Made a comment on a recent post but I’d like to put it here because it’s really pissing me off.

One thing about this forum that irks me is the random guys downvoting posts from downtrodden people - as if they don’t already feel bad enough, they’re practically disregarding and outcasting the already disenfranchised.

I think you really should think before downvoting someone. Being rejected by EVERYBODY in every facet of life is not nice, in fact it’s fucking horrible. If you don’t like what he’s saying or posting leave it to the mods to tell him off. Don’t make him feel worse than he already does.

Perhaps some of you have no empathy. Or perhaps some of you have never been made to feel like an outcast. It’s horrible. For some guys this is the only refuge they have for people who might relate to them and their struggles. Don’t make them feel like outcasts.

Have some empathy for others struggles.

If you were so perfect, you wouldn’t be on here. Everyone starts from somewhere. Some people need more help than others. Allow them to get said help without making them feel stupid.

And yes, posting something about your struggles for it to be heavily downvoted without even comments can make you feel stupid or pathetic or unwanted etc. It might sound gay but Jesus Christ society fucks men enough why can’t we help each other do better? Why make some members feel like outcasts?