after watching the Tom Torero daygame i find it to be an extremely powerful invariant - to never ask questions, but make assumptions instead. this way i feel less needy due to less investment into the outcome - it is up to a woman if she wants to correct me or if she is curious about what i think. and if she is not invested into the conversation i do not feel bad about it, since i did not ask questions anyway. i do not become affectionate for free - the price is at least her investment in building something between us.

now whenever i am curious about something i say or text starting with the "u must be", "it must be that", etc. and then i build up my theory, sharing some details about me and my views along the way. e.g. "u must be visiting that place often since u have a t shirt with their logo. i remember being there with my friends as a child. it was quite nice. so, u must feel good spending time there every day".

as u can see my language is quite poor. so, i would like to ask for some synonyms into my vocabulary to extend the "must" construction. also, if someone knows any sources teaching the language i need it would be nice if u share them.