i went on daygaming. almost immediately after starting it i met a girl.

we went on an instant date. we were walking around city, visited a park. spent together approximately 4 hours. i played with her hands and it felt as if she was reciprocating. hugged and cuddled her a bit.

i am quite sure that my intentions were clear to her. i would say i felt that she was not ready for a kiss or sex though.

so, our date ended with me walking her to her bus stop and we decided that she will let me know if she has classes tomorrow and if not, then we will meet again.

20 minutes after the date and i got blocked (before that i did not text her at all, she just texted me "Hi" during out date when i gave her my contact details).

she did not push me away during the date and i was not insisting to go for an instant date, i tried to give that vibe "if u dont want to walk with me, we can part different directions any time". she had the same level of investment in our dialogues as i did.

so, her blocking me comes unexpected. but maybe she has a boyfriend or she was just bored and i did not make her wet enough to meet me again. that is quite shitty that by not giving me feedback she prevents me from improving.

(dont know if this post is rant/vent of field report)