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Turn That Frown Upside Down And Support The Clown

Buy "Always Clowning" tshirts here:

Funds go to buying a new mic and extra will be donated to manosphere social network platforms like this one

Lvl 15 Misogynist

Bitches call me rude and disrespectful

"In the king's court only the jester can speak the truth"

revengerence 5 days ago
RedRum 5 days ago

Girls claim to know what a good relationship looks like

Just as losers claim to know what success looks like

2018 podcast begins april 15th

RedRum 3 weeks ago

black panther is star wars for black people. it's turning them into huge nerds over a movie they want so desperately to be real. they sperg out if someone says anything to suggest wakanda cant be real. fuckin DORKS! #BlackPanther #Nerds

RedRum about a month ago

next couple of weeks I'm taking an internet detox and producing the next podcast which will be the start of the "Clown Game" 2018 all-year podcast. Excerpt: "It's important to not be A clown. Clown game is about making people laugh; not at you. Be funny and most importantly be fun and you'll be the favorite clown of them all."

RedRum about a month ago

New Autistic John #Comic from #RedRum - show kindness only from a position of strength... otherwise this happens

RedRum about a month ago

Men lost the skills to get a woman

Women lost the skills to keep a man

RedRum about a month ago

@revengerence I know I know I'm workin on it

revengerence about a month ago

@RedRum You lied about the comic!

MentORPHEUS about a month ago

@RedRum Three questions:

How old are you?

How old/mature of an image do you believe your writing projects to readers?

Do you believe the meme in question is congruent with the above?

RedRum about a month ago
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