So, I did it. I popped the anxiety pill the doctor gave me and asked a chick for her number. Now, again, I know everyone’s going to say “yea, they’re paid to work there, you approached a captive audience etc”. But, I just decided fuck it and did it anyway.

I’m a corny dude. I basically just placed an order for food and was like (this was in spanish) “yo, you forgot something?” and she was like “what’d I forget?” and I was like “your number, you up for something later?”. Now, I of course got rejected because that was absolutely abominable but, at the same time, it was so fucking satisfying.

Like, in a sense, I always had to deal with “damn, I never made a move”. Now, I made the move, I know, and it’s in the past. I’m so fucking hyped. Some of ya’ll do this shit like 20x a day, this is super fun. I can’t really experience that fun fully because I took an anxiety pill and that shit has my body loose as fuck right now.

But this basically made me more excited for the next one. If it’s really just a numbers game, I could do this shit all day. I’m hyped to talk to the next chick. I think I’m heading in the right direction.