I figured with the new content quality standards for The main Red Pill forum tribe, that it would be of benefit for me to describe what those standards are

The goal is to return the RP forum (different from the AskTRP forum tribe) to the standards of quality from the old school Reddit sub. AskTRP has fairly relaxed posting standards (other than no trolling or bad faith questions). Whereas what we are looking for in the RP tribe is content that has the quality to advance RP dialogue:

•Well-articulate theory advancement

•Meaningful analysis of TRP concepts or even meaningful nuance of concepts

•Meaningful and effective ways to advance self-improvement

•Valuable lessons, anecdotes, stories

•Adequate posts that fit any of the selectable flairs in RP

• Solid field reports with enough replicable detail to learn from that actually accomplished a lay rather than minor outcomes such as a date or mild messing around


• Solid field reports that almost but didn't go right that have deeply insightful analysis of what went wrong (should only be written but users with a history of successful lays who can truly understand what they did wrong. Not newbies speculating what went wrong, because they don't have a true reference point of success to compare to because it is otherwise just conjecture)

Other posts that would generally fit a reasonable description of "quality" that advances, rather than just merely comments on, TRP

What is a quality post? A quality post should be worth a read as well as promote meaningful engagement on concepts, insights, or even just meaningful lessons or sincere words of encouragement for others to learn from here

Posts that primarily ask a question should go on the askTRP forum tribe, or if otherwise would be something more low effort and equivalent to a tweet, should go to TRP.RED in the public square etc.

Posts that are good faith mistakes in quality level will likely receive a heads up of removal and eventually removed (discretion of mods when to remove). Posts that are just very clearly low quality from the outset will just be removed after a notifications comment

Approach will be different for repeat offenders.

Thank you for understanding as we move to a more quality content environment,