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Max Bench: 70 KG
Max Squat: 120 KG

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destraht 2 weeks ago

@Spartan That is fair. I've too many things right now to do the formality of a blog. Now you know what I'm writing about. I'm not very concerned about being optimal in this way right now but maybe in future. However I have a problem with low energy dicks such as nr368. He doesn't understand the relevance so goes right to his alienation shit that he admits to being all about for skank strategy.

Spartan 2 weeks ago


In the ape family:

Chimpanzees : Most promiscuous females,biggest dick size

Humans: Moderately promiscuous, moderate dick size.

Gorillas: Not promiscuous,small dick size.

Therefore races with more promiscuity of women have bigger dick size.


Spartan 2 weeks ago

@destraht If you're sharing an experience with some context,I can use the insight. If you're just posting things randomly without context it makes no sense.

You're in an EE country so the experience is definitely different from what most of us here have,but without any context I doubt anyone understands what you're saying . If you put it on a blog,it'll be much better understood.

tb87670 2 weeks ago

@Spartan Let a moderator decide that. If you are not a moderator then it is not your concern, simply unfollow and ignore any individuals you do not want to hear from. No one is forcing you to read his posts. If that is too difficult for you then wait until the new "tribes" feature is rolled out.

destraht 2 weeks ago

@Spartan Additionally the people who do put in energy here leave the vapid 1-liner people alone to do their thing.

destraht 2 weeks ago

@Spartan What is the problem though? You guys are overwhelmed sifting through the average 8-12 daily comments here this Summer? Its always the guys who write low-energy 1-2 line shit like "I got some girls nasty fresh yo!" who seem to have a problem with people writing more. I might be inclined to think that they were genuine if there was so much other activity here. Just pricks.

Spartan 2 weeks ago

@destraht Blogs are meant for that purpose. Anyone who wants to follow your journey won't spend time sifting through all your comments here.

Spartan 2 weeks ago

How lean is 65 KG at 180 cm?

Spartan about a month ago

@Legends_of_Men TRP Is PUA+MGTOW+ becomingaman with the good stuff

Spartan about a month ago

@redpillschool ' The Absolute Madman '

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