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Location: USA
Age: 17
Max Bench: 155
Max Squat: 255

"Car Jung was a homosexual"
Age: 17 | Location: USA
GayCuck about a month ago

@GayLubeOil get dragon tattoos, raises asian smv

GayCuck about a month ago

@BadBoyProgrammer You've been a great example for me in the past few weeks. I was doing my self-improvement masturbation for the past year and finally got out there because of you. Meeting up with a cutie this weekend, hopefully it goes somewhere

GayCuck 2 months ago

@Rollo-Tomassi it was proven that Iranian bots were upvoting anti-Trump posts over on r/politics and nothing happened so I'd guess it's probably bullshit

GayCuck 2 months ago

@Lordkingalpha whiskey is a real man's drink

GayCuck 2 months ago

@NormalAndy So what, abstain? I fully agree with what you're saying, but what can we do?

NormalAndy 2 months ago

@GayCuck you are a demographic being used by the people who back both Clinton and Trump. The staged 2 horse race is not even a democracy. It’s a sham. The red pill is supposed to open your eyes. Perhaps you need a larger dose?

GayCuck 2 months ago

@NormalAndy Yeah but imagine if we all did that. We'd get to feel all strong and Hillary Clinton would be president. Also I feel the GOP is improving with Trump. Anti-globalist and the Kavanaugh ordeal shows Trump is very pro men

GayCuck 2 months ago

@winninglosing eh, maybe. Whisper has a great post on the redefining of marriage here on Even if marriage "worked", you still trap yourself. You should always have one foot out the door in a relationship. You close the door with marriage. If your wife lost all respect for you, got fat, etc. you couldn't Next.

NormalAndy 2 months ago

@GayCuck trouble with that opinion is that it tells me that it’s better to run with the herd. I find that blue pill and cowardly. The choices are NOT good enough so choose something else rather than feeding THEIR beast. Even better, be a beast....

winninglosing 2 months ago

@GayCuck Good points. The marry-young principle would have worked better in the past though, ya?

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