Alright so long story I met this girl online. No need to get into the details but I thought she was a guy and I wrote a post on her Instagram about a drawing she did, noting the obvious artistic influences but also the original qualities of the work and the technical skill. I was throwing out a fair bit of praise here but thought it was a dude so I wasn't worried about seeming too eager, just thought it was a dude who had a really cool style. Anyway, I got an enthusiastic message back and then learned from a friend who met her once that she is in a fact a her. Since then we've talked on instagram or email virtually everyday.

We live kind of far apart and I'm not thinking of making her my gf (not a fan of LTRS) or anything but a few things that interest me and I want feedback on. When I didn't respond to a message very early on (because I was truly super busy) she wrote 'Hey thought you would have written back by now, I really hope we keep talking.' Maybe this is dumb but I told her I was very busy and not talking to her that day sucked, because that's really how I felt. Since then every enthusiastic thing I've said, she has matched or exceeded. She also told me she doesn't drink or do weed and this is already getting a bit long but suffice it to say I think her body count is below-average.

The type of RP strategies and tactics I've implemented with other girls... I just haven't tried them at all here and yet her interest just keeps growing. It's not like I'm stupid and don't think other guys show her interest. I'm wondering if there is like a wholesome/good girls dynamic that is different and allows for more traditional 'gentlemanly' behavior?