ELI5: The first few seconds of how to start dancing with a girl in club/bar environment?

  • Holding a hand out to dance with a girl rarely works for me even after eye contact (maybe they play hard to get with me IDK) and then I don't know what to do aside from spin them and be awkwardly off-rhythm.
  • Joining a 2/3 set my friend has recently opened and is already dancing with can usually turn one of the girls off.
  • I don't know what dance moves to use for that first 5 seconds of the interaction (and beyond), before whatever triggers the girl to start turning away.

Is the mindset just to be semi-disinterested, face her but only slowly move closer if there are no bad signs? What dance moves are easy and work when dancing with a girl considering I can just about two step and flail my arms around.

I do anticipate rejection slightly because I'm not sure how to get through those initial few seconds, sometimes girls will dance near me and "randomly" bump into me but I have no idea how to escalate that into dancing with them without causing them to back away. Once I am already dancing with someone and I know they're interested in me I'm fine escalating from there.