Before I start I know I’m overthinking this.

So I work a retail job at Sainsbury’s in London (if you’re from America this is the equivalent of a store like target) during the holidays ,summer ,Christmas ,etc as I’m at uni and I came back for summer and there’s a new girl at my job who I only saw once during Easter back when she joined. My job is full of a mix of 18-23 & some middle aged/elderly people also. We seem to be of a similar age 21/22 and I wanna get to know her, and I know the rule of don’t shit where you eat but this ain't no corporate job or anything serious. The main thing I want is to set a good introduction, and escalate with her as the summer goes on, because I know the longer you leave it the more difficult it becomes because then you can’t use the opener of “hi you’re new here aren’t you? What’s your name and so on” and it’ll drag on and make it harder to break the ice. And also she may only be here for a lil while if she graduated this year, and move onto a graduate job, so I know I’ve gotta make my move. Also to note it’s not easy for us to speak because while working because we’re picking out shopping for customers for delivery, so we’re always on the move on the shop floor, so barely in the same vicinity.

Okay that’s the backstory, what I’m here to ask for is what’s the best opener to break the ice with her, is the one above decent? The opener doesn’t have to be amazing just decent because the conversation will flow easily after, I’ll talk about uni, talk about probably knowing similar people because we’re from the same area of London, plans for summer, etc. Don’t have an end goal, I ain’t tryna cuff her, just wanna keep it casual and see what happens. Also I haven’t seen her speak to anyone at work, so there’s that. And also any tips on how I can escalate with her throughout summer, like the best way of linking up outside work, etc because I’ve only really dated/hooked up with people at uni and no one who I’ve met in London or my part of London or who I work with. Any help would be appreciated, luv.