Not sure what to do, but this sucks. The few times I have managed to make her cum with my dick or through the very rare internal fingering, she collapses into a happy loving puddle for the day. The rest of the time, she enjoys it but then feels blue balled, acts slightly bitchy relative to her extremely well behaved self, probably loses respect for me, and I don't blame her at all.

Been dating a girl for 8 months. 23 year old 5'3 korean girl, she only had two boyfriends/partners before.

I'm 24, 6'2, athletic, low body fat, weightlifting MMA etc, but my dick is below average, about 5.5 inches long and 4.5 inches around.

I've had around 40 sexual partners and have made very few cum just through fucking.

I can get my girlfriend off somewhat consistently when she rides me and moves back and forth, but that's basically the same as fingering. A shallow orgasm through clitoral surface friction.

The deeper I force myself inside her, whether through doggy, maximally thrusting my hips forward, putting her legs on my shoulders, etc, the more she moans and gets closer. But I'm physically limited, can't get that deep and I'm not thick.

When we first started hooking up, she mentioned that she didn't understand how girls have trouble orgasm'ing during sex, and that she definitely didn't have that issue - and now it's become an issue. Ouch.

It's not a her thing, it's a me thing.

Do other people have this issue? Does every other 6'2 white guy have a big or at least average sized dick, and I'm just a bizarre exception? My hands are a lot smaller than any other men I know as well. Fuck.

My girl is small - 5'3, petite frame. With my dick size, am I just doomed to not be able to bring girls to orgasm, to have mutually unsatisfying sex forever?

Sex toys sound awful, we've used a vibrator on a few occasions and she gets off hard on it but it's blackpilling. Fingering is so emasculating and such a chore.

I'd give up a lot to just be able to have natural, easy sex that feels great for my partner. Not sure what to do.

And I can't even find non-feel-good blue pilled writing about this anywhere on the internet.