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Location: USA
Age: 17
Max Bench: 155
Max Squat: 255

"Car Jung was a homosexual"
Age: 17 | Location: USA
GayCuck 3 months ago

@bear-with-bit No, I only believe in ab crunches and veganism

Omnidempotent 3 months ago

@GayCuck they're sensitive like that

GayCuck 3 months ago

"You've Been Banned From Participating In R/Judaism"

Wow all I did was call them kike fags and say that jewish kids should be deported

GayCuck 3 months ago

you're not truly RP until you've been banned from r/Judaism

GayCuck 3 months ago

@Noblefiz take the Jew pill

GayLubeOil 4 months ago

@GayCuck there is no American ethnicity only a European one

redhead 4 months ago

@GayCuck Exactly. If you are living in America and complaining about it, and then claim your homeland is back East, you are just a fucking cockroach and I will do everything I can to shun you and have you deported along with the rest of them.

GayCuck 4 months ago

@GayLubeOil if you aren't American by ethnicity,sure. But a homeland is your mother, not a bitchy girlfriend

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