Is there a specific point in relationship when I can or should start paying for a woman? Or is it quite safe for my own wellbeing to never pay for a woman?

I met a few girls which were cold to me and as soon as I would gave them flowers (which is kind of paying for them) they would become a lot more predisposed towards me, up to a point that we would even have a regular sex (of course I had to pay for food and some other things in such cases all the time, which annoyed me, but it was much cheaper than prostitutes any way).

Also, I read in a few places that a paying man is a characteristic of a Good Dad man. Woman finds a paying man more likely to be a useful partner for raising a child. Does it mean that a paying man is opposite of Good Genes from a woman point of view? So, a woman will be less likely to have a casual sex with a paying man.