Quick info:

  • Long time lurker, been "red pilled" for about 8 years now
  • Fitness Model
  • 27 y/o
  • 6 Figure income
  • Very sexually successful, but have serious concerns re long-term relationships

(Can post pics/links to Instagram if people are curious or don't believe me).

Main message:

Getting laid isn't a problem for me, as I'm sure it isn't for a lot of you guys. My concerns are more about sexual loyalty from the female in relationships.

I have never been cheated on. But my instinct for what COULD lead to cheating, is exceptionally strong and I'm not naïve to certain behavioural cues, whether they materialise into anything or not. The fact that there is any potential there is enough for me to question everything.

I.e "my" woman checking out another guy. I.e "my" woman moving towards another guy. I.e "my" woman looking to put herself in the vicinity of another guy.

It's all absolutely revolting to me on a physical level, and can't comprehend how a woman could dream of self-sabotaging to that degree.

I say "self-sabotage" because my younger brother is exceptionally good-looking, but as soon as women realise I'm the boss, they lose interest in him and realise that I'm "the hot one" to paraphrase - which proves to me that looks aren't the defining factor.

So it is self-sabotage for a woman if it's based on looks and nothing else.

Instinctively, I know if I would be "above" the other guy or not, but it seems to take the woman longer to realise this as they prioritise facial attractiveness far more highly it seems.

My questions to older guys who know what they're talking about:

1) What's the best strategy for ensuring long-term female loyalty in a relationship? Especially if looks are clearly a powerful factor.

2) What level do you have to be at to ensure loyalty if a 10/10 looks guy comes along, or a guy with a lot of status etc.?

3) Are you completely f***ed if a good-looking celebrity comes along, or, is there a level you can be at to mitigate this?

I think you get the point here - it's not about getting laid. I have no issues there. The issue is about absolute sexual loyalty in a relationship, because I refuse to tolerate anything less than this.