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Location: NYC
Age: 30s

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Age: 30s | Location: NYC
bear-with-bit 2 weeks ago

The man already got the best she can offer, she's post wall and crying that he's halfway out the door. She might as well get some internet points and validation from the masses.

herodotus 4 weeks ago

@bear-with-bit wups used the wrong idiom.... well depending on what you do you can have both :)

bear-with-bit 4 weeks ago

@replacemenwithalphas00 and if she doesn't, you roast her for her non engagement. "You're kinda boring."

bear-with-bit 4 weeks ago

@herodotus waterworks up there ... and down there?

TheStoicCrane about a month ago

@bear-with-bit Ha! Don't know who her MMA bf was but for the sake of his rep it's better the public doesn't readily know. Key takeaway from the vid is that displays of weakness turn off women. The illusion of strength to them is more important than reality. The guy won the fight but she'll forever see him as weak for that one moment.

bear-with-bit about a month ago

@TheStoicCrane you posted this 4hrs after I did, even tho the episode itself is 17days old. Give credit where it's due, son. Also who's her ex bf?

bear-with-bit about a month ago

"As long as you ace me somewhere..." Be better than your woman, even if she's a muy thai champ.

bear-with-bit about a month ago

@redhead yup just tell her to get her own damn bike. best way to ride together.

Chaddeus_Rex about a month ago

@bear-with-bit most people cant worship themself. That was the premise of Nietzsche. It will be easier for peoppe to worship themselves if they have a solid grounding in Roman masculinity

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