree that direct democratic behavior can lead to mob rule, but there are avenues he arrogantly refused to explore, before taking absolutely reprehensible and inappropriate action.

RedRum about a day ago

The internet brings people together. The internet is the "modern man's country" to which he seeks to be a patriot for. I believe this is the root of the drive behind lots of bitter shooters: they feel their home is being taken away by the country they physically reside in; in attempt to divide the people in order to regain control.

RedRum about a day ago

I don't condone the actions the shooter took, but if you've read his documents explaining his goals, I begrudgingly admit a lot of what he's doing will see his plan to fruition. While calculated I don't believe he should be idolized and he's making a few wild bets on his own life and what the future brings.

RedRum about a day ago

The NZ shooter is using memes to attack all fronts: the globalists,left,right, & the independent. As described in my last article, memes are an xtension of culture. Strongest culture wins. The Bloopie script is a dogma intended to gain control on an otherwise awakening population thanks to the internet. That's why memes scare the regime.

RedRum about a day ago

@redpillschool I had real plans to visit NZ and Australia as they have beaches and, having met some Aussies in my life, generally got along with their humor and rowdyness. In light of recent events, I cannot anymore. I find the list of RP-friendly places shrinking as well that aren't up north in the freezing cold.

RedRum about a week ago

@GayLubeOil What books like this do you recommend reading? Their knowledge is our weapons too.

redpillschool about a week ago

@RedRum Man it's great to have you back.

RedRum about a week ago

Bloopies Cant Meme And Why That Matters

Gaboyski 3 weeks ago

@RedRum Growing up in an Evangelical household and school, I had no idea how much I was a good goy back then. I regret my Zionist posts from three to four years ago. People I know to hold conservative and small-government beliefs have stumbled when talking about the billions of US taxpayer money to Israel annually and the like.

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