M 24 here - body count of 31 - attractive but not a chad and am socially inept. Meet a younger girl who’s supposedly a virgin. Was vetting for LTR and noticed some flaws. She’s sucked a lot of dick (8) and has sent a lot of nudes.

I give her a chance and we fuck after trying a few times and having been with virgins before, it seemed she was telling the truth. She was tight and hard to get it in - but hmmm she didn’t bleed the same amount as other girls. I was willing to overlook the two flaws listed above if she was actually a virgin.

After a year of dating I do some digging on her. She’s not really a virgin. Another man’s penis was in her vag. I call her out on it and she claims that wasn’t sex because it wasn’t in all the way and there was no motion. From the evidence I have, she’s telling the truth about this — but that’s still technically sex. If a penis was in your v then you aren’t a damn virgin. It doesn’t matter if you weren’t railed.

I think she’s still pair bonded with me and she’s obsessed with me.

But she lied or at least stretched the truth. The worst part is her female friend and her own fucking family told her she was still a virgin after her and her ex did that. Tf? Were they all conspiring against me because they knew I wouldn’t be with her? Am I the wrong one here? I told her my standards and told her I’d end a 50 year marriage if I found my wife lied about her past - this was right when we started dating.

To be clear, if all she did was this lame sex with her ex - I might’ve been willing to overlook it. But now she’s a girl who wasn’t a virgin AND sucked a lot of dick. I was willing to overlook one or the other - but not both. I’ve dumped her and told her I will be taking the next few months to think about things. Oh and I live in her house.

Am I being too harsh or is she still better than the majority of girls? I really can’t tell because the sucking 8 dicks thing is super low value even if no pair bonding occurred.

What would you do in my situation? Give a second chance? Please no BS fake alpha talk. Literally what would you do and does anyone have any research on oral sex and statistics similar to the divorce risk stuff?? Links?

Am I being too harsh?