This venue is more bar than night club, but they got a dance floor and a smoke machine with a dj. I showed up in a white tanktop and shorts cause coming here was a last minute decision.

I'll be honest, the night was not going well. From the time people started showing up, I hadn't talked with a girl the first 90 minutes or anyone for that matter. I had no momentum, so I thought I needed to quickly game a chick to get outta my own head, or I won't talk with anyone the rest of the night. I'm watching the floor from my chair and a white HB 7 and what looks like her mom (or aunt) walks up behind me and they're a couple feet from my chair. They're in line for drinks at the bar so I hop outta my chair and just go for it. I approach from the side, cause they're facing each other talking and I'd be in their view.

Me: Excuse me, are you guys related?

Her: No

Me: (Not a mom and daughter) Ah ok, well I thought you were cute, can I get your number?

She paused and said she had a boyfriend (who knows) Me: No worries, just take it as a compliment (and I said that smiling).

That did it, that broke the ice for me. I got back onto the dance floor and was near this group that I eventually joined dancing. A cute hispanic HB 6 was next to me and I thought we were vibing. We made eye contact a few times, nothing like the fuck me eyes. Because we were the floor, conversation was out of the question due to the loud music. So I just pulled out the keypad on my phone and handed it to her, she looked at it then pushed it back. She's only a 6 wtf, 2nd rejection right there. Is my SMV too low? I left that group a couple minutes later and was dancing by myself after that for the most part. Those girls stopped existing to me following the rejections. They got no attention from me after that, I didn't even make eye contact after that.

I was very proud of myself that night. Despite coming home empty handed, I felt very content. I really enjoyed feeling that way, thus I slept very well that night.