As you know, we hear time and time again that 30s are a man’s SMV peak.


As I remember, Rollo includes fiscal value (a man’s point in his career) as a reason why mean ‘peak’ in their 30s.

But hold on now, is that sexual market value? Or is that provisional market value, combined with sexual market value? e.g., a woman would rather settle down with a 7/10, aged 35 year old making $200k/year than an 8/10 24 year old who lives with his mom.

Could this 7/10 35 year old go into a club and beat out 8/10 24 year olds without logging into his Bank of America account? No? Then it isn’t sexual market value, unless you’re adding game into the mix, which a younger, more attractive 24 year old could also learn if he devoted himself at age 22.

Look at Kristen Bell. That bitch is hot. She is in her 40s.

You know why she is hot? Because she takes care of herself. She sure as fuck beats the average 22 year old, 70%-of-Americans-Who-Are-Overweight fatass land whale.

Rollo conflates a man who dedicated himself to becoming attractive by age 35, at age 22, because he was banging 4s, with a ‘peak’. Sure (or as self-righteous Rollo says, “to be sure”), a man who dedicated himself after 20 to be attractive by mid-thirties will inevitably fuck hotter girls in his 30s than his 20’s, but is that his destined peak? Would a guy who did not devote himself to self-betterment peak in his 30s, regardless of a lack of efforts? Or is a guy only fucking these attractive sluts in his 30s but not in his 20s, because he had no motivation before his 20’s but now reaps the rewards of his 20s’ motivation in his 30s? Could this same guy not fuck girls hotter than his 30s’ best, in his 20s, had he prepared in his teens?

Rollo, last I checked, was in a band with an obese, purple haired, fat and ugly chick. No one has seen a picture of his wife, so for all we know, she is ugly as fuck and he beta-buxed himself because she was looking for long term provisioning and she was a point or two above the SMV of the chicks he could casually fuck. He quite possibly hamstered that his game and his “peak” got him to where he was with her, and not his copium combined with her “I don’t want to end up like my cousin Beatrice” epiphany.

I have read The Rational Male, but I seriously think that Rollo is a fucking idiot. Some of his theory is correct, but I think he’s retarded.

Kristen Bell, again, is hot. She is on par with a middle-aged Arnold Schwarzenegger, but most guys and girls don’t achieve (or in the case of Kristen Bell, retain) a great physique past their 20s. The fact that Rollo intermingles SMV with PMV (provisional market value) shows, in my opinion, that a 20-something year old who prepared in his teens would be much more attractive, physically, than a 35 year old who prepared in his 20’s. Meaning, take out the PMV, and the 35 year old loses, hands down.

CASUAL sex is the standard, not who a girl will LTR.