So I made a post the other day about putting that I don’t like tattoos on hinge.

I got some interesting responses that made sense in terms of LTRing, however I still think that girls who use online dating in general are sluts, tatted or not, so I don’t want an LTR from online dating regardless, and I’d be fine with plating a tattooed girl.

BUT, I do wonder if there are some personality traits with tatted girls that I may be able to avoid by not even swiping on them.

For example, I had a date set for tonight with a girl who had a tattoo. She texted me saying she couldn’t make it and asked to reschedule. I asked why she couldn’t make it and she said her church asked her to volunteer.

Then when I tried to reschedule she said she wants to talk more because she didn’t want to “waste a night of her life” if she didn’t know we’d “vibe”.

I told her that I’d be wasting the night too so if she wouldn’t risk that then I’m not going to waste my time messaging her.

Anyway, this flakiness is annoying. If her church really asked her to volunteer then that’s fine, I guess (though I’d prefer if she’d tell her church to fuck off since she had plans already), but the fact that all of a sudden she wants to message more to “get to know” each other seems to indicate that she’s lying or that she’s indecisive.

I’m wondering if I can avoid the traits of irresponsibility by swiping left on girls that I wouldn’t LTR at face value, even though I’m not on online dating for an LTR since I think that all girls on online dating are not worth LTRing, even if they don’t have other red flags (in my opinion online dating is the hugest red flag imaginable).

So I’d swipe left on girls with colored hair, tattoos, girls who talk about astrology, girls who talk about traveling, and girls who are nurses.

What are your thoughts? Will I get less flakes?