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TheStoicCrane 3 hours ago

@CorliameDeux In the meantime there are plenty of old EC posts you might not have read. "New" doesn't necessarily mean something that was created 5 secs ago. "New" can be subjective and mean something you haven't been exposed to before. Even if it was made centuries ago.

CorliameDeux 4 hours ago

@Noblefiz I hope thats the case

Noblefiz 6 hours ago

@CorliameDeux there have ways been brief interludes between when new pieces get published by ECs. And they tend to be published within the same general timeframe. Doubt it's coordinated. But nevertheless thats how it usually happens. Sort of like how traffic rubber bands when it backs up. New posts will be back soon.Some ECs are just busy

CorliameDeux 7 hours ago

@TheStoicCrane Whilst highly probable to be the case, they managed to juggle both RL and TRP before the quarantine. I'm just saying, seems like the quarantine is actually working

TheStoicCrane 8 hours ago

@CorliameDeux Or it could be that they're legitimately busy in real life to keep churning out content like quarter machines.

CorliameDeux 9 hours ago

@sir_wankalot_here Wasn't really my point. My point was more focused on whether the quarantine was actually working. Seems awfully coincidental that as the quarantine has settled in, the EC's etc have been less and less vocal

sir_wankalot_here 9 hours ago

@CorliameDeux well start writing posts of your own that you consider have value.

CorliameDeux 10 hours ago

Is the TRP subreddit walking the slow death march to oblivion? Barely any EC posts, loaded with new guys posts rehashing old/basic ideas... Seems like the quarantine may actually be working -_-

Gaboyski 19 hours ago

@CorliameDeux It's a power trip by the feminist admins of the site

TheStoicCrane 19 hours ago

@CorliameDeux It's a shame really. Before many men reach that level of introspection they'll either have a criminal record or have been traumatically burned by the sexual market. Speaks for the times.

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