She (HB 5) was the first girl I fingered. It didn't feel like a relationship and she wasn't pushing for one, so I thought I could get FWB outta this. But these text messages tell a different story.

Waited to see if she'd talk to me in Bio class today, and we didn't talk (just a mutual "hey" at the end of class when I had to walk back down the hallway to get something I forgot). Very shy, yeah but now she's just straight up ignoring my texts. I honestly thought we were building a good friendship. We had good times together hanging out (at least that's what she said). Now I'm not simping, it's just all that effort building this friendship down the drain now. It contributes to my loneliness just a little, I need to focus on myself more anyways. This reminds me of Rollo's "past provisioning doesn't guarantee future commitment."

I guess I shouldn't be surprised this happened, just a little saddened. I've been working hard and consistent to make friends, and this is just one less person now. As far as gaming goes, I've already spoken with the HV men from the gym and they said to stop talking to 5s. Some of them can be broken and aren't worth my time gaming. I feel a little relieved now, no more 5s. Only 6s and up baby.