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I pulled up, gave her hug as walked in. It was just us two, immediately sat down on couch and had her next to me arm around. Started to play black mirror, but that shit was too dark and she's like "play whatever you want." Settled for the new Kevin Hart Mark Wahlberg movie. She's leaning into me, hand on my thigh. Her hands exploring a little, my arm is already on her thigh. Into the movie I look at her head, grab her chin and turn toward me and we start kissing. She giggles, and the kisses from her aren't french and open. It's like she kept a tighter lips. I tried pulled back a little, and she wouldn't chase. Awkward laugh ensues from her again (she's also actually awkward in person).

She breaks away and says "I'm sorry, I'm just an awkward kisser"

me: practice makes perfect, lets practice.

and I pull her back in and we kiss for a few more minutes. I readjust her a little so she's more so in in front of me. She repositions herself off to the side again and says "sorry my butts bony"

me: bony, lets check. (squeeze ass), definitely not bony.

At this point my hand was already under her shirt on her bra, and I'm already rubbing her pussy over jeans. This time while kissing she breaks away and I swear I hear her say "I'm almost ready" or "I'm not ready just yet" something like that. Even while rubbing her crotch, she said something about how her jeans button is catching on her belly button piercings once or twice. For some reason I think I slowed down the crotch rubbing all together and tried to kiss her one more time.

She pulled back a third time and I was sitting deep in a couch and tried to pick her up. Now IF I could pick her up I just would've said "where's the bedroom?" She's light, but sitting deep in a couch yet due to the angle and the fact most of my weight is also back in the couch I couldn't lift her. So I just said "do you have some place more comfortable to go to. She leaned back again and said "hey, since coming back into the church I'm not doing hookups anymore. I hope you understand."

me: yeah, that's cool.

We get back to watching, I don't even try to kiss her anymore. But my hands are still comfortable on the insider of her thigh, I move em a little but don't try anything anymore. She then says roommate (owner) is coming home soon and she repositions herself away from me on the couch. Roommate comes back, I'm chill and spoke with him about his workout for a minute or two. He's also socially awkward. We finish a black mirror episode, and I hug the girl goodbye. Both of them are actually socially awkward.

Now I know I fumbled this hard, I fucked up. Was talking with mormon guy who pulls the next day and he agrees I did fumble. Now some mormon girls are into fingering and will allow that, but I totally came across as needy (or too eager) and skipped the fingering stage. He speculates that she wanted to hit (but didn't want that desire as she's trying to be reformed). That makes sense, and then by me skipping the fingering and making it all overt with the comfortable place comment, I triggered her ASD and sealed my fate. Now guy's like "how do you know you weren't the bad kisser?" I don't and I probably was bad, but he agrees that her pulling back could be part of my bad game and her trying to resist her own desires because he was told she struggles with these desires when she hit him up in the past. It just seems incongruent that she can't kiss, but sucks a dildo on premium snap. Who knows, it doesn't matter much anyways. And idk why she scooted away from me before owner got home. Maybe they're smashing, maybe not. Who knows. Hugged her goodbye and left.

The next day she shared a tweet on facebook that said "if lesbians can control themselves when girls are wearing revealing clothing but guys can't maybe the problem is not the clothes." Not sure if that was directed at the evening we just had. Either way she's got tons of problems. In all honestly, I felt absolutely nothing when I kissed her. If she were like a 7 or 8 maybe I'd be turned on more. I'm glad nothing happened, and am also happy for the experience gained.

update on girl ends here. my night continues

Went to the bar nearby and danced for fun completely sober. A 5 was coming onto me from her group a little but I didn't care. Got her name, danced with her a little, then moved on. She was drunk. Early thirties hb8 and I made eye contact several times and she giggled once or twice. I didn't look too much into her behavior, just didn't feel like shooting a shot with her. Hb 6.5 caught my attention when I was sitting for water break. Looked like she was with dad and a friend. Decided not to approach, just didn't feel like it. I just wanted to dance. Danced until lights came on, then left to go to a nearby bar. Walked in and sat near this younger looking kid and his friends at a table with a jenga set

him: you good

me: I'm great, wbu man?

him: I'm great dude

I then ask if they wanna play jenga and we did. In the group was an 8 and she dropped in convo she has a man. After game it was 1:30. Walked away and recognized an hb 5 girl who (not my type) from holloween party who was into me that night. Hugged and spoke for a bit, she was with her guy friend who was coincidentally pale and blonde. Talking with her for a bit she asked if I lived nearby and when I said yes she said "that's good." She's mentioning how we should hangout and dropped in convo that at her house we "could do other things." Bar was closing so we hugged and left, she's like "message me on snapchat." Walking outside I saw 6.5 from last bar and we held eye contact. Said what's up she asked me where I was from. Spoke for a minute, and idk if there was interest but I just wasn't vibing with the fact she was drunk. I just wasn't in a mood to run night game. Looking back I could've accepted the convo as is and should've just gone for the number. We were both standing outside the closing bar, I had everything to gain.

What a day, I know I didn't get any sex and I'm fine with that. Also it just felt weird trying to fuck this slutty girl when I felt absolutely nothing for her. I wasn't even horny for her. The mormon guy later told me relationship sex is a lot better than hookup sex.