A bit self indulgent of me, but I found the red pill after suffering a health crisis ;so I am naturally starting to feel better 'mentally' too ; but RP has basically shown me I need to toughen up in a few areas in my life and now that I am doing that ; some people behaviour remarkably different around me in various ways. Many like me more, many are kinder, nicer overall, I'd say a few don't like me overall but that's fine, it is what it is. Yet even if I lose some on the road, I have become myself. I basically behave the way I naturally would do and it affects my life decisions - mostly for the better. I was way too passive agressive, scared even until a year ago. Letting life just roll on without a purpose.

Exercise and good food seems to have given me back that sexual urge, I now see women and if they are attractive and give IOIs etc, I get bolder and braver in behaviour each time, I am trying to avoid women tbh, and focus on practical projects, learning new things and keeping in shape. Yet the occasions I meet with them, it can get crazy flirty and I find if I haven't came in 4-5 days, women can´t stop touching me - no matter the age haha, I´m guessing something will happen with someone soon but TRP isn´t even about that for me, it´s about the steps I am making in getting my life back on track.

New roads, conversations, paths, everything is opening up to me, even as an older guy who basically sailed the Beta Contentness ship in his late 20s right up to now. I described to my friend as feeling like a kid again, enjoying the ride and boxing/weight training is helpen toughen me up mentally. I was a people pleaser, too placid, a beta cuck really from about 28-39, I was more cavalier when I was younger, but a shit diet, contentness, laziness took over. I eat better I feel better, and I´m finding SHOCK FUCKING HORROR, that you actually feel a lot better when you don´t guzzle down soft drinks and chocolate almost daily and start eating ´proper´ food, your body changes and for the better. I love that at 41, I can run 9 miles in one go, and still get a good workout, walk, it´s vital for men to be healthy and fit, might not have played at my peak when I was younger, better looking yet now I am older, and gained a mental toughness I never had, life honestly right now is a joy.

Here's to RP!