Many thanks to typo-Magashiv for pointing towards 'jezebel', which appears to be a website of undiluted feminist insanity.

Check out this article

Kanye West is an asshole and a looney, and I'm not defending him or anything he says. But that's not really what this article is about. This 'news' article is just a seething mass of feminine resentment that an older, richer, less attractive guy with mental health issues is able to bag a younger, hotter chick. The matriarchy does not consent.

Here's a better headline: "Feminist SJW outraged that nobody wants to bang her, instead sees red when presented with evidence that men want younger women."

So... the article clearly intimates that KW 'marrying' Bianca (who is 28 btw) is proof of workplace sexual harassment, because Bianca works at Yeezy. The article ends by saying that Bianca should blink twice if she needs help. As if Bianca had been bullied into marrying KW, somehow, because that's what happens? When a man has money, and marries a younger woman?

This is the same as saying that a woman of 28 are not capable of consenting to marriage, yet alone sex.

Feminists are insane.